1996 Chevrolet Corsica Sedan 2.2L from North America


Although I've seen many other Corsica's on the road which seem to run great, I feel I bought a lemon


From the first time it rained, after buying it we realized there was a leak somewhere on the passenger side. I got into it one morning to find a pool of water on the front passenger floorboard.

In addition to the normal maintenance, like oil changes, spark plugs and the such, I have had to replace the alternator twice.

Just in the last year I've had to replace the following:

O2 censor.

Ignition coil.

Valve Cover Gasket.

Map censor, twice due to a short in the electrical system.

The Fuel Injector.

Upper and Bottom Radiator Hoses.

The Serpentine Belt.

This week I was informed that the loud knocking noise coming from the engine compartment is the tensioner.

And if that wasn't enough, my air conditioning stopped blowing this morning. It is as if the fans isn't running or something.

General Comments:

Other than the water leak I actually loved this car when I first bought it. It fit into my budget just fine, but here in the past year or so I've spent well over $1500. A bit too steep for a single mom.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2002

3rd Oct 2002, 13:44

I wouldn't recommend buying the Corsica with the 4 cyl. engine. Get the one with the 3.1L V6. It might use more gas, but it is a better motor. The best choice would have been the 1987-94? Corsica's with the indestructible 2.8L V6 I have personally seen those cars with over 350,000 miles & still running strong. About the A/C not working. It could just be a loose or blown fuse for the blower (fan) motor. It would be simple & inexpensive to fix.

1996 Chevrolet Corsica 6 cylinder from North America


A piece of crap. No wonder they stopped making them!


The brakes have been replaced twice. The transmission was replaced, I lost a strut on the freeway, it came up into the hood of the car. The air conditioner has been recharged twice. The rear shocks need to be replaced. The power steering pulley broke into three pieces while I was driving it. The paint on the hood of the car began to oxidize in 2000 when the car was only four years old. It leaks water into the driver's side of the car when it rains.

General Comments:

I hate hate hate this car. There is always something wrong with it.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2002

1996 Chevrolet Corsica 191 M 3.1L SFI from North America


A great vehicle for a reasonable price


Replaced alternator at 53000 miles... first thought it was the starter, then battery... eventually settled on the alternator.

Replaced brakes around 55000 miles. I did a lot of driving, plus I was rough on brakes, and they were just worn out.

Cracked heads replaced at 80000 miles. The car was still under warranty (thank goodness) so the $1100 price tag was avoided.

Replaced headlights with new "blue" variety halogens at 79000 miles. One went out and I decided to replace them both. Also, when I purchased it, one of the front parking lights was out. I had the dealer replace it before delivery.

General Comments:

This car has a lot of "get up and go." After driving a few Beretta's and Corsica's on the lot, I noted they power they had with the V6 engine.

Very smooth, easy ride on the highway, especially in 4th gear (overdrive). Smoother ride after I replaced the front tires it came with (previous owner had 15's on the back and 14's on the front).

Engine makes ticking sound when first started, falsely making you think it's low on oil. The problem didn't crop up until after the cracked head problem was repaired.

Over the last four years, only minor noise has cropped up, mainly attributed to a muffler I need to get minor repairs on.

The driver's seat has been known to get off its tracks when adjusting, causing a bit of concern about what would happen in a crash.

The Corsica has an excellent air conditioning/heating system. So far, I have not had problems with it (knock on wood).

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Review Date: 20th July, 2002