1999 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3L Vortec from North America


Overall a good car, just time and mileage takes it's toll, no matter how well the car is built


Tune up at 90000 miles. including cap and rotor, plugs, fuel filter, PCV valve, and wires~ 150.

-replaced original shocks at 90000 miles, I was getting the washboard affect~ $240.

-original alternator went at 92000 miles~ $150.

-original battery went 93000 miles, cold winters will do that ~ $74.

-idler arm, upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends, and upper control arm bushing done at 102000 miles, 2 alignments, first one the mechanic screwed it up so got the second one for free~ $500.

-Some odd reason two of my wires got burnt to a crisp, so replaced all of them~ $60.

-Front and rear sway bar bushings 103000 miles, polyurethane, old ones were starting to crack~ $60.

-water pump gasket at 106000 miles, but replaced the whole pump~ $52.

-belt tensioner- I broke that trying to put the belt back on when the water pump gasket took a dump~ $42.

Next is pitman arm, forgot to do that with the rest of the front end 108000 miles~ $50.

General Comments:

Overall it has been a very reliable automobile for the mileage it has on it. Most of the stuff that I needed to replace, was replaced due to being 7 years old and a lot of miles on it. Parts are not meant to last forever. I also do not wait till the part totally fails. Since a clunking ball joint means it is going and eventually it will snap causing the whole wheel assembly to fall apart on itself. The only complaint I have is the PRICE OF GAS!!! Since I drove quite a bit for a college student.

Seats are comfortable, but a little low to the ground in the rear. However I took care of the low rear seat by raising it up a little bit.

Rides decently, no car ride, but better than any old design SUV built on a truck frame!

Acceleration is good, but it is better with an exhaust, flat throttle blade, and open air element.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2006

1999 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 V6 from North America


Very reliable, and very fun!


One window motor, drivers side.

General Comments:

This is a great SUV. My last SUV was a 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Let me tell you, my Blazer handles the trails better than my Jeep did!

I haven't to do any repair in the last 60,000 miles (other than the window motor).

One thing I have learned for all the cars I have had is, if you take care of them (grease and oil job every 3 months 3 thousand miles, etc...), then they will take care of you for the long haul!

This is one of the best SUV's that I have owned and I would advise anyone to buy one!

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Review Date: 15th July, 2006

1999 Chevrolet Blazer S-10 from North America


Uhhhh!!! I loved it at first - but never again!!!


All front upper and lower ball joints - 40 000 miles.

Universal joint.

Alignments - too many to mention.

Seat tilt arm, both sides broke off at 20,000 miles.

Defective brakes installed - squeaking sound continuously.

Heater core replaced twice within 30,000 miles apart.

Coolant gasket.

Latch on the rear tire needed to be replaced shortly after I bought it.

I have run out of room to list more!!! WOW That's NOT A GOOD SIGN!!!

General Comments:

I loved my Chevy Blazer when I first had it until soooo many things went wrong - serpentine belt twice.

Coolant leaks -- too many to mention.

Heater core blew TWICE within 30,000 miles of each other.

Seat latches both broke off. Strangely enough, the passenger side first, which I NEVER USED!

When I picked up my car on delivery day... It seemed to have been put together quickly -- with the insulation hanging onto glue all over the back side compartment... there was no grease at all in the grease fittings on the front or back wheels... one month later... I needed to replace them... hummmm.

So much has gone wrong with this car, it is a shame -- it was a gift from my now deceased father... (a longtime loyal GM retiree) and I just today came home from the dealership - replacing the front wheel bearing AGAIN for the second time.!!

I GIVE up on GM!!!

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Review Date: 13th July, 2006