18th Dec 2005, 17:44

On December 4th, I bought a 1980 Corvette. I wrote of my list of cosmetic improvements to make in the near future. I still have to write my mechanical list. I agree... you do have to know what you are getting into. It is an expensive hobby for sure!!!

19th Dec 2005, 01:20

Hello all. I don't own a Corvette, but when I see "1977 Chevrolet Corvette" on the New Comments page, I just have to take a look.

Concerning the $23,000 thing, I look at it like this. There is no car available new for $23,000 that I would rather have. You might be able to get a Mustang GT for a bit more, and that's great, but it just doesn't have the appeal of the Corvette. So, I would consider the $23,000 money well spent, indeed a bargain. Of course, this is all assuming I thoroughly enjoyed the restoration process.

Just a thought, from a fan, and one fine day, a fellow resuscitator of a neglected classic.

26th Jul 2006, 16:29

Any Corvette between 1975 thru 1990 is a worthless pile of junk!

In the event you are really interested in a Corvette purchase a model from 91 - today.

The latter have much more appeal and are more functional.

I owned various Corvettes over the years and the 2000 without the silly side molding is a gem.

Recently, released models are also very well engineered.

Hopefully, you do not have a steep driveway apron, you get the idea...

Purchase the 6 speed, it is a blast of fun and full of continual delight!

22nd Aug 2006, 02:01

To say that any corvette from 75-90 is a worthless piece of junk is just plain ignorance. A corvette made between 75-82 can be sold for as much as 15,000 or more. I wouldn't call that worthless. Especially considering that they are getting more and more rare. Ten years ago you could pick them up for about 5 or 6 thousand. It seems to me that their value has doubled since then. Not so for 91-2000, their values are currently LOWER than they were new. Sorry, but you are wrong.

I predict that in another 10 years the older cars will be worth around 30,000, despite rising fuel costs. Besides, who wouldn't want a Classic Corvette hybrid? It's possible.

25th Aug 2006, 12:25

I completely agree with the individual regarding all corvettes between 1975-90 are junk!

Early models up to 74 were full of power and aesthetics.

Models after 90 were finally brought back into the highlight of performance.

Models between 75-90 were all loaded down with pollution control along with engine reduction since GM was experimenting with fuel cost/price issues.

Especially the Corvettes from 1975 through 82, wow ~ were they a load of trash.

I owned a 1979, total pile of junk, the car literally fell apart.

Simply view the back of your corvette, if the rear tires look like they are further out at the bottom in comparison to the top then your rear strut package has broken away form the rear bottom mount.

The above is a costly repair since the bolts are more than likely severed inside the rear-end; ouch!

Repairing the problem will only re-set the time, after another 10K miles the cycle will repeat; i promise!

Yeah, the man is right 75 - 90 were garbage years that even GM would like to forget!

26th Aug 2006, 04:26

My 71 Vette had the exact same issue with the independent rear suspension. The single rear spring had to be watched and replaced in time. I later owned a new loaded 1975 the final year of the convertible at the time. I wanted a more civilized sports car even had an automatic. Everyone in the family drove it including my parents. I have not bought a Vette since. I bought a 1969 Camaro SS which I kept quite a while afterward. I did not like Corvettes again until I was invited to the 40th Corvette Anniversary ride and drive in Philadelphia.

I drove a number of brand new Convertibles and Coupes on a test track that day. I have switchd fom GM however and now drive a 2000 Viper RT/10.

7th Jan 2007, 03:33

Gidday All, I am in Australia and have always loved the C3 series, mainly the '68 to '72's, but they are expensive. I thought I'd start with something, so I just bought a 76 and a 77. (Don't you love ebay). Anyway, now I read your comments, you have me worried, or at least curious. As we don't have many of these cars here I am sure heads will turn anyway.

I hope to have delivery before March 2007.

It was mentioned about catalogues. I have Ecklers and Corvette Central. Is there any others I should get?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Warren.

11th Jan 2007, 12:09

Another catalog/internet site you may also want to check out is Volunteer Vette Products at www.volvette.com.

My daily driver is a 77. Since February 2006, I've put 18,000 miles on it. I bought it for under $10,000 and have put about $1,500 in it, and that includes replacing a perfectly good three speed automatic transmission in favor of 700r4 for better highway RPMs. Remaining dollars went into a brake rebuild. I did replace the alternator when the voltage regulator gave out, but that's just a standard Autozone part that now has a lifetime warranty. The engine was a previously replaced rebuilt 350 that has far more HP than the original, but I don't drive it hard, usually suburban speeds and typical 70-80 on interstate commutes (just 2250 RPM at 75mph). With the OD transmission, I usually get 15-18 MPG, and have less in the car than I would a late model Honda Civic.

After 18,000 miles, I have a little chatter starting in the rear end, so that'll be a project at some point this year. I try to do as much of the work myself, which greatly cuts costs. Another good thing about it is that after I've put 50,000 to 60,000 miles on this car, it'll still be worth more than I paid for it.

27th Jan 2007, 20:15

I bought a 69 vette complete car it has a 396 it came out with a 350 but it has 4 speed trans the windshield frame needs replacing I gave 500.00 dollars for it.

3rd Mar 2007, 06:53

I bought a 1976 Corvette in August 2006. The previous owner lost his job and was driving it without maintaining it. I paid less that $8k for it and have put another $400 in it between a starter, alternator and valve gaskets. It has a 350, 4spd, NOS, a tunnel ram, dual 450 carbs, air scoop, hooker headers and custom paint. A custom interior is being completed now. I just received my collectible registration so there's no more emission inspections to bother with. The car has been great fun! I won't mind investing a little more money into it and I have no doubt that the value will increase. People love to approach me about this car; they don't expect to see a woman driving.

16th Mar 2007, 07:51

Hello everyone! After reading the comments on the 75 - 90 corvettes, this has made me a little skeptical. I'm in the process of looking at a 1977 corvette with 51,000 original miles. It's in very good shape. The current owner has had it for 26 years. The car has not had much use in the last 15 years. At this juncture, it appears I may need to replace the steering box… The current asking price is 6,500. However, I don't want to end up buying something that may be viewed as worthless.

Other Feedback will be appreciated..

Thank you,