15th Sep 2006, 13:32

I bought a 1988 Z24 last year for $850. I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I changed the oil, flushed the transmission and put new tires on it. It has 197,500+ miles on it and still purrs like a kitten. I hope to have it for a couple of more years. The only thing I don't like about it are the power windows.

25th Oct 2006, 15:13

I am only 16 and I have two 1989 cavalier Z24s, only payed $1000 I am fixing one of them as soon as I get some cash I'm not sher what colour to paint it I was hoping to get som tips!

11th May 2007, 19:39

I have a 1989 Z24 and while I'm driving I will floor it, but is like it doesn't want to scoot it just acts like I'm still giving it not much gas. It has about 193,000 miles which from reading the other comments that's not too many for this car. I relay need to know soon what that could be so if you could help me out that would be great. Thank you.

29th May 2007, 18:51

To the person with the temperature problems I had the same problem it wasnt the radiator, but it was the thermostat. I replaced the thermostat and the water pump for about 30 - 40 dollars and it works fine now.

12th Dec 2008, 03:26

Hey guys and girls. I have an 89 Cavalier Z24 with the 2.8 and A/T, and only 90,000 miles. I am having some problems with the transmission and would appreciate some feedback. When ya first start out, the car shifts great, but after it warms up, it doesn't wanna shift at all. Any ideas? Thanks.

9th Jun 2010, 18:19

I bought a 1989 Z24 for 300.00 and it's missing and I have to slam the clutch pedal through the firewall to get it to disengage... Please email me @ Memphisroadrunner@yahoo.com with any kinda advice on how to fix this problem.


26th Aug 2021, 03:20

Yo, still have that 89 black Z out there in central Pa?? I just bought my white 88 convertible a few months ago and I'm frequently flying around S.C. & Tuna-town.