2008 Chevrolet Cobalt from North America


Slightly better than the Cavalier


Both speakers blown. Interior trim peeling, paint on trim scratched off in places. Seats sagging. Strange noise from engine.

General Comments:

We rented a new Cobalt for a cross country trip. The car had less than 12,000 miles on it yet the interior was severely worn. The seats were already fairly worn out and sagging. The interior plastics were all painted with silver paint. It was coming off in places. The speakers in the stereo were totally blown, rendering the radio useless. Additionally, the engine made a nasty squealing/grinding sound when it was started in the mornings.

Perhaps those who rented it before us took it off roading or something. But still, to see that level of wear on a basically brand-new car is appalling. Additionally, the car just seems cheaply built. Lots and lots of flimsy plastic hardware holding things together. The overall fit and finish was pretty sub-par.

I understand that the Cobalt is going to be replaced with the Chevy Cruze. Hopefully it'll be better than this thing.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2008

7th Nov 2008, 13:25

It was a rental car you had. People beat the crap out of them.

10th Nov 2008, 23:45

It had to be a trashed rental. My 2007 Cobalt has almost 10,000 miles and has none of the problems you've listed. That's why you never buy a used car from a rental agency. They typically sell with less than 36,000 miles because they don't want to sink money into repairs, so they cosmetically detail them and flip them to some sucker who thinks he's getting a good deal.

If I had a rental, I'd pay for the damage waiver and drive it at full blast whenever possible. There's the railroad tracks, full speed ahead!! Let's see how much altitude we can get!!

2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LS Sedan 2.2 Ecotec from North America


Why are Civics so highly regarded?


Nothing has gone wrong with this car in over a year now. Which really is a good thing because I have not taken very good care of this car.

General Comments:

I love my baby. His name is Zoro, because he is all black and sexy!

Anyway, this car has been absolutely excellent. I would like to point out that I picked him out of the bunch because of his nice low price, and lack of optional equipment.

Standard equipment on these cars includes a CD player and air conditioning, XM satellite radio, head curtain air bags, so on and blah blah blah. The base model Civic I had before didn't come with any of it. It came with 4 wheels and that was about it. Who ever heard of getting a AM FM radio as optional equipment on a car these days? Obviously Honda has. Everthing that I got standard on my Cobalt, was optional equipment on the Civic. Except for the air bags.

When I was buying the Cobalt, I appreciated the fact that the sales staff didn't find it necessary to slam my Civic to sell me this car. Even though I did hate the car because it used to make me roast in the summer time, it was still mine. Yet when I bought the Civic, the Honda salesman found it necessary to try and point out every defect with a Chevy or American product to make up for my Civic's lack of everything.

Anyway, to make a long story short, glad I dumped that Civic for this car. This car is more straightforward, cost about $1000 less, and came with creature comforts standard. AND!!! I have a stereo in it! Best of all, I feel proud that I bought an American car. Great quality, great reviews, and saves money.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2008

13th Aug 2009, 14:35

I just don't like Chevy's. Or any domestic really. Maybe the ones I've gotten have been flukes (which I doubt) but they never lasted me much longer than 100,000 miles. Meanwhile, all of my Honda's have lasted me well over 200,000 miles without any problems.

13th Aug 2009, 18:47

Funny. All of my domestic cars have gone over 200,000 miles with minimal to no problems. I wonder how you treated yours.

13th Aug 2009, 20:40

You dumped a Civic for a Cobalt? Well, the jokes on you then! Wait until you get a few more miles on that dog, than you'll come back to Honda, and realize the mistake you made buying that Chevy.

13th Aug 2009, 22:30

Trading a Civic for a Cobalt just to save 1000.00. Heck the depreciation on the Cobalt will make that look like a small amount.

14th Aug 2009, 00:49

"Why are Civics so highly regarded?"

Because they are built better, last longer, and have a 36 year reputation of being reliable, quality vehicles. That's why.

14th Aug 2009, 11:48

The whole concept of depreciation is a fallacy invented by loan officers and car dealers. Depreciation is meaningless for those who intend to keep their car for 10 years or more instead of becoming a slave to trading every 4-5 years.

14th Aug 2009, 13:59

She (or he) makes sense to me. A loaded Cobalt should be very satisfying compared to a bare bones Civic.

To the other guy: depreciation is not fiction, it's for real!