2007 Chevrolet Cobalt LS 2.2 Liter 4 cylinder from North America


Not the worst, but there's much better out there


Turn signal "off clicker", (the thing that resets the signal when you make turns only works 50% of the time. It's super annoying when the stereo is on and I can't hear the signals.

Temperature gauge always reads 88 degrees, even when it's snowing.

I guess nothing on the computer works.

General Comments:

Seriously, if GM were to start driving the cars they made (or cared), we'd see a lot less Cobalts on the road. This car is seriously ugly inside with the giant Fisher Price looking e-brake handle and rental car plastics, and gives performance completely disproportionate to the gas mileage. Not to mention that the one electronic feature it has (the info computer) doesn't work. It's an 07' for crying out loud!! Who makes a new car now days with no power windows, locks, or anything?

I got it for one reason, MPG. Not, LOW MPG. The information computer says 30.4 MPG (which is 7 MPG lower than the advertised 37 freeway), I filled up and got 23.4 @ 60 mph, 80% freeway. That advertised 37 MPG freeway is totally BS because I do mostly freeway driving. This car does nothing that it claims. GM, you disappointed me again.

The car has potential to be great. The car drives alright, and I like the feel of it and the layout much better than the Civic and comparable small cars. But, nothing the car was advertised for, was accomplished or achieved. If it really got 37 MPG on the freeway, I'd be happy. If the info computer worked, I'd be happy. If it had no computer, I'd be happier. If it started everyday, that would be nice too. It's failed to start on me a couple of times as well. That gets old after the first time.

I've only driven the car for a short time, but during that time, it's been a huge disappointment.

I've owned lots of cars, and the Cobalt isn't the worst, but it sure falls short even according to my low standard of expectations.

All I wanted was it to get the gas mileage on the EPA rating... Now I am paying the same price for gas as I was with my last car, which completely negated the purpose of getting it. Cobalt, you suck.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2009

5th Jun 2009, 19:24

My sister has the Cobalt clone: the G5. It's a 2007 and it has none of the problems you describe. I think the gas mileage is good she routinely gets 30mpg interstate driving. And her info center works good. The only thing wrong is the air bag light is on. She has 30k+ miles on it and had it since new.

I'll agree the interior is not the best, but most new cars interiors look the same to me unless you go up in the class of car. Also the mpg rating probably will only be achieved on long highway trips.

20th Sep 2009, 15:28

With the mileage you purchased your car at, I would bet it was a rental, which are notorious for not being well-cared for.

18th Dec 2009, 23:18

My wife has a Chevy Cobalt LS 2.2L. It has 62k miles on it and front struts are worn out. Like yours, it doesn't get any better mileage than 32...it is usually in the twenties even on the highway. It has okay power, but if I push it, it will drink the fuel... even down to 16 mpg.

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt LS from North America


Entirely too many problems for a car this new!


First, and perhaps most insignificantly, everything falls off of this car. The compartment on the left side of the steering wheel broke on the way home after regularly opening it (I'm pretty sure the dealer knew it was broken and temporarily fixed it.

My driver's side mirror (manual) will no longer move via toggle, and I have to roll my window down constantly to try and push the mirror out so that I can see at all. This is really inconvenient on the expressway!

My driver's side door has an air leak in it which causes the whole left side of your body to get a chill.

The car just rattles. It sounds like parts are jostling around. It's not comforting.

The car rolls back when I'm at a stop sign on a hill, although I am always in drive. If I don't IMMEDIATELY slam on my brakes (and even once I do hit the brakes, it still takes a second to stop rolling), I will hit anyone that is behind me.

General Comments:

Overall, I feel like entirely too much has gone wrong with a car that was $10,000. There's no reason to have this many problems with a car that I've only had for 6 months.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2009

22nd Feb 2009, 08:46

"The car rolls back when I'm at a stop sign on a hill, although I am always in drive. If I don't IMMEDIATELY slam on my brakes (and even once I do hit the brakes, it still takes a second to stop rolling), I will hit anyone that is behind me."

Automatic transmissions DO allow roll back when in drive. Some are worse than others. There are a few vehicles that don't allow it at all like the Jeep Wrangler. Others are just set so they tend not to. But they still can. This just doesn't sound like a defect to me. It sounds annoying, though. I am assuming you have your foot on the brake at a stop sign. If not, the problem is a bad habit (you should have your foot on the brake because if you get hit from behind, it will push you out into the intersection). But if you do have your foot on the brake, the annoying aspect would just be that the car rolls backward as you go from the brake to the gas pedal. My car (08 Nissan Altima) does that too if the hill (or parking ramp) is steep enough.

Otherwise, the dealer should fix rattles and broken parts (that you didn't break).

There really doesn't seem to be that much wrong with the car. Mostly just odds and ends that the dealer should fix for free. Maybe you can update us after a year to let us know if anything more serious has gone wrong with the car because at $10,000 if the car turns out to be remotely reliable, you've got some very inexpensive transportation.


22nd Feb 2009, 12:28

I have a friend who is a GM mechanic of 21 years. He advised me when I was considering a Cobalt not too. He attests to the fact that the Cobalt had the worst introduction of all GM vehicles; ever more problems with quality and durability than we can discuss here.

28th Feb 2009, 13:09

You bought the car used. Most likely, it was rental car that was abused. The storage door problem was most likely caused by someone opening the storage door to release the trunk, not closing and then exiting the car, knocking it off track. I have done that on mine. The other issued should have been addressed by the selling dealer. Not necessarily the car's fault.

15th Mar 2009, 00:20

The only "problems" I noted in your review were the manual mirror adjustment not working properly and the compartment door at your left knee breaking. Granted, I wouldn't expect ANY problems on a car with 40k miles with it, but it's possible that someone was just rough on your car. Rough with the mirror control and rough with the compartment door. Maybe it'll be better from here on out.

As for dash rattles and crappy fabric on the doors, it's a cheap car.

19th May 2011, 04:47

My 2007 Cobalt has 62000 miles on it.

It's had way too many front end problems to list. Now it's growling again and as far as I'm concerned no more money goes into this piece of junk. As far as body durability, it was backed into and the fender literally was destroyed at two miles per hour. It was hit by a Kia that had no damage.

Gas mileage is terrifi,c but with this mileage on it, I would forfeit mileage for a better made car.