9th Dec 2005, 22:45

I bought my '97 Chevy Blazer in April of 01 with 48k on it, it is now up to 145k, and the biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned. I've replaced the engine, clutch, and more brakes than I can count. The battery, alternator, radiator, coil twice. The A/c doesn't work anymore. The gas gauge never worked. I'm always needed idler arms and ball joints. Reverse lights never worked, and the turn signals don't work anymore either. Tonight the radio stopped working, made for a pleasant ride home. My girlfriend is afraid to ride in the car. I pray to god someone steals it or it crashes and burns. I do always wear my seat belt, but with the recall, who knows if it will actually save me.

24th Dec 2005, 18:31

Where are the spark plugs? I cannot find them at all.

27th Dec 2005, 20:25

My 98 4*4 blazer has all of the same problems as above 97,s so it's gm as a hole that needs work...Will never buy gm again ! mike

16th Jan 2006, 14:14

I've got a 1998 Blazer 4x4 and have had few problems. It has 110k miles now. I've replaced the alternator twice (second time was a faulty alternator from Carmax - that place sux). The driver side window stopped working, but I just took the door panel off and cleaned the terminals and it works fine. The ball joints and tie rods need replacing soon, and the coil has intermittent problems. The push-button 4x4 sometimes doesn't like to engage, but I don't need it much anyway. For an 8 year old with 110k miles she's not too bad. Hoping she'll last to 160k.

26th Feb 2006, 19:04

On S10 blazers, with push button 4x4, if you can hear a clunk when you push the button's for the 4x4, but it doesn't light the light's on the switch right, and it doesn't want to switch into four wheel drive, the problem is a 4x4 computer behind the passenger side kick panel. $312.00 at the dealer, around $50.00 from a salvage yard, very easy to change. Disconnect the neg. battery terminal, change the box, reconnect the battery and poof...you're a master electrical engineer. This may fix some other electric prob's also... good luck.

8th May 2006, 12:26

You all have a lot of complaining to do. Like every other car on the road is either flawless or inexpensive to fix. I have a 97 blazer and I change my brakes no more often than I changed on my previous vehicles. It's got 115k on it, and the only "problem" I have is that the fuel gauge doesn't work anymore. Living in VT, that rig will start in some of the coldest weather, and in minutes, I'll have heat. If you're so upset over getting tricked into buying a Blazer, go buy a Huffy. See how that thing starts in the morning.

24th May 2006, 17:47

Same sad story here with my '91 Jimmy & '97 Blazer. So far I have replaced the same things on each of them... alternator, fuel pump, & ignition switch. '97 is now back at the garage. It just died while driving and wouldn't restart. (Probably fuel pump again..)

As the old saying goes... 1st time shame on you, 2nd time shame on me...

Last Jimmy/Blazer/Bravada I'll ever own...

22nd Jun 2006, 11:22

I purchased a 1996 Blazer used with 86,000 miles on it. I had someone "inspect" the car before my purchase. Shortly after I purchased the car, the ball joints had to be replaced $800.00, then the check engine light soon came on. I was told the sensor had to be replaced - that ended up costing $1400.00, and a break down on the side of the highway.

Then the water pump went $350. Because the pump leaked, I had to have a new serpentine belt and battery.

I was getting ready to leave town and the alternator went $450. I smelled coolant and went for an estimate, thinking I had a hose that was leaking Ha!. Dexacool now my estimate is $2570.29 for a new radiator, heater core etc, etc, etc.

The car cost $7000, and I have put $3000 in it, and now almost $3000 again. How can I ever recover? I believe in buying American cars, but this is to much to deal with.

8th Jul 2006, 13:17

I worked in a GM shop, Blazers, s-10s, m-vans... they all have their problems, but hardly problematic! Some of you are more than likely being "had" by shops or slightly exaggerating your claims.. You have to seriously abuse a vehicle to require replacement of all "ball joints" before 75,000 miles, what kind of roads are you driving on... or are they even paved?

I've seen more "miss-application" of vehicles than anything, pulling more than rated capacity, overloaded, bad driving habits and most of all... IMPROPER MAINTENANCE!!! Seems that the only time the hood goes up is to let the smoke out, it's too late at that point! I have owned just about every piece of junk out there, but as soon as I maintained it and got everything up to a known level of service the problems went away. There is no such thing as "maintenance free", even today!

The cost of driving is not just gasoline and possibly a quart of oil when the light goes on! It all depends on what you drive and how you drive it... simple!


16th Jul 2006, 09:57

I started my car this morning, everything is fine. I went to put into gear and all I got was click, click, click. Has anyone encountered this? Maybe a fuse... Let me know if anyone has any suggestions...

26th Jul 2006, 05:05

I have a 1997 Blazer 4x4. Has anyone replaced the lower ball joints?

If so do you have to remove the uppers to install the lowers?

Thank you.

P.S. My Chilton book is practically useless.


1st Aug 2006, 14:53

I own a 97 Blazer LT, and it has been nothing, but a problem in the 3 years I have owned it.

Here's my list of repairs:

All ball-joints - twice

All tie-rods

Idler, and pitman - twice

(basically I repair the front end every year)

Water pump - twice

Intake Gasket - twice


Thermostat - twice

Fuel pump

Front brakes - THREE times

Oil lines - twice

Ignition switch - twice

O2 sensors

Both side mirrors because they shook until they broke off on the highway. Weeeee!

Here's the list of current problems that I now have to fix:

ABS module - stupid ABS light is on ALL the time

Entire cooling system - Losing coolant at a high rate and everything is gummed up because of dexcool

Rear wiper motor - stripped gear

Idler arm

Oil lines


Hazard switch - at least I managed to fix this with a folded up piece of cardboard jammed down into it so I could have brake lights.

There are also the other blazer related issues. I hate this vehicle with all my being. I can't sell it because people know they are junk. I'm tired of paying for the same repairs every single year.

I maintain this vehicle very well, as I do all of my vehicles. It's just junk.

Anyone considering a purchase of one of these should seriously think twice. If they are still interested they should get their head examined, or get in touch with me and I'll sell you mine CHEAP.