1993 Chevrolet Cavalier RS 2.2 from North America


The best money I have ever spent


Had to replace the ignition switch when I bought the car.

Alternator went out at 120,000 along with the water pump in the same week.

Radiator sprung a leak due to a piece of gravel at 150,000.

At 160,000 the motor finally gave out and threw the number one connecting rod, threw the oil pan and the block after a 6 grand launch.

General Comments:

This has been by far the best car I have ever owned. It's 5 speed manual transmission is great for economy and speed. The engine swap was a snap, most everything under the hood just plugs in.

I would never sell this car and have plans of one day doing a V8 rear wheel conversion.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2003

1993 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe 2.2L from North America


Good used car at a reasonable price


Before I bought it the dealer I bought it from had the head worked on.

It has a small oil leak on the valve cover gasket. I just haven't fixed it yet.

Two of the fuel injectors are leaking which causes a gas smell to come through the vents. I have new ones to replace them, but haven't installed them yet.

General Comments:

I fell in love with this car the moment I saw it.

Everything is within easy reach. I haven't really had any problems with it at all. It always starts with no problem and has never left me stranded.

It had Michelin Rainforce tires on it when I bought it and they're still like new. I never have any problems with hydoplaning at all.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2003

1993 Chevrolet Cavalier RS 3.1 from North America


Best bang for your buck


Most recently the electrical has a short in it somewhere and is affecting the fuel sensor.

Starter - replaced three times since I have had the car.

Brakes - normal wear and tear

Tires - normal wear and tear

Catalytic converter two years ago


General Comments:

I absolutely love this car. It has been reliable and trustworthy.

I have maintained the oil changes, tires and plugs and this car has treated me well.

Unfortunately my vehicle ran over a large deer that another vehicle just moment before had hit and since then I've developed a big oil leak.

This car still has original transmission, alternator, exhaust, radiator. The 3.1, 6 cylinder motor has given me plenty of spit for me to feel a little sporty. I would recommend the RS model to anyone.

I have put a lot of miles on this car, drove it hard and used it like a truck and it hasn't let me down. The best bang for my buck out of all the vehicles I have owned in my life.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2003

27th Jun 2003, 13:42

I have to say I really enjoy my '99 Cavalier, and I have just had it a short while. However, it has started to just stop running while driving down the road, and no one seems to be able to find the problem. The radio/CD player went into a LOC mode and I have no way to get it removed. I would love for someone to give me some comments on this. Peggy.

1993 Chevrolet Cavalier from North America


Definitely would not recommend


Radiator Hose busted 72000 miles

Brakes had to be replaced 80000 miles

Radiator had to be replaced. approx 85000 miles.

Alternator replaced 2 times

Ball joints replaced around 130000 miles

List of things still to be done:

Tie Rods

Belt Tensioner

Something to do with CV's

Radiator is rusting

Front windshield leaks to driver side floor.

Trunk Leaks and water pools in the spare tire compartment.

Another leak (location yet to be determined) causes the rear passenger floor board to fill with water.

Headliner is falling rapidly.

Something to do with the head gasket.

General Comments:

I suppose that overall it has been a decent car. I don't understand why there are so many problems with the car at the moment. I don't drive far to work or go out cruising the town. I have regular maintenance done. I have never had a wreck in it, although I don't know about before I owned it.

The car is very comfortable unless you have to sit in the back seat.

Might be a good car if you can do auto work yourself.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2003

7th Aug 2003, 11:47

I have a 1993 cavalier, and I have the same problems with water leaks...driver's side floor and rear right floor. It is not consistent however, it leaks in a light storm, but will not leak in a heavy storm. Strange.

18th Feb 2004, 08:46

I have a 1993 Cavalier (in Pennsylvania - US)

The following problems:

1. Rain water (melting snow too) leaking from front driver's side into the rear floorboard - ruined carpet and padding; had to remove - driving around with bare floors - like riding in a tin can.

2. Head gasket leaks coolant and has been replaced twice.

3. Heating/cooling system problems: AC freon leaks out; defroster works only on passenger side; AC light is on when set to defrost; heat will not go to feet; when you have any setting for heat, or defroster (AC doesn't work anyway), it all blasts out the middle vent and fries you - very hot!

4. Stock stereo has bad reception


1. I do like to drive it - handles well.

2. Good gas economy

3. Front wheel drive - goes good in snow

4. I would buy another cavalier, but new so that warranties will follow me.

20th May 2004, 19:18

I would like to know if anyone knows how to stop the leaks that cause the floors to get wet.



19th Sep 2004, 13:24

I have a suggestion for your leaks... Take a high pressure washer and look for leaks around doors and trunks. Don't spray too close to rust or you will start to peel off the paint as well. Is there any cracks on the seals of your doors, this will let some water in. If there is any water at the front floors check the firewall. Definitely if you have something aftermarket installed and you did not put rubber grommets to seal the holes up. Remember if water comes in, after some time it has no where to go until the floor rusts and makes a hole. Is there holes in the mud guards of the wheel well covers? Most of the time if the water is in the back floor it is the rear door leaking. Use soap around the door seal, high pressure washer, and look for bubbles, this is always a two adult job. These are things I had to do to girlfriends Pontiac Tempest with exact same problems. It ended up that it was leaking at the rear door by the door catch. The metal was rusted completely away where the lip of the seal went on! Lift the carpet in the trunk to see if there is any signs of water there, this will eliminate trunk seal, just suggestions, not promises.