25th Jul 2001, 15:15

Hello, if you see this, have you had any transmission problems being an automatic. A comment before this said every 60,000 miles these transmissions die, have you experienced this? Thanks a lot.

5th Aug 2001, 17:10

To the person asking about automatic transmission problems, the only problem I had was a torque converter clutch solenoid at 80k miles. The engine would stall at a stop sign after the car was driven for about 30 minutes, fully warmed up. It would act as if the clutch was not engaged in a manual transmission when coming to a stop. The repair was about $235 at the dealer. My suggestion is to flush the transmission every 24k miles or 24 months, which ever comes first.

27th Aug 2001, 22:55

Lets not post false info, OK? I own an 89 and have been blown away by any 5L I've raced, let alone a Vette or a Viper. These posts are supposed to help people not give them false info.

27th Nov 2001, 00:57

OK, that's just not true. Maybe yours has problems, but I've had mine for about a month and I've raced 4 separate 5L cars and beat them all with my 89 Z, so that's not false info at all.

25th Jan 2002, 09:53

Well... I got a red 5 speed 89 Z-24 and do you all have these features in your "Z"? I've got a sunroof, digital dash, tinted windows, rainguards, and spoiler. I bought the car for $900 with 199,421. How many miles has your Z got?

11th Jun 2002, 08:14

Of course a 2.8L Cavalier could beat a 5.0L mustang off the line. The only problem is that it doesn't have enough power to stay in front in the long run. The only problem I've run into with my 2.8L Cavalier is the water pump. It seems to be the common problems with them, $20-30.

19th Aug 2002, 20:30

I have a 91 z24 with more power than the 89's and I can't beat a 5L mustang, so I'm sure your 2.8 can't!!!

7th Oct 2002, 15:15

Maybe if you saved your money rather than dropping it on boy-racer crap like spoilers and coffee-can exhaust tips, you could afford something other than a mulletmobile Z24.

One of these junkers would struggle "racing" against a Golf, let alone a Viper or any Vette that wasn't made in 1978. Try not to lapse into fantasy too much, huh?

18th Dec 2002, 15:08

I own a Chevy 1989 Z-24 with 227,000+ miles on it. For all of those who look down upon the older z24s, well I have big news for you! I pull a 14sec 1/4 mile at or above 100mph at the Beaver springs drag-way in PA. I can do 110mph in a 1/4 mile if I got traction. My times would be a lot better if I was not spinning my front tires in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd gears launching off the tree. I am running a 3.1 multi-port F.I. v6. with only a few cheap mods done to it... like a.40 over bore, hot cam with big lobes. I ported and polished my heads and intake in my own living room. I also have a 5-speed man. trans. This is all without NOS, turbo, superchargers. And the best part is I have done nothing to the outside of the car. So beware all you owners of Fords and Imports when you drive in central PA... The black 89 Z-24 you see may not be all that it appears to be! Be cool everyone!!!

9th Jan 2003, 22:11

I'm only 18 I had a 90' z~24 3.1L I thought it went fast {considering I'm a girl and it was my first car...} I did get beat by a mustang once, but it hung with most cars :} it had 120,000 miles on it I had to give it up because 4 of the fuel injectors were clogged and bad brakes :{ I miss it I just bought a 2000 caviler wanted another z, but couldn't find one... but my z was fast.

16th Jan 2003, 15:28

Hey guys, I just bought a 1989 2.8L V6 and I know one thing, even though it isn't a Corvette or viper, it is a heck of a lot better looking then a lot of other 80's racers that are out there. Now I admit I haven't done much racing and I don't want to get into what I think I could beat and what I couldn't. But lets just remember that situations and drivers may very, so it might very well be possible for a z24 to beat out a 5.0 or some other performance car that you yourself have lost to. I am not saying that Z24's beat everything they meet, or that I could take a Mustang in my first race, but depending on the mods, conditions, drivers, and a lot of other variables I don't think this is impossible. For now I am enjoying having a faster car that doesn't look like crap. 88-89 Zeds are some of the sweetest looking rides you can get for under $2000. Peace.

19th Jan 2003, 20:57

I've got an '89 z-24. What makes it even better is that it is a convertible. The car keeps up with the best of them. It has a problem that I haven't found a solution to yet. The torque converter doesn't lock up. I've replaced the speed sensor, the third gear solenoid, and have checked the brake switches and the neutral switch along with all wiring harness connections that I could find. I could use some help in this department. Otherwise the car is spectacular.

20th Jan 2003, 11:53

I have an 88 Z24 with a 96 3.1 Olds engine in it. The car isn't the fastest in the world, but I have raced it a few times. I've beaten 2 5.0's and lost to 2. I've also beaten a brand new Cadillac STS, which we all know has tons of pull to it.

26th Feb 2003, 10:42

I don't personally own a running Z... only a parts car as of now, but my neighbor has, and many people I know over the Internet.

As far as "outrunning" Vettes, Vipers, etc., that was never initially stated... The individual who said it, was referring to the fact that these cars are VERY able to "hang" with them, as opposed to other relatively slower vehicles. They can keep up with the bigger cars quite well, but we all know they wouldn't stand a chance in an all out speed race.

If you want evidence of more Cavalier experiences... check out this site: http://www.v6z24.com. There are many references to races and personal experiences of every aspect of these cars... These are the people who really know these cars.

6th Mar 2003, 20:51

To the kid with the rough idle and stalling while hitting the gas problem, it's the fuel pump, bud. I had the same problem. Those of you who talk crap. Very few no this, but my Z is stroked out to a 3.4 with a very aggressive cam and lifters. Center force clutch And duals. All others be ware it looks stock.

13th Oct 2003, 08:02

It"s your radiator.

26th Mar 2006, 09:46

Hey, I'm looking into getting a z for my first car, anyone have any tips? 88,92 or94? And do you have anygeneral maintenance tips for me, thx.

16th May 2006, 20:26

I have a 89 Z with a 2.8. Love the car.

Now that I have 367,000 miles on it, my clutch is acting up again. It is engaging with the clutch pedal pressed. I just spent 3 hours pulling my trans. The clutch assembly looks great. Reinstalled the trans, still does not work right. My only guess is to replace the master and slave cylinders. Any info would be great.