2001 Chevrolet Blazer LT 2.0 unleaded from Indonesia


Good if it has a larger engine and better A/C


Nothing serious, like the driver's window wasn't working like 2 times. Has been serviced so is now working properly.

Seats have started to tear off (probably because they are assembled in Indonesia).

Air conditioner has been serviced many times, and yet, it is still working like a fan =(

General Comments:

This heavy car with almost a ton in weight. Runs pretty good.

However, it comes with only 2000cc DOHC in my home country. I found it is not fast enough even when compared to a Toyota Kijang, which has only 1800cc.

Also, the air conditioner is not cold enough like any, which is pretty crucial in tropical countries like mine.

Nevertheless, the cabin interior is good. There is wood panel for the dashboard, leather seats, and navigation devices (sort like a compass and surrounding temperature).

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Review Date: 27th February, 2009

27th Feb 2009, 16:43

2000cc is way undersized for a SUV of its size, in America the Blazers of the era came with the 4.3 Liter (4300cc) engines which is very good size for the Blazer.

10th Mar 2009, 12:06

Yep, I also found this car is underpowered with only 2.0 litres, but hey, Indonesia is nowhere the same as the U.S. We've got traffic jams everywhere, few worthy main roads, even toll highways are also jammed and that happens everyday. You will need like 45 minutes to reach 15 kms. I mean, seriously, I would cry if I owned a 4.0 litre car in Indonesia.

21st Apr 2010, 22:22

Please be corrected, it is 2200cc instead of 2000cc. Still underpowered, but my Blazer is able to go for 160kmh.

2001 Chevrolet Blazer ZR2 4.3 from North America


It's not the best car I have owned, but a good one


Fuel pump was replaced at 115000.

Automatic transmission filter fell off, causing all movement of the vehicle to stop. The vehicle would not move forward or reverse.

General Comments:

I am writing this review to alert people that own a ZR2 about a specific incident that could cause them and mechanics to think that the vehicle needs a new transmission.

A Blazer ZR2 that has the deep pan automatic transmission can have the transmission filter fall out of the seal inside the transmission into the bottom of the pan, causing the transmission to lose all hydraulic functions. (engine running the car won't move at all) If your Blazer ZR2 (deep pan models) won't move in any gear with the engine running, make sure that the repair facility removes the transmission pan to look at the filter. If they find the filter in the bottom of the pan when they remove it, that's the problem and you do not need to replace the transmission. This situation could be a big rip off for the customer if the repair facility does not check the filter.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2009

2001 Chevrolet Blazer ZR2 4WD 4.3 Vortec from North America


A guy's wet dream, but a wallet nightmare


Within first 3 years (warranty):

Steering pump failure.

Battery cracked almost in half (replaced at my expense).

Window trim fell off.

After warranty:

Driver's side auto window system about to fail.

Constant engine lights yelling about O2 sensors (even though I replaced those too). It seems to only come up when I'm forced (long story) to use premium unleaded or I add injector cleaner. I finally bought my own scanner to reset the warnings because they were too annoying.

Amazing amount of interior trim shakes/squeaks/noise.

Virtually worthless factory tires replaced (Longtrails changed to Revos)

Oil coolant hose leaks.

Currently in shop for replacement of all 4 ball joints -- at 39,000 miles of on-road use only!

I should also note that I've never gotten better than about 18MPG under any circumstance, and city driving I'm lucky to break 160 miles to the tank. I'm an aggressive driver, but this is what -- 9-10 miles per gallon? That's ridiculous.

General Comments:

When I graduated college I knew my 'dream truck' was either the ZR2 Blazer or Nissan Exterra. Both were $30k, but I opted for the Blazer due to the extra options I could get.

I love this truck, but it's a headache and, like many posters here, I have no intention of buying another American car again. It's no wonder our auto makers are failing. The engineering and workmanship, for whatever reason, is simply substandard compared to many foreign options.

I have BABIED this vehicle. I've maintained it over and above recommendation, and aside from quick starts and stops (aggressive driving) I've not beat the thing at all. Due to my motorcycle, the truck is garaged most of the spring/summer/fall 'cept for grocery shopping (hence the low miles on an 8 year old vehicle).

Anyway, I've put up with the issues until recently when I was told that the new clunking sound meant that I needed all 4 ball joints replaced. In fact, my mechanic said it needed the "S-10 package" as it's common knowledge that these things fail on these vehicles. He was actually surprised my other steering components were still sound, for now.

So how does a vehicle with 39k miles need new ball joints already? That's amazing to me. GM would have failed a long time ago had they fixed significant design problems like this via recall. Instead, they grabbed what they could, including now our tax dollars, simply delaying the inevitable.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2009

7th Jan 2009, 10:25

I forgot to add that that fuel gage in this vehicle is more of an estimation -- at best. I'm too chicken to drive it past E, even though there's probably another 10 gallons left...

I've also had the door unhinge due to poor pin assembly/design (as many others have mentioned). If this didn't spark a safety recall, nothing will.

Also, the only rust problems I've had have been with the tire rack on the back. While it looks damn cool, it also was poorly designed/constructed. The whole system began rusting within a few years.


From all the reviews, I can expect to replace 2 or more bearings, idler/pittman arm, possibly the transmission and several of the gadgets within the next year or two.

Again, I love this truck for whatever reason, but I wish I'd gone with the Nissan Exterra. Those people seem happy.