1999 Chevrolet Camaro 3.7 liter V6 3.8 series II from North America


I just want a Z-28 now...:)


The Automatic door locks don't lock the car, with the alarm set, neither the in-car door panel. Front Passenger side wheel barring is going out.

General Comments:

The car is a rush, I haven't had much problems with it since I got it, I bought it used, the locks were broken, on the in-car panel when I bought it. I have ran it off the road, ONCE, due to some stupid drivers out there. but even after that, the performance hasn't been faultered too much, the power is still there. I is awfully roomy for a sports car, except the the rear seating, I am a big person so I gotta put the driver seat almost all the way back, and it gets very uncomfortable for the other people. It is definatly an in-town car, traveling is a big hastle, although a lot of packing space, it doesn't hold up to well on the rough highways, and interstates. The interior on-top of comftorbility it is also very comfortable to look at while in the car. It also came with an automatic start, it is suppose to roll the windows down at the press of a button on the remote, but that hasn't worked since I got the car neither. I only paid about $10,000 for it so it was a good bargain. I am pushing about 200 horses, maybe a little less, from the miles on it and running off the road. I love the power and speed of this car, it is only a v-6 I can only imagine what a Z-28 would be like.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2006

10th Apr 2007, 16:39

No offense man, but you made a stupid move by getting a V6 rather than that Z28, unless of course, you already had an 8-cylinder sports car in the past and you wanted to take it easy this time around. Check my 1998 Camaro reviews "6-Cylinder Spotrs Cars Suck" and "I Hate it" and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Do get the Z28, it'll be more bang for your buck than an underpowered 85' Corvette.

One more thing, why would you get this car as a passenger car? If you ask me, those backseats aren't for adults, but for your little kids and cargo. If you have people with you in the car a lot and want an old cheap car you can that's roomy and comfortable, try the Cadillac Brougham. But if it were me, I'd much rather have an 8-cylinder sports car over any Cadillac or Lincoln.

28th Jul 2008, 22:52

Most people who buy a Camaro aren't worried about the people in the back. I am divorced and the only person ever in the back of my 87 is my daughter who is 10. I love my car and I am in the process of looking for a 98-02 T/A. After hanging out with the local F-Body club and the races I love the LS1 engine. So in my opinion, yes buy the Z-28 or SS if you can find one.

26th Dec 2008, 20:59

I can find many Camaros SS in Southern California. They are not hard to find. The problem is the price of the SS LOL.

1999 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5.7L LS1 from North America


An amazing car at any price


Brake rotors warp easily. Resurfaced and replaced under warranty. Replaced with drilled/slotted aftermarket units after warranty. No other problems whatsoever.

General Comments:

Excellent mileage, fantastic performance, incredibly fun to drive, nothing ever breaks. Without a doubt the best car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2004

1999 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 5.7L V8 from North America


Highly dependable and powerful!


Rear window defogger would not work.

Front driver side turn signal would not work.

CD player would not work.

Back seat speakers fade in and out.

Windshield wipers are stuck in upward position when turned off.

General Comments:

I have owned 2 Camaros in addition to the '99 Z-28 I own now. They are super cars and with no more than 1 child, I may own another someday. With anymore than 1 child, you may want to consider a more family-oriented car.

Mechanically this car runs like a champ! Very dependable!

Will pass everything, but a gas station!

Better than the old model Camaros in snow and rain, but you'd still be better off not risking it.

Not the most comfortable to ride in... but that is typical of a sports car. They're not built for comfort, they are built for speed and handling. The Z-28 is the master of power, speed, and handling!

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004

26th Sep 2006, 17:56

Sheeeesh!! "runs like a champ?!" now that's funny! I've NEVER read a heard anyone say that about a car before in my life, but then again, it is kind of cool since it must be a great car. still sounds funny, but then again, I can get used to hearing that about a good running car.

Dude, I envy you, big time. why? because I wish I would've spent my hard-earned saved up $10,000 back from the beginning of 2001 on an 8-cylinder this whole time. but what did I do?, I made the mistake of listening to my folks, taking their advice of spending ALL of my money on a newer car with low miles, something I could just barely afford if I wanted something that was sporty. what did I get, I got a damn 1998 white 6-cylinder Camaro coupe that I've had since January of 2001. I spent ALL of my money on that damn car, a car I never even wanted in the first place. I should've asserted myself more and not let them talk me into that damn 6-cylinder, but I've been stuck with it now for almost 6 years. they weren't into 8-cylinder power, so how could they relate? if I knew how big of a disapointment it would be to get this so-called "sports car" with it's measly V6 engine, believe me, I would've rather gotten an old crappy Chevy Corsica or some old Chevy Cavalier. At least then I wouldn't had a fuel efficient 4-cylinder or a car with back seats big enough to fit adults back there.


If people want to save money on gas, then they have no business getting a "sports car" in the first place anyway. a "sports car" is not supposed to be for saving on gas, but for "power and performance". in my opinion, a v6 sports car is really only for someone who either already has an 8-cylinder so they can go back to driving that V8 whenever they want that extra power, or for someone who'se already had their fill with all that power and now they want something with less power. but for someone to want an 8-cylinder, but get a 6-cylinder instead and to keep that car for over 5 years straight, that's just the biggest mistake one can make with getting a car. what I SHOULD'VE done was spend no more than $8,000 on that money on an OLDER sports car, like maybe an '88 Trans Am or I-ROCZ. that's what I SHOULD'VE done! all I can do now is learn from my mistakes and to continue to envy and be jealous of all those people with those nice 8-cylinder sports cars.

But I will get that 8-cylinder at some point, I don't what ANYBODY says! I don't care what environmentalists say about preserving the environment and even if everybody starts driving hybrids and electric cars, I WILL get that 8-cylinder, now matter what anybody says...