16th Mar 2007, 08:07

You're telling us that Honda mechanics didn't know how to work on a Honda transmission? I don't believe this. Did you actually own a Fit? If so, what drew you to it? Because the Cobalt lacks every little nuance that makes the Fit stand out so much. You're right about one thing though, the Cobalt sure is bland. And I'll bet you got a good price on it, because nobody wants those things.

16th Mar 2007, 09:12

Hands up for those who think 21:54 has any ring of truth to it.

16th Mar 2007, 10:13

12:59. You can stretch the facts any which way you like, but the comment clearly stated that the Fit was superior to a Ferrari.

Do you suppose that Honda may have articulated the road course to their benefit so that no car, including a Ferrari, could have possibly surpassed the Fit? Do you suppose that the authors of the article might be a bit bias and manipulated some of the test results? Do you think Honda actually tested a Ferrari in this comparison? Were the circumstances and controls put in place that would measure the results accurately and were both vehicles tested on the same day in the same weather conditions and by qualified engineers etc? Come on, do you really believe this dribble? "A Fit Superior to a Ferrari" if that makes you happy, then I got some prime prairie land for sale in Saskatchewan, I'll make you a good deal, you can believe me on that.

What's wrong with a Cavalier, lots of people bought them and there is a pile of old ones still on the road. Are you saying that these people shouldn't have bought a Cavalier and that no one should buy a Cobalt? So what if the Cobalt replaces the Cavalier, what's wrong with that! There's absolutely no reason not to buy a Cobalt, it's as good as any other similar make. For your information, this is not the Cobalt's initial model year, it was introduced in 2005!

If you haven't learned to tie your shoe laces yet and like wearing dresses buy a Fit, but if you want to drive a real car buy a Cobalt!

16th Mar 2007, 11:45

I'll try and explain it another way although I doubt it will work. ALL NEW CARS of ANY make, cannot be called reliable (Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chevy... ANY make).

What we DO know is that in the past, Toyota's and Honda's HAVE been reliable, and the other two I mentioned have NOT been reliable, hence their well earned crappy reputation and low sales. That's what people most often base their decision on concerning what new or used car to buy-past experience. That's why the Big 3 are plummeting; too many people with bad experiences. That's why Toyota and Honda are rising fast, lots of people with good experiences.

By the way, Honda sales were higher last month than they've ever been in their history. That's how it works: you build crap (Ford, GM), people stop buying. You build great automobiles (Toyota Honda), more and more people buy.

16th Mar 2007, 13:46

Look, I wrote the comment. It said that the Fit was superior to a Ferrari IN THE SLALOM as stated by Car and Driver.

16th Mar 2007, 13:51

10:13 is really grasping at straws now.

Now he's saying that Car and Driver rigged the test course to make the Fit superior, yet somehow unrigged it when it came to the Corvette (which they put in their top 10) and the Chrysler 300 (also in the top 10).

Like the Cavalier, the Cobalt is mediocrity defined. If you can get one for pennies on the dollar (just visit any Chevy dealer) then it's worth it, maybe, but you better have a second car that is reliable to back it up.

Or, to put it another way, if you never read auto reviews, never test drive competitive cars, never read Consumer Reports, never look at Edmunds or Intellichoice, and never buy anything, but Chevys then the Cobalt is your best buy.

16th Mar 2007, 13:53

10:13 I proved you wrong, and you know that. So now your reasoning is this (correct me later if I make any mistakes):

1. Because a 109 horsepower Honda isn't as fast as a Ferrari, then it must not be a good car.

2. If I know how to tie my shoes and don't wear dresses, then I should buy a Cobalt and not a Honda?

Is that correct? I'm truly surprised at how ridiculous the attempts are getting to discredit this great little Honda car. Please tell me that you actually drive a Fit, and you said all that just to jerk my chain a little.

17th Mar 2007, 11:11

13.53 The "Fit" has it's place in life, just not in my driveway. Too Girlie Boy for me!

You say "Car & Driver" did the test, well that explains it.

A real anti-domestic rag, one that we all believe publishes the truth. Yea, right!

Come again how you proved me wrong, did I miss something? There's no evidence that Car & Driver or Honda actually drove a Ferrari during this so called performance comparison. No intellectual, responsible person would ever be duped into believing this dibble. A methodical indented evaluation of the test criteria would be a logical approach to determine the validity of this claim. None has been presented nor verified.

A 109 throbbing hp at your command. Oh what a thrill! This is superior to a 500hp Ferrari, maybe at the pumps, but come on, do you really believe these lies?

18th Mar 2007, 07:31

11:11 First off, I never mentioned Car and Driver. Do you actually even read other comments before you write in? Second, stop trying to discredit the Fit by comparing it to a Ferrari. It is an absurd comparison. They are on completely different ends of the spectrum; there is no common ground. You can compare it, however, to other subcompacts, and every review I've ever read puts it at the top.

19th Mar 2007, 15:51

7.31 I'm not the one who said the "Fit" was superior to a Ferrari, it was one of those Toyota/Honda posters who frequent domestic sites for no other reason other than to berate American vehicles. Not that they've ever owned one!

You should read other postings prior to blindly responding and one more thing, you should be at the Honda site rather than here, you haven't anything constructive to say other than a Cobalt is a piece of junk!

20th Mar 2007, 08:46

No, it was Car and Driver who said the Fit was superior to the Ferrari in the slalom.

But what would a bunch of auto journalists know?

20th Mar 2007, 08:51

Those of us who have experienced both cars know that the Cobalt is junk and the Fit is lightyears ahead in quality, handling, and every other feature.

There are ENDLESS domestic people on these boards that have NEVER even seen a Fit, yet feel free to comment on how it is tiny inside, horrible quality, and so on - all without any proof or even personal experience.

And, once again, if the Fit is sooo inferior to the Cobalt why are Cobalts rotting on dealer lots and the Fits get asking price or above? The answer is obvious to everyone except those who think because it has a Chevy badge on the hood it must always be the best car out there.