21st Mar 2007, 14:49

Hello everyone! I was the previous respondent on the 16th regarding corvettes between 1975 - 1990. Well, it turns out I decided to proceed buying the 1977 corvette at a very reasonable price. I must say, I am very excited to have purchased the vette and I believe I will enjoy it very very much... It's not a sought our corvette. However, it still is a corvette and it looks awesome...

27th Apr 2007, 13:31

Corvettes between 1975 and 1990 do have some issues. However, they are still appealing. The biggest problem with these cars is the poor maintenance they get along with oxidation. Yes, corvettes can and do rust unless the chassis is regularly cleaned and suspension and undercarriage maintained and lubricated. Some of the cars that were abused during their lifetime are now parts cars and restoring them is a lot of pain for no gain. Pay a little more up front and get a good low miler. Although the 1953 to 1974 models are more desirable - this does not mean they were made better because they too have issues.

The 1991 to present cars are good cars because they are newer. However, when they get old, they are going to be very expensive to repair because of the wiring, computer systems and extensive use of different materials and metals in the manufacturing.

12th Jul 2007, 19:28

Hello, I am new to the Corvette world. My wife wants to buy a Corvette and she has found a 91 coupe. Can you give me any advice. Thanks Danny.

6th Aug 2007, 17:24

In regard to whether you should buy the 1991 coupe: the 1991 is a C4 model which is widely regarded as the plainest of all the corvettes. Some who own the C4 will argue but, I'm sorry, GM dropped the ball on the design of this one. However, many insist that they are much better engineered than the C3's especially after 1990. If I had the money I would go with a used C5. They are much better engineered in almost every area including comfort, performance, handling. Plus, they look a whole lot better than the C4.

16th Nov 2007, 17:24

All I can say is WOW!!! I came across this site and thought I'd take a look at what it had to offer. I was surprised to see all the negative feedback about the C3's. I have a 76, which wins show after show in my state and the surrounding ones. It is an awesome car. I could easily sell it and go get a different car, but that won't be happening. I love my Vette.

Now, was it cheap to restore? Of course not, nor would (ANY) other car that was 30 something years old. Old cars need restoring (ALL OF THEM), unless it's already been done by someone else.

As far as it being as well designed as a newer model? LOL, let's be serious, the technology is over thirty years old, so no it's not going to be like a C6, but there are plenty of aftermarket high performance parts for these cars, which can bring them up to the same performance or better than the newer models. Mine happens to be 550 horsepower. And the upgraded suspension can keep up with anything else on the road.

As far as problems and design flaws go, again, EVERY car ever built has some issues, YES, even new Corvettes!!!

I don't see anything drastically overwhelming about the design of the C3. It's fine. So enough about how bad these cars are. I'll tell you one thing... There is nothing on the road past, present or future that can top the sleek lines of a C3 Stingray. The body style is absolutely beautiful; nothing can compare. So if you are looking to buy a C3, do it... You'll be glad you did!!!

7th Mar 2008, 10:41

All I can say is buy what you want and do what you want to it. Who cares what other vette bashers say about it! Its your Vette and your money and if you're happy than its not a waste of money. I happen to own a 1984 C4 Vette. Well Vette bashers will say that late C3 and early C4's are the worst Vettes. To me there are no Worst Vettes. They were all king of there times. Just compare other sport cars of the same year and you will see. The one thing that is really nice about owning a late C3 or early C4 is that they are not true collector cars. what's good about that you ask? Answer: You can do what you want with them and not feel bad. You can mod the heck out of them and truly make htem unique. Now I can tell you my 84 turns heads and trust me I use to own a nice 79 C3 but this 84 turns way more heads. It has a molded bodykit. Now I'm not talking Greenwood crap, I'm talking a molded bodykit and a modified hood, a brand new paint job and everything is A1 on this car. Heck 84's sell for as little as 4K in some areas. Well mine is evaluated at 20K for insurance. That's right 20K. Photos of it would explain this. Now if I decide to put a turbo, supercharge or even swap the engine, there's no problem with that! I say make your Vette unique.

23rd Mar 2008, 23:17

C3 Corvettes are by far, hands down the best looking of all Vettes. Granted the later yeared models lacked some power but evry car did then. Does it really matter though, regardless of what year you get, if it's vintage you have to modify it to keep up with new sport cars.

24th Mar 2008, 19:05

I would pass on all mentioned and hold out for a 1998 or newer Corvette; better in all respects performance wise. It's well worth the wait and I have driven every model mentioned at one point or another. I even did the 40th Anniversary Corvette Ride and Drive, with brand new Vettes being driven by current and past Vette owners. I drove many automatics and 6 speeds all day...

I once had a 75 Convertible automatic, which was a "family car". Everyone drove it, even my parents, and I sold it in 1986. It was OK but a very weak performer nonetheless. I also had a 1963 Split 327 4 speed prior... I could argue it was the the best looking ever, and although only a driver, it was a blast to own. I wish I had it today. It's gone up slightly since my purchase price of $2600 in 1974!

23rd Apr 2008, 18:52

Any of you guys ever buy a vette off ebay? I am looking at a few on there right now, and was wondering about any advice anyone had...

Thank you.

24th Apr 2008, 16:23

I like Craigs List better; you see, drive and then hand cash. But auctions are fun and maybe you can get it low. The only issue I have is that pics usually look great, and are usually never as good when you arrive. That's my opinion. I like Ebay a lot for parts.

7th May 2008, 17:40

I am totally satisfied with my 79 vette! It is by far better looking than any 1983-1997. It gets way more looks and it isn't meant to be a daily driver. take it out on a sunny day and it is worth every cent you put into it. If you want reliable and cheap to maintain I suggest buying a Honda Civic, if you want something that makes you feel good and gets lots of looks a C3 is still very affordable to buy... for now. They are and will only continue to be collectable and desirable... performance? You don't drag race a stock classic. What about a 1956 Belair did anyone ever think they would be anything other than a family car??? Look at the bucks they bring!!