25th Mar 2011, 13:13

This was the worst vehicle I have ever owned. We had it for 4 years, and had to replace the transmission. We had to replace the wheel bearings 2 times. The gas gauge never worked right, it would float around, and I never knew how much gas I actually had. The ABS brakes messed up and we were told that was going to cost us over $800 to fix, so we just unhooked the ABS plug. We also had problems with the radiator. I think we only got about 16 mpg in gas. We finally got rid of it and got a 2004 Kia Sorento, and we love it. I know that I will never buy another vehicle again without reading reviews on them. Wish I had known to read them before I bought the Blazer.

3rd Jun 2015, 21:25

Not to be rude, but that's the repair business these days. The switch is the first thing I would have started with, then went from there.

Most of the things mechanics fix don't take nearly that time, but that's what the job calls for. But hey, they gotta eat too right!

There are some good mechanics out there that will come to your house, charge way less, and you can watch; give them a try.

4th Jun 2015, 17:41

I'd rather have a Suburban or Avalanche; also SUV like. Suspension components in larger vehicles are subjected to more routine wear than a small car. Go with the above; they're pretty plush when loaded with options. Nice ride!

4th Jun 2015, 21:32

These S10 Blazers have been pieces of crap for a LONG time. So many inferior parts, coupled with poor build quality and nonsense engineering.

Some of the years had the oil filter under the hood at a difficult location. When you took it off, oil spilled all over the place.

They had cheap plastic components, causing the interior to rattle like a coin purse.

They would rust, and have water leaks in the interior causing electrical problems.

The models with the Vortec 4.3 had a cramped engine bay that made them a pain in the butt to work on.

The 4-wheel drive system was unreliable and the "check engine" light would light up for multiple reasons.

Just an awful and unreliable machine from GM. Suburbans are leaps and bounds better than S10 Blazers!