24th Jul 2003, 23:59

I have a 91 cavalier that I have been delivering pizzas in for 3 years and I have passed 300000/kms without any major problems.

Great Car!

15th Jul 2004, 16:34

I have a '91 Cavalier with 132,000+ miles on it. The car has held up through a lot--teaching a teen to drive a manual transmission, extreme heat and cold, and driving through mountains.

With proper upkeep and common sense, this is a good car.

I've seen a lot of comments regarding expenses associated with maintaining the vehicle and I was taken aback. I'm thinking mechanics may have given a run for money.

However, this is a simple car--most repairs you can D.I.Y. Auto parts for this car are a dime a dozen. I have yet to encounter a maintenance job to exceed $150--excluding major items like AC & Transmission.

11th Jul 2005, 09:56

All you need to do is keep your car properly maintained. Do oil checkups every 3k miles, change the fluids every few months etc. Don't slam on your brakes, and alternatively don't rev the engine like no tomorrow. Cars can last you past 250k miles if you take care of them right... just don't blow it. And by the way, all Chevrolet cavaliers are covered under Chevy's hidden warranty with gasket heads, and maybe alternators. I know for a fact that 92,93,95, and 96 are covered in the US and 94's are covered in Canada... just talk to a dealer, and stop getting ripped off by mechanics.

16th Sep 2006, 00:42

91 cavalier 400,000 km!

I love this thing!!!

13th Jul 2008, 21:07

Just brought home a 91 today... pulled it off the trailer started it up after it sat for 6 months in someones back yard and almost burnt the tires right off the thing... this little car has amazing power with the 3.1 MPFI it only has a 130000 km on it... best $300 bucks I ever spent!!!