1996 Chevrolet Corsica Sedan from North America


Thumbs down for a family car!


We have had to replace the brakes 3 times.

It is leaking oil and coolant.

The washer fluid pump leaks. This will be the second time replacing it.

Gas gauge is definitely unreliable. Have to fill up at a 1/4 tank, or may end up on the side of the road with an empty tank.

Handles terrible on turns, it slides and the steering wheel shakes, even at appropriate speeds.

The car slides in heavy winds or when passing tractor trailers.

There aren't any master window/door locks in the front seat. My three year old can unlock/open the car door right from his car seat and roll down the window!!

Overhead compartment light had to be removed the first month we had the car, because it would not turn off.

Rear plate light keeps blowing.

With correct model/type, new windshield wipers, the window does not clear of rain, it blows right up from the bottom of the windshield.

The paint job is poor, it scratches going through the car wash.

General Comments:

This car is a 4year/12,000 mile per year lease, which is up in February. For $97.00 a month I cannot complain too much. It was what we could afford at the time. The car is not bad to look at and comfortable on long drives.

I am concerned about the fact that they do not make them anymore.

I would not recommend a Corsica for a family car, as overall, I do not feel the body is made very well.

Anyone who has leased a vehicle before please Email me @MEDG6592 on AOL, with suggestions or experiences as what to expect when the lease ends. We are already over our allotted 48,000 miles.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2001

17th Jul 2001, 15:38

I think you have a lemon of a car.

You are the first person I have heard of that doesn't love their Corsica to bits.

16th Jul 2006, 20:35

I have a 1996 Corsica. I can't really complain about the car. It has over 103,000 miles, the sun has damaged the seats, doors, and dash. The air has gone out. I have a rebuilt transmission and the speedometer is off. The rain seeps in and soaks my back floor and leaves a nasty smell. All in all, I don't have any payments. I've had it for five years.

25th Nov 2007, 23:08

My car is the biggest piece of hell that I have ever seen in my life. The check engine light is on, brakes NEVER work well, even after replacing.. overall the car is crap... I would NEVER EVER recommend anyone own this car.

1996 Chevrolet Corsica 2.9 from North America


A sensible luxury car - plenty of cheap thrills!


Nothing, except for a battery change, and standard maintenance.....

General Comments:

The V6 is a nice, smooth, powerful slingshot of an engine, though the transmission gets sleepy from time to time - I always suspect this is due to my wife's 'feather-foot' on the accelerator (she's usually the driver of this vehicle, so it takes a few zooms to revive it....). Generally speaking, it will hum up from 55 to 85 in a moment's notice, making passing a snap.

Air, radio, power-package - this is the luxury ride of the family, and is spacious enough (especially with the fold down seats) to make shopping, loading and unloading a snap.

The only thing I'd change about the Corsica is to have it WITHOUT the airbag, which sometimes gives me the jitters - like having a shotgun pointed at your face while negotiating traffic, and especially when bumping the curb while parking.....

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Review Date: 30th October, 2000