31st May 2003, 08:12

I bought my wife a 1999 Cavalier LS a few years back, and, aside from replacing the factory battery, plugs, and wires at 68000 miles, have never had one problem with it. Blame the owner, not the car.

14th Jun 2003, 21:53

- Tighten the hubcaps.

- Buy new wipers. Nobody else seems to be having any problems with the "poorly designed windshield.

- What sort of problems were you having with the 'trac off' light? Can you be more specific? If you buy a $12k car then you are going to have minor electrical problems once in awhile.

From the way that you're complaining it almost seems as if you are having major problems with your car, but all I can see is a loose hubcap, a worn windshield wiper, and a light bulb problem. Am I missing something?

31st Jul 2003, 20:36

I agree that there are major design flaws with the 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier and that GM provides very poor service. My car has also been in the shop numerous times.

I purchased my car new from the dealership. After having my car for only 10,000 kilometers, they needed to replace my headlight because all of the wires had completely corroded. My wipers also spray the windshield washer fluid too low. I have had to replace the trim around my driver's side door. I had to replace my brake pads and rotors at 45,000 kilometers (which I found out was common because GM has decided to use rotors that you can't lathe).

At 62,000 kilometers I had to replace the fuel pump in my car. Luckily after complaining too many people they had decided to refund me my money.

I have also complained to the dealership about my transmission shifting very hard and also on a couple of occasions, slipping out of gear. After complaining for about 1 year, they did nothing. I would have loved to be able to check the fluid level in the transmission, but, GM thought it would be a good idea to design a transmission without a dip stick. Finally I had had enough and I decided to bring my car to a transmission specialist. They found the problem only after 10 minutes.

I am currently at 80,000 kilometers and now my horn does not work.

I am a first time car buyer and I can tell you this, I will not buy a GM product again.

14th Nov 2003, 10:05

I hypothesize that the rude comments added to this post doubting the problems existed or claiming they are minor were actually made by Chevy service dept personnel or GM employees.

Certainly can't prove it, but the attitude of the comments sounds exactly the same as how you are treated by the service departments.

They chastise you for expecting any quality whatsoever from a GM of that price. Well heads up guys, you don't see the same level of complaints from the rice-rocket manufacturers. Get a clue.

19th May 2004, 13:47

I too own a 2000 Cavalier Ls sedan. I have had a continuing problematic situation with the car. Such as the trac light coming on and staying on and then the check engine light on. The fuel pump, water pump, speed sensing harness replaced.. GM was of zero help in resolving dealer related problems. Currently, after an ignition recall fix the vehicle would not start right. A bad recall part was discovered. After a new recall part was installed, same thing. The dealer then replaced the starter. The vehicle still does not start right. I am scheduled for a fourth attempt to make it right. The car has been nothing but a pain. I feel GM doesn't really care as the bottom line.

6th Aug 2004, 22:38

Comments on 2000 Cavalier:

My engine and transmission run well however, the Cavalier has been in the shop 17 times for warranty repairs. Some of the items include: horn replaced twice, radio replaced twice, power window motors replaced four times, new hubcaps needed because old ones squeaked, recall on the ignition slider mechanism, door lock replaced, etc. About the hubcaps: they squeak, GM admits this, but has no cure. My dealer gave me a set from a 2001 Cavalier and the squeak is gone! Car is fun to drive and is great in the snow.....but....the minor defects will kill you and your pocketbook when the warranty runs out...

4th Jan 2005, 17:22

I have owned my 2000 Chevy Cavalier for 9 months. After owning a 1987 Buick Century Custom for 4 years prior, squeaking hubcaps do not bother me. The problem I have, and I hope someone can solve, is electrical. When I turn on my headlights, the dash acts as if I just turned the car on--indicator lights are on (lamp test), gauges drop to zero and then return to where they were before. When the car was in 4 degree weather, no lights came on including dome on entry and the car turned, but did not turn over to start. Tinkered with headlights and "poof," lights came on and the car rolled over and ran fine. Replaced the headlight/combination switch. Then the same thing happened twice within 15 minutes after leaving the garage, first when I hit the brakes at a red stoplight and then when I shifted into gear (automatic transmission). Replaced the ignition switch. Now the radio/CD stays on permanently (even when the car is off and the key is out and I have stepped out and locked up the vehicle). Also, when I put a CD in the player on leaving the garage for the second time, the dash lit up again. There is a kind of quiet pop when this happens. I have an e-mail into GM. We shall see... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

5th Jun 2005, 10:49

Has anyone had any problems with rain collecting inside the door panel of their Cavaliers? I have a 2000 Cavalier and I could hear water splashing around inside the drivers side door for several miles this morning after we had a huge rainstorm last night. Any suggestions on where it could be leaking in? Please email me at rsedlock@hotmail.com with any comments.

3rd Jul 2005, 15:32

I brought a 2000 Cavalier. The most recent problem I've had with the car involves the computer system. In North Carolina car must pass an omissions test. In order to take the test, the car computer system must communicate with the inspection computer system. Unfortunately, my computer is no longer speaking to the other computer. And it is not only my Cavalier, it seems there have been a number of Cavaliers having the same problem.

I took it back to the dealer, but because my warranty is up, he won't look at it without cash up front. There is no other dealer in Wilson, NC. I also told him what other mechanics are saying about the Cavalier. He did not seem surprise at all. So now, I have to pay for a very expensive computer service.

19th Sep 2005, 11:13

My husband and I were going to buy a 2000 Chevy Cavalier with a 2.2. It has 74,213 miles on it. Beautiful car, but just like a post a few back... a few minutes into driving it starts to jerk, and bolt forward like. It started out like a flutter and then it gets worse. The car has had a tune-up, both coil packs have been replaced, gas has been drained and new put in. We cannot figure out the problem. We really want to buy this car, but as of this moment we are having second thoughts. If you know anything that will help us please email us at sweetrain27@hotmail.com thank you!