1996 Chevrolet Camaro 3.6L V6 from North America


This car was my child, and I loved her until the day she died!


I had to replace the usual things like the alternator (140,000) and Tires (more often than typical), and the serpentine belt (140,500). At 152,000 the oil pump gave out on me. Not only that, but it blew a rod. My engine was completely shot. The repairs would have cost me upward to 4,000.

I started developing SEVERE vibrations at around 120,000. I changed the tires, but that was not the issue. My check engine light was on for quite some time, and the apparently the spark plug wires were arching against the exhaust. I had the wires replaced, but the check engine light remained on and the shaking still occurred. I never figured out what that problem was.

My heater gave out at around 120,000 but that it probably normal. I never bothered to get it fixed.

General Comments:

I loved this car with all of my heart, despite the minor mechanical problems I encountered with it. "Camille" (my Camaro) was rather old-- and a little abused (I got it when I was 18)! She really held up a lot longer than I had ever anticipated. I had been in SEVERAL accidents, and none incapacitated her. No internal damage was sustained by any of the collisions, so apparently they are made to be pretty tough little cars.

The interior, as rough as I was to it, stayed in tact through the life of the car. I really enjoyed the seat position. It made the car feel much sportier.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2005

1996 Chevrolet Camaro 3.8L Fuel-Inected V6 from North America


It looks good, performs well on dry pavement, but suffers from shoddy interior and poor equipment


Alternator replaced at 85,000.

Battery replaced at 85,000.

Rear bumper paint cracking since 76,000 miles or earlier.

Key will get stuck in the ignition during cold weather, releasing 10-15 minutes later. As this happens, the gear shifter can be moved freely with the car off (Now just what the heck causes this one, I ask?)

Various other problems occured, but these were all due to my own error.

General Comments:

I like my Camaro. At first, I loved it, but now I just like it. There are a few major qualms to deal with.

The interior is shoddy, the plastic is terrible (What's with the fake leather look?). Everything is made of cheap material, and it doesn't give off that sleek look of newer cars and gets dirty fast with the many crevaces. My 1993 Bonneville had better interior, and was released 3 years earlier..

Not good for carrying four people. You will get crunched by having to give your rear passenger more space.

Definitely get Metallic paint. My paint looks like crap with swirl marks all over.

The windshield is at the most rediculous angle I have ever seen in a car, making it extremely difficult to get used to, and causing a certain amount of claustropobia. I feel MUCH SAFER DRIVING in other cars. The T-bars are also at a bad angle, restricting peripheral and side vision. I even have to lower my head to peek up at a light to watch it.

Stereo system is terrible.. but that's to be expected on a stock system.

Cupholder is completely useless. Worst cupholder in car history. I have spilled countless drinks in this car, whoever designed this should be shot.

Handling in rain is very difficult..you're going to have to drive slower than Honda Civics. You will spin out a lot. This car should have been built to perform better in the rain, almost any misjudgement can cause your tires to burn-out and your car to start fishtailing. I don't feel safe in the rain with this car.

Handling in snow is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. DO NOT DRIVE THIS CAR IN SNOW. NOTHING YOU CAN DO WILL MAKE IT BETTER. I got stuck in half an inch of packed snow on my own road, the car unable to deal with me even driving 5mph on it. I've ocassionally left my car in parking lots overnight because of this.

I've heard people talking of 31mpg gas mileage.. I seriously doubt this. I'd say it's more within the area of 15-25.

T-tops can be a pain with the very shoddy handle they built for them, they take a bit of prying sometimes, almost to the point where I feel I'm going to break the crappy plastic handle.

Get power seats.. you will want to be a bit taller in this car.

Headlights are the worst in the history of mankind. Why? Just why? Lowbeams are so weak, I can't even see. The brights are about as bright as other cars lowbeams.

Good luck changing your spark plugs. The engine is so far back that its almost impossible to do at home.

Maybe it has something to do with my car alarm, but my windshield wiper blades STAY ON after the CAR IS OFF. Even at the lowest setting, if I accidentally leave them on and exit the car, they will go on forever until the car battery dies. Just stupid design here.

Aluminum wheels for this model year are terrible - Why do companies make car wheels with very difficult crevaces, making it a job and a half to clean? This is a big annoyance.

As for the pros..

Car handles like an angel on dry pavement. Better than any car I've been in besides the Acura RSX. Precise movements can be completed easily, and I'm sure there can be a time when this might come in handy in a near-disaster.

Acceleration is awesome.. as fast as you really need to go in normal life unless you're a dangerous speed freak. I can outrun and overpass almost any car in my way.

The body of the car is just beautiful.. very unique, very attractive. The car gets looks from everyone.

If you don't have the Bose system, that useless hole in the rear left of the trunk can be fit with a custom subwoofer.. very awesome and I love it.

The car is generally very dependable. My bonneville had something breaking every 3 months even though my grandfather (an airplane mechanic) took immaculate care of it before giving me it. I've had to replace brakes and tires at the usual frequency, so no complaints there. I've not had any serious problem going on besides my Alternator going. However, I do worry how long my tranny will last, having my tranny go at 98k on a flawless Bonneville was aggravating. There is something that does tell me that I do not completely trust GM's workmanship, however. I am anticipating a wave of problems within the 110k-120k mileage range.

Great car for a younger kid. However, my next car will definitely be a japanese car. I just do not have the time to deal with the breakdown of American cars (One part after the other breaking over and over and over)

Better for good weather areas. Not very useful in an area that gets a lot of snow. You will be disabled, period!

I would only recommend this for a younger person, as it is worth what you will pay for it. I payed $5,000 and I think I got what I payed for. But if you're older.. go with something better. There are plenty of performance cars that have much better quality put into them, as well as better all-weather performance.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

10th Mar 2005, 01:03

I drive a 93 Camaro with 150,000 miles on it, and it's been fairly reliable. I didn't experience a wave of problems between 110K and 120K as you worry that you might.

The cup holder comment is accurate. No beverage container designed for use on this earth will fit in the Camaro cup holder. I stick my cell phone and loose change in it.

The car is awful in the snow. You're completely out of control in situations where everyone else has no problem. It's not too hot in the wet, either, although I had less problems with the wet when the car was newer.

I didn't like the stock radio either. Within days of getting the car, I dropped in an aftermarket head unit and Sony Xplod speakers.

The best gas mileage I ever got was 25 mpg while drafting off of tractor trailers at 75 mph on the interstate.

A good review for a good car.