10th Jun 2002, 16:44

This is supposed to be an off-road vehicle. That a minor road hazard could ruin an oil hose suggests that the engineers were not building a robust vehicle.

That's probably the cleanest way I can say these are really just fat station wagons marketed as something else.

24th Jul 2002, 08:15

I also had a 1995 Blazer oil line problem. Line burst during the winter, and same as you could barely get off the road before the engine seized up. Out of warranty and of course the $3000 for a new engine. Have had a lot of maintenance bills with this blazer all after the warranty was up. Fuel Injection Module, Rear Wiper motor, Transmission seal needed replacement, Power door lock, power window problem to name a few. I would not buy another blazer, Japanese vehicles are much more reliable.

4th Sep 2002, 12:54

Yep, many problems with our '95 Blazer as well. I am finding out that parts are very expensive. My Fuel Pump just went out at the same time as the Alternator. I am hearing it is going to be over a $1,000 to replace both.

7th Sep 2002, 10:09

Power lock defects? I had purchased a 1995 Blazer last year and have noticed problems with the door locks. The front passenger door sometimes will not unlock or lock without manually locking it yourself. I have also noticed that the doors on the rear passenger door and rear window latch unlock when I turn a corner. Yikes! I can see the outside through the space in the door. I definitely have safety concerns and would like to know if any else experienced the same problem.

13th Sep 2002, 06:54

When the temperature is above 60 degrees my 1995 Chevy Blazer is hard to start. As soon as the temp drops below 60 degrees it starts on the first turn of the key.

Anyone experience this problem?

18th Nov 2002, 12:56

I have a 95 Chevy blazer 4x4 that I had to have the fuel pump replaced in. The top of the pump which is located in the tank shorted and melted and charred the top of the pump. The mechanic who repaired it said I was lucky it did not blow up on me. My truck has 114,000 miles on it none of which has been of off road use to my knowledge. I bought it used with around 52,000 on it. It was owned by an older couple in the city I believe.

4th Dec 2002, 10:19

Bought a used '95 with 93K miles. Loved it! Then the maintenance started. Fuel pump, fuel pump relay, & water pump all went in September. It's now Dec. Engine Service light went on & off & on. I suspected the O2 sensor, but it is running so rich, I have to drive with the windows down to avoid asphyxiation. I was to take it in this morning for diagnostics, and a tune up (plugs, wire, fuel filter, rotor & cap) I think the starter just blew. It's being towed as I write this. My mechanic's comment was, "I have a friend that keeps a part time job just to pay the repair costs on his S-10 Blazer. His wife has one too. Same problems."

Warning from a consumer. Avoid this car if you're not rich. It's the best looking and most comfortable vehicle I've had, but it's a hunk of junk, mechanically speaking.

28th Dec 2002, 16:23

Have a 1998 Chevy Blazer 4WD, oil cooler lines are leaking as well as the oil lines going from filter to oil pan. Both lines have the same aluminum crimp (crap) design. Chevrolet has a serious history of this problem. I am not impressed to say the least. They have not done anything about it, so why should I expect them to now (after over a decade of problems with the same issue!).

POOR rating from me!

28th Jan 2003, 22:58

I owned a 96 Blazer. I purchased the 7 year 100K mile warranty $0 deductible from Warranty Direct, and was damn luck I did. The vehicle never towed a thing and was always babied with 2500 mile oil changes. Over the course of 5 years, I went through 4 sets of oil cooler lines, 1 heater core, 1 transmission, 4 pinion seals, upper ball joints, a power drivers seat, intake manifold gasket, thermostat, A/C compressor, A/C condenser, belt tensioner and water pump.

BEWARE of the Dexcool coolant in those Blazers and Jimmy's. It is causing major havoc on the coolant systems and heater cores. The coolant is sludging up over time, and there is actually a class-action lawsuit against GM because of it.

Good luck. I was lucky and sold mine at 88K.

31st Jan 2003, 14:25

I have a 95 Jimmy that has blown the oil hoses twice the second time requiring a new engeine. The fuel pump went out, the a/c has been very troublesome and the rear windshield wiper has not worked for awhile now. Something needs to be done about the oil line crimping.

8th Feb 2003, 01:08

95 Blazer, 91,000 miles,4.3 vortex, bought used in November 2002. Nice shape, from southern states, no rust, clean title, small history of repairs from warranty company on injector and fuel pump. Drive home from Kansas cost me EGR valve, muffler and catalytic converter, all not covered by selling dealer, considered "normal maintenance". Today oil cooler line exploded, got it off freeway and shut it off fast. Tow and new lines $650.00. Not disgusted yet, but close. Thought there may have been a recall on the oil cooler lines, checking and have not found any yet. Lucky I didn't lose the engine as so many have done.

12th Feb 2003, 16:28

Feb. 11, 2003 I have a 99' ZR2 2Door Blazer. I have had it for over 3 years and drive about 100 miles plus a day. I bought it brand new and love it. I have had to replace the transmission seal and ball bearing joints in 2002 at 125,000 miles. I change oil, filter about every 5,000 miles and air filter around 10,000 or so. I just had my fuel pump go out today and I did change the fuel filter 3 times before like the manual said to. I drive a lot and I know this is costly, but so is everything else. We break down too, but my blazer has done me well in the years I have had it. Remember I have 155,000 miles in only 3 and half years so I am lucky to have had a vehicle do so well for me.

17th Feb 2003, 04:07

I have owned a 95 Blazer LT as my second vehicle for five years now. It's a beautiful vehicle, and very comfortable. The only problem is that the looks don't match the quality. The problems started within one month of buying it, and continue to this day. The problems are everything from coolant leaks, oil leaks, failed alternator, failed starter, E.G.R. valve sticking, Spark plug wire failure, rear wiper motor failure, front wiper motor failure, 4WD failure, front wheel bearing failure and front wheel speed sensor cable failure. These are just a few of the problems. I'm 27 years old my first vehicle was an import, and the rest of the vehicles I buy in my life time will also be imports. Buying this Chevy blazer is on the top of the list of my biggest mistakes.