1999 Chevrolet Blazer ZR2 4.3 V6 from North America


Problems that were fixed under warranty:

1- could not shift out of 4WD.

2- Driver side and passenger side seat recliner handles broke.

The Dealer fixed both issues without question.

Problems after warranty expired:

1- Gas gauge stopped working – has not been fixed.

2- Driver side seat recliner handle broke – has not been fixed.

3- Oil cooling lines leak – small leak, has not been fixed.

4- Battery leak corroded the power wires (positive and negative). This has happened twice. Battery and all wires replaced both times.

5- Front & Rear brakes and rotors replaced.

6- Blower and windshield wipers stopped working at the same time. A ground wire became corroded and broke. A mechanic reattached the ground wire.

7- Water pump broke. Mechanic replaced and switched from Dex Cool to normal antifreeze.

8- Driver side hub assembly / wheel bearing went bad. (This is currently being worked on)

9- Ball joints went bad. (This is currently being worked on)

10- Front & Rear brakes and rotors are being replaced again and the ABS light came on. (This is currently being worked on)

11- HVAC control switch went bad and is being replaced (This is currently being worked on)

12- Issues with loose steering. (This is currently being worked on)

General Comments:

I love my Blazer, but lately it's getting harder and harder to say that. Overall this has been a good vehicle for me during the past 6 years, but I'm beginning to wonder how much life she has left in her. I use synthetic oil and change it religiously every 5,000 miles. The engine sounds excellent and the truck is overall in good shape. I just wonder how much more of these "little things" are going to go wrong. It sure is nice not having a car payment, but I don't want to start budgeting for monthly repair costs.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2006

1999 Chevrolet Blazer from North America


Piece of crap


What a brutal vehicle... costs $$ each week it seems!

Many, many, electrical problems switch in stearing column, switch for transfer console (these alone of $1500), alternator, brakes go quickly, rad leaks, fuel pump, seat handles (both sides), rear wiper motor, bearings, YIKES!!!

General Comments:

Many of these itmes are chronic problems that should have been taken care of through recall...I'll never buy another Chevy!

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2005

15th Dec 2005, 18:36

I totally agree with you, I have a 1999 Blazer too and I have had all the same problems!

1999 Chevrolet Blazer LT 4.3L from North America


Nice Truck!


Driver Door Bushing ($4.00)

Transmission solenoid ($20.00)

A/C Compressor ($125.00)

Will need wheel bearings & Ball Joints (~$250)

General Comments:

I've read all the other articles on here and am amazed that people have so much trouble with these vehicles. This is my 3rd one so far ('88, '89, and now this '99) and nothing major has gone wrong with 98,000 miles on it.

I did notice that a lot of the complaints from people have been from those who take their trucks to the Dealer for repair. A lot of little things can be taken care of easily if you just do it yourself. I supposed if you are the type that doesn't want to even look under a hood then a Blazer is not the vehicle for you.

Has been a great truck for me. No major complaints.

Parts are very common and cheap from the parts store.

Gas MPG is not great. I average 18.7mpg.

Headroom is tight for a tall person.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005

22nd Mar 2006, 03:04

I agreed, the blazer has a few small issues, but my 99 blazer has 70k miles on it as of 03-21-06 and so far my only repairs are the oil lines, water pump, shocks and ball joints which only cost me $450 in parts.

Some people need to work on there own stuff and grow up.

24th Mar 2006, 15:02

We've had pretty good luck with our '99 LS Blazer 4WD. Virtually all of the repairs mentioned above I have been able to accomplish. Water pump, output shaft bearings on the front, rotors and pads, ect are all well within the reach of anyone with a reasonable degree of mechanical ability. The front seat adjusters were replaced with the 2nd generation mechanisms. Also had the driver seat re-foamed and stitched back. We have 170M miles on the vehicle and expect to go 200M+ Too bad the resale value on these is not so great. No matter because it is paid for, which makes this finally a cheap ride.

3rd Jul 2006, 15:35

I'm from Canada. My 1999 Blazer LS has some of the very common problems such as gas gauge has a mind of its own, two brake jobs, alternator and wheel bearing problems. But if you fix it on your own it's not that costly. It has never left me stranded, always starts in the dead of winter never being plugged in, and with 150,000 km's I think it is well worth the minor repairs. For the last 3 years I've owned the vehicle, I have loved it!

29th Dec 2006, 02:45

My 1999 Blazer LT was bought from a reputable dealer. I am the 2nd owner and the Blazer has treated me well for the last year. It rides great. 115,000 miles. My main issues though, are with AC/ Heat. I have a small AC leak which could become a costly repair and the heater core seems to become clogged quite easily. We'll see...