1st May 2003, 08:02

Obviously there are people still today who will spend their hard earned cash on anything such as the two above. I ordered a Corvette NEW from the factory and it only took 1 year to discover it made my stomach turn to drive it. Gotta take the body apart every 2 years to reinforce the seams, rear knocks on u-turns, it's a long list that I won't bore you with, but bottom line is the buck. GM wants your bucks and the Corvette is the biggest piece of crap that GM has to throw at you. Parts for example. Tell the guy at the parts counter that it's for an older 350 engine and the price is X. Ask for that same part and mention that it's for a Vette and the price is XXX. I gave, yes GAVE the car to a cousin after owning it for 2 years. 8 months later I had the opportunity to drive it again for about an hour. 5 minutes into the drive I was ready to give it back to her.

1st Feb 2004, 02:26

You bought a car with two major faults and you're complaining about the money required to fix them???

1st May 2006, 01:56

I have one... some minor problems, but less than most cars of that age. as far as reinforcing the body seams... well... as this may sound a little odd, please don't throw it aside... have the car completely rustproofed... the liquid type... such as rust check (the best). that stops any body squeaks and shifts completely and protects the frame. The computer problem can be fixed by buying a new computer and having the dealer install it... not another shop... and above all else... It's a CORVETTE >>> AND A CONVERTIBLE TO BOOT >>>> even if it was a basket case... It's a CORVETTE >>> its worth your time, effort input and loving restoration. Have some fun with it! They are a very forgiving ride.

25th Nov 2006, 00:44

I just bought a 1987 Corvette Convertible in almost pristine condition with 35,000 original miles. It is red on red with a white top. It has a sport package inclusive of wire rims and a tail fin. It is a joy to drive, plus the turning of heads is twice a delight. The couple that sold it to us, took excellent care of the car, as they do all of their estate.

With my spouse reaching the big 70 in early 2007, I decided to get him what he has always wanted. He is a terrific mechanic to boot! Go for your dreams and don't waste a day. Enjoy the positive and discount the negative. Uh, oh, I am playing counselor now. Take care, and I hope you get the Corvette you want.

15th Dec 2007, 01:02

I have DREAMED of owning a Corvette my whole life. My favorite models are 84' thru 88', and now that I can finally afford one, I look at prices like 8 or 9 thousand dollars? For that price, it's worth a little fixin'. Once I do my taxes I might buy two just cause I can... I LOVE AMERICA!!! Where else can dreams come true like this :}

7th Aug 2008, 19:57

I have an 87 and it has it flaws, but I wouldn't trade it for any of the cars I have owned (this includes Hondas and a Toyota). I have drove mine as an almost Daily Driver (not in winter) and it's been as good a car as any, few problems.

Since it's an 87 the parts are normal priced, so the statement about it being a Corvette so prices are more is false. BUT! Corvette only parts can be spendy, and there are a few that do go bad. If you want to know the real negatives of owning one:

Low and hard to get in and out (depending on how agile you are).

Rough riding, but any true older sports car is.

There is a little normal "corvette" maintenance, since it rides rough you may need to keep some interior screws tight.

The large doors will have problems if you don't keep the hinges lubed (but this is common with all 2 door cars).

The flip up headlights can have problems from time to time (cheap to fix if you have some know how).


Actually gets OK mileage if you drive mellow (my avg with all in town driving is currently 21.4, but I drive very mellow 99% of the time).

More power then most any stock car its age.

Handles better then any car its age that costs as much, and better than a lot that cost more.

Engine is easy to work on with the clam shell hood.

#1- It's a vette!

I wouldn't buy one if you don't know it's a SPORTSCAR, not a caddy, I can't count the vettes I see with guys who have never had a finger dirty and think a Lexus is a nice car... why did they buy a vette?

For those who say it's too much $$$, go look at the how it performed against sportcars that cost 2x as much in the 80's, beat almost all of them for half the price.

And yes I am biased, so take my comments for what they are, an owner who loves his Vette.

14th Sep 2008, 19:15

I love my 87 vette! Just bought it a month ago. RIDES GREAT no problems. I just changed all weather striping and still have a leak. Changed weather striping around windshield, both sides of glass roof, and rear striping. I am finding water coming in on passenger door upper weather striping and traveling down to the carpet. If any one can HELP that would be GREAT.

3rd Feb 2009, 02:05

I bought my 87 two months before my Son was born in 2002. He has grown up in the second seat, from a baby carrier to a booster seat. At 164,000 miles the 700R4 puked. I also could hear the mains getting noisy. The last trip I made with the car as it was was 300 miles and got my usual 28MPG. I have cellphone pics of the computer showing 28+MPG because nobody believes the car did so well on fuel. I commuted with the car since the day I bought it and got better mileage than with my 85 Lancer 2.2.

The car now has a 96 LT1 out of a 9c1 police Caprice. I bagged the FI and put a good old school Holley 600 on it and it runs great. The 4L60E transmission is the seventh level of Hell so I am tossing it for a turbo 350. No more 28MPG but the thing will be a blast and a reliable daily driver.

I love C-4s!!

20th Nov 2010, 00:15

I love Corvettes. My dad has 2; one 1986 and one 1987, both convertibles. I'm going to receive the 1987 black one. It's great, but I can already tell it has its problems. It was a pace car, and it has a huge load of mileage. It has nearly a million miles. The car still runs though, and yeah it does have its problems. But I'm willing to put the time and soul into this car. I'm going to renew the car. Everything. I'm going to try to replace nearly everything the seems to be failing first. And with time I'm going to buy everything new, straight from the dealer. And I don't have a clue on how to fix cars... But I will find a way... and doing it yourself most of the time is the best way if you know how, which I will learn... already learning a few things... but I have a long way to go.