2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LT1 4dr 2.2L 4 cylinder 148 hp from North America


A great little car despite the hard plastic used inside!


I've had the car for one month. Not one thing has gone wrong since I drove it off the lot.

The driver side rear plastic covering over the door looked out of place, but I managed to put it back in place like it's supposed to be.

Sometimes the rear power windows don't work, but I'm not worried about it because I rarely use them.

It's been a comfortable car to drive, but I gave comfort marks a 7 instead of 10 because of the rather hard plastic on the center panel. I've had my right leg kinda pressed against it and I've hated it. I put something soft between the leg and the panel, like a washrag, and it helped, but this contact issue is all but gone since I moved the seat back another notch. I prefer to be closer for better comfort and control of the car, but I'm learning to get used to it from... afar, so to speak.

General Comments:

Aside from the leg contact issue, which many might find silly, the car has been great to drive. The seat has been very comfortable, more so than that of my old car, the '98 Malibu. I said in my Malibu review that its driver seat's lumbar support was fixed and not adjustable at all, but the Cobalt's is indeed adjustable, with a notched knob below the seat on front right side. The Cobalt's color is Sport Red Tintcoat, a shade I understand was extra cost according to Chevy's literature.

I'm back to 4-cylinder after having driven (and enjoyed too, of course) a V6. The Cobalt's 2.2L has been very economical I'd say, but I've found it isn't quite as spirited as I thought it'd be given my previous 4-cylinder experiences. I'm not one to put it down as long as it works for me.

Gas mileage has been great, approx. 28 mpg combined. I averaged 32 on an interstate highway trip. Its average mpg on its Driver Information Center showed 21.x when I took delivery of it last month. I'd say it's appalling, but it's gone up. Now it shows around 26. This car was a rental, so that probably explains its low mpg figure.

The Cobalt, being an LT1 model, has more standard stuff I like, like power windows, locks, cruise control, keyless, etc. I also like its Driver Information Center which shows its tires' air pressure, mpg info, to list some. I admit its fuel range has tempted me to go farther before my next fillup! Great stereo too, except it's a bit strong for my taste. Hopefully I can adjust it when I review the manual to figure out how.

If the leg contact with the center plastic panel hits a bit close to home for you when you're looking for a new car, keep on looking. Otherwise, I definitely recommend this car.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2009

7th Mar 2009, 08:54

I used to own a 2004 Honda Civic EX. It also had a hard plastic dash and center console. There were a FEW pieces of soft plastic on the door armrest and a swath across the dash where a person might contact it. But other than that, the entire interior was nice but hard plastic. I've seen the Cobalt interior and thought it was comparable.

14th Apr 2016, 07:08

Update: I posted the review here. I traded in the Cobalt after 3 years for a Chevy Malibu, an '11. The Cobalt was very good and gave me very little trouble save for having the power windows fixed. I'd keep it for a few more years, but the lack of driving comfort bugged me so much I decided to go for a bigger car once it's paid off. I felt much better with the Malibu (will review it here also).

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LS 2.2 Ecotec from North America


One of the most affordable/reliable cars on the market


My blinker went out after about 2,000 miles. My dealer fixed it in a matter of minutes. No biggie.

General Comments:

I don't want to come off too strong and make it seem like this car is the best one in the world, but I used to drive a 1992 Honda Accord with more than 240,000 miles on it, so upgrading to a 2008 Chevy Cobalt makes me feel like I'm driving a Bentley. ;)

I bought the car late June 2008 and I've had it for about 4 months. I have no complaints whatsoever. It performs fantastic for a 2.2L engine and it gets great gas mileage (32+ avg, 28- with AC on). The Cobalt uses an Ecotec engine, so I don't have to worry about timing belt issues (there's isn't one).

I have the basic model, so I settled for no extras, but I must admit... power locks and windows would be nice. The LT model costs $2,600 more and it would have increased my monthly payment with $80. Some of you might think that's nothing, but I'm a college student so I try to squeeze every dollar.

The exterior is pretty sexy. I have a Coupe with the limited edition Imperial Blue metallic paint and it looks stellar when the light hits it. The head and brake lights are very vivid, so don't worry about visibility issues.

The interior is even sexier. The steering wheel feels great and seats are comfortable. The stereo (which is great by the way) console looks cool and it's very easy to get used to. I feel sorry for anyone that has to sit in the back though. I'm 6'4" and my head literally touches the roof.

The Cobalt is one of the most affordable cars on the market right now. Sure, you could get a little Toyota Echo or a Chevy Aveo, but they're pretty crappy. Trust me, I test drove both of them. I bought the Cobalt for $15K with an instant $2K rebate (which I used as a down payment) and then I put down another $2K which I had saved up. My monthly payment is $272 on the 5 year plan. Not bad.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2008

19th Oct 2008, 09:08

I have a 2007 Cobalt LS with the 5 speed and I think you posted a good review of the car. The power windows and locks are nice to have, but I don't miss them after 9,000 miles with mine. I do still wish it had cruise control when I take a trip.

I haven't had any issues other than the trunk lock key slot's rubber seal coming loose, and I did that by scrubbing too hard with a brush to remove some excess goop that had collected in the lock after I polished the car with Turtle Wax paste. I've encountered no other issues at all, despite watching my car like a hawk in order to catch any problems while the warranty is in effect!

I'm still on my second oil change according to my oil life monitor, with about 40% life left from an oil change at 5,000 miles or so. The first one was at 500 miles.

Good luck with your Cobalt!