20th Jun 2007, 18:03

- Definitely get the ignition switch replaced, it's a pain if you do it yourself, but it's still a good bet that it's your problem.

Had the exact same thing happen to me, and I changed: Battery, spark plugs, cables, distributor cap, fuel filter, and had an expensive inspection done by a Chevy dealer to no avail... Also was told it was my fuel pump, but found out myself when I turned the key, that the car would delay its start up check sometimes for a few seconds. Also change your ignition module, just in case. Good Luck.

27th Jun 2007, 22:28

I've had all the problems listed here for my 97 Blazer!

- replaced ball joints!

- replaced engine! (clip popped off plastic radiator and oil cooler line dis-connected, lost all the oil and before I could get to side of road the engine seized!)

- replaced the heater core! "DEATH-COOL" problem - plugged heater core $600 to replace!

- holes ripping in front seats. Same place each side!

- AND NOW key stuck in steering column. Dealer replaced switch charged $240 and 3 weeks later same problem!

Give me a Japanese car any days! Chevy ain't what it use to be!!!

11th Jul 2007, 18:14

Hello, I just want to say yes, yes and uh, yes - my car sucks. A 97 Blazer, I need:

A u-joint

Lower ball joints

Idle arm

2 coolant lines which are 100 a piece just for the parts

My AC doesn't work

My back windshield wiper never did

I have replaced my water pump, and get a oil change every 3000 miles, and had a flush

I have not replaced much, but now it's hell and Chevy is the host

Good luck. You will need it, and so do I.

20th Aug 2007, 23:44

August 20th, 2007: Just about everything known to man has gone wrong with this piece of junk called a truck Blazer that I have. I want to set it a Blaze. Transmission switch, alternator, water pump, fuel pump, dipstick (rusty), radiator, heater core, rear window wiper, egr valve, ball joints, thermostat failure, AC lines leak and won't hold freon, etc. & etc. One of the poorest pieces of machinery ever made, in my opinion. Nothing but a money pit. I'd probably be better with a YUGO.

11th Sep 2007, 22:58

I have a 97 Blazer... its nearing 100,000 miles and its scaring the hell out of me after reading all the other comments. A few days ago I started to back out of the drive and it died on me. It started right back up like a charm and ran fine the rest of the day until pulling into a gas station when it died again. The next day I was driving down the road... it hesitated and the air bag light blinked twice and afterwards it ran fine again. I changed the fuel filter thinking that may be the problem, but nothings that easy and its very rarely something that simple... none the less it died again the next day. I put on a fuel pressure gauge and it showed 50 psi during idle and up to 60 psi driving down the road, so I don't think its the fuel pump. Does anyone have any suggestions?

12th Sep 2007, 12:26

I bet it's the fuel pump. That's what slowly died on mine. I'd hit the gas tank when it wouldn't start then it would start. This worked for several weeks then it died on me driving home from work. Current issue with mine is the driver side electric window. I has been sticking when down all the way, but it wouldn't make any noises that sounded like a motor was trying to drive it back up. I popped the door panel off and I guess the jerking of the door freed it up and it went up fine. Looked like there was a white streak on the glass like it was rubbing on something when going up or down.

14th Sep 2007, 00:16

I had the same problem with my driver side window except I could hear mine slipping. It would roll down about an inch the start slipping and if I pushed a little it would roll down the rest of the way, but I would have to pull it back up. It's a shame these Blazer's have so many problem's because they are nice looking vehicle's. I've already replaced the ball joint's and I'd recommend anyone to buy Moog balljoints when replacing those because they will last forever if you keep them greased. They cost a little more buy well worth it. I had to replace the waterpump and I blame that on the Dex-cool antifreeze. I'd recommend draining that stuff and flushing it good then replace with the green anti-freeze. As for the starting problem, your probably right about it being a fuel pump, but I hope it isn't.

20th Sep 2007, 00:19

My brother just got a 97 blazer and it looks like he has signs of some of these problems.

What does the rust on the dipstick mean???

21st Sep 2007, 15:50

I've owned a 1997 Chevy Blazer since early 2004. I've only ever had the water pump go out, and rust in the transmission stick.

The rear wiper doesn't spray (but it works) and it shakes around 60mph, but stops after 65mph.

It's been an amazing vehicle. I think I got really lucky. It's going on 135,000 miles and I couldn't be happier with it.

The most costly thing so far was fixing the air conditioning, which cost $600, but it's been running good for 2yrs now.

I do regular maintenance on it and I believe that's the key.

I'm planning on buying another Chevy soon.

18th Oct 2007, 20:22

I'm curious what you people do to your cars.

I've had a 97' blazer since it had 4 miles on it.

It currently has 191k miles.

I change my oil every 3, tune up every 15, changed the brakes twice, replaced the ball joints once, but that was only because I know every S10 model has problems with the ones made in mexico and changed the tires 3 times.

I had a fuse blow once. And My windshield cracked. And a plow hit my bumper, belt is beginning to squeak, but it is mighty old now.

This thing is solid, no body rot, no mechanical problems, tolerable on gas, and looks decent. Its moved me from Ma, to NY, to NJ, to PA, to Fl, and back to Ma.

This thing runs mint, and will probably run until I die at this rate. Maybe I'm just lucky.

26th Oct 2007, 19:42

Like others, I'm amazed by some of these comments. I bought my 97 Blazer new in 1996. It has 106,000 miles now and still runs great. I've replaced the wiper motor, alternator, brakes x2, tires, and radiator. That's it. All the suspension components are original and work fine.

It's hard to imagine what some of you are doing to your Blazers. That, or you have crooked/incompetent mechanics who are shafting you. Question what they tell you, and shop around.

11th Nov 2007, 12:37

Growing up my parents always had Nissans, that being said I don't like how small foreign cars are, so I wanted an American made truck, so I got a Yukon.

After that I got my 04 Avalanche, which I love, so when it was time to get my daughter a car to get her through college, I thought a Blazer with under 100k miles should do the trick. Boy was I way off.

Since I bought the 97' Blazer, about a year ago I have replaced the radiator (acid flushed the system $$$) intake manifold, had to get the engine rebuilt a week after the radiator $$$, the A/C compressor was leaking, so I got one from eBay to save some money, and hope to get a couple of years out of it, working fine now.

Now it's the idler arm has to be replaced. A relatively small cost I've been told by my mach. but a pain nonetheless. In total I have more than doubled the purchase price I paid in a year. For that price I should have gotten her a nice Pathfinder.