21st Mar 2007, 10:15

These Cobalt fans like to argue against Honda because Honda is beating the stuffing out of GM. They're just frustrated and venting it, because they know that the Fit is completely embarrassing GM's recent offerings like the Aveo and the Cobalt.

Road and Track just tested some of the new subcompacts, and they didn't even bother with the Aveo; they tested the Fit, Versa, and the Yaris. They liked the Fit the best.

GM can't make anything that even gets them to the starting gate, much less anything that is a competitive product.

I've driven the Aveo and the Fit, and anyone who would choose the Aveo out of the two needs to see a doctor, because they're seriously messed up.

The Cobalt doesn't fall into this subcompact category, but it is not worth considering when the same size Toyota's and Honda's are available.

23rd Mar 2007, 10:40

10.15 Your entitled to your opinion, although the rest of us know better. Those of us in the "Know", know a good car when we see it, and the Cobalt is a very good car. Much better than any similar Toyota, Honda or any other offshore manufacturer offerings.

24th Mar 2007, 05:35

10:40 I guess that's why nobody's buying them, right? You're in denial. No one that knows the first thing about cars would believe that the Cobalt (Cavalier back from the dead) is anything close to the imports. The Camry, Corolla, Civic, and Accord are class leaders and have been for many years. Outside of a small group of people on this site, nobody cares about the Cobalt, it's being forgotten already. A mediocre at best car (if even that) that dropped like a dead horse at the starting gate. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't expect to be taken seriously when say things like the Cobalt is a match for an Accord or Camry.

28th Mar 2007, 15:55

5.35 Obviously you're not well informed or you have a bias as big as all outdoors. The Cobalt is a true value plain and simple, way better than Honda or Toyota.

Every manufacturer is offering incentives today including Toyota, Honda etc. Honda has just been caught putting bogus odometers in cars and Toyota has one of the worst recall records ever in a single year. Not everybody is lining up to buy these brands because those of us who know a thing or two about cars know a good buy when we see it. Honda and Toyota aren't as good a value and it's time to stop criticising something you obviously know nothing about or care to know anything about.

Drive a Chevy and you drive a winner!

29th Mar 2007, 04:46

"Drive Chevy and you drive a winner". Yeah, OK. Like I said, in denial.

29th Mar 2007, 08:32

11:11 clearly does not understand how a slalom works or the fact that horsepower is not the deciding factor. He also clearly does not know anything about Ferraris, since no Ferrari has 500 horsepower - less and more, yes, but not 500 horsepower.

As to yet another "patriotic" comment, please explain to us all why Car and Driver rated the Ford Fusion better than the Camry if they are so biased against American products? And why they put the Corvette and the Chrysler 300 on their Top Ten list?

29th Mar 2007, 08:34

The Cobalt can't even compete with cars a class BELOW it. Heck, the cheaper Honda Fit has power windows and door locks as standard, and the Cobalt does NOT unless you upgrade.

29th Mar 2007, 12:56

To Commenter 05:35.

The Cobalt is not even the same class of vehicle as the Accord or Camry. Its like comparing an SUV to a minivan. The Chevy Impala or Malibu would are the direct competitors in the class.

30th Mar 2007, 21:54

12:56, Yes, I know that. However, it doesn't change the fact that those Chevy cars you mentioned still cannot compete with Honda's or Toyota's of the same size.

31st Mar 2007, 08:32

What's wrong with being "Patriotic", I live in a great country. I buy great cars, "Domestics". The Cobalt is a great little car, as good as, if not better than, any $10 an hour Toyota, Honda or whatever.

Why should I buy a Japanese brand, their North American manufacturing plants pay poverty wages and in turn they gouge gullible buyers with stories of superior quality etc. It just proves how naive and short sighted some of you are.

I just read an article about Honda installing odometers in vehicles that record more mileage than actually driven. There is a class action suit in process, so much for Hondas integrity!

Toyota is bannering a number of recalls in a single year that is a North American record yet you blindly follow like little sheep.

No Thank You, I'll drive domestics and be proud of it. The shame lies with those who know nothing about, but dare to criticize, these fine cars. Nothing on the road beats Our Domestic Brands.

1st Apr 2007, 06:12

8:32 You calling import buyers gullible is pretty ironic. Ford and Chevy are looking for people just like you. Their daddy always drove Fords or Chevy's and wouldn't dare drive a 'rice burner'. I feel sorry for you because outdated tradition is blinding you.

1st Apr 2007, 08:55

Poverty wages? I think you have the manufacturers confused with Wal-Mart.

And how are you being patriotic by supporting companies that are OFFSHORING all their models and are LAYING OFF Americans right and left?

Just look at Saturn. Its legendary Spring Hill plant doesn't even make Saturns anymore, and ultimately ALL Saturns are going to be made in Europe and elsewhere.

Sorry, but being patriotic means supporting America and its workers, not forcing them onto welfare rolls.

1st Apr 2007, 20:17

The Chevy Cobalt and Aveo are on Consumer Reports' list of least reliable cars (projected reliability). The most reliable are all Toyota's and Honda's, with the Ford Fusion in there somehow. Toyota's Lexus division took top honors overall for the TWELFTH year in a row, and the imports are slowly, but surely taking a firm hold of the full size truck division also. Some people need to come to the realization that the Cobalt is not going to save GM. They'll have to do a lot better than that.

2nd Apr 2007, 16:36

Projected reliability? Isn't Consumer Reports getting a little full of themselves? This is why I don't pay any attention to those hacks. They have to do something to keep selling subscriptions.

3rd Apr 2007, 12:03

16:36 Oh that's too funny! Now they're biased too? Hilarious.

When they mentioned the halfway decent 'projected reliability' of the Ford Fusion, every Ford and Chevy owner in the world came out of the woodwork and started reciting Car and Driver like it was scripture. Now, when they put Chevy in their place (low on the list), they're hacks.

You guys would lose your shirt on a high school debate team. Rule #1; you can't argue both sides of something. Hilarious.

Guess what? Those are CONSUMER reports; input from people who buy cars. And the people say that Japanese vehicles have again achieved "overall domination" when it comes to quality. Deal with it.

3rd Apr 2007, 14:42

6.12 & 8.55 Your logic escapes me. My Daddy went to war to fight for his country and you have the audacity to ridicule him and millions of others who fought for your freedom just because they bought Domestic vehicles.

We used to enjoy a very good standard of living, but Toyota and the like are ruining it. They pay poverty wages, just enough that workers can afford to shop at Wal Mart. People working at GM, Ford & Chrysler make a good living and in turn, they spend it. They buy houses, furniture and all the other things that make the economy grow.

You have no reason to ridicule those of us who are patriotic and buy domestic. There's absolutely nothing wrong with buying a Chevy!

Yes, the Big 3 outsource, they have to in order to stay competitive. However, they're outsourcing is no way near what Toyota, Honda and the like procure. You really need to get your facts straight.