24th May 2018, 08:06

As soon as I heard “Plug and Play“ mentioned it made me think of Silicon Valley California tech startups and mid 50s Mercurys. Someone also even started discussing a 1984 Corvette crossfire symptoms on a 1987 model review.

13th Jun 2018, 14:03

Should I replace the two relays first (?), and I looked at sensors, and the price range is all over; is there a certain brand I should buy, or are they all the same for the most part?


13th Jun 2018, 22:05

Stay with ACDelco (GM) for any sensors or electricals.

15th Jun 2018, 16:52

Hard to say what the issue could be. If it's misfiring you could have an ignition issue. As in possible faults with the wires, an ignition module if this has them, water or contaminants in the fuel, bad gas, faulty sensor ( AF, TDC, Anti-knock sensor, etc.) Or any number of other things. The engines in these are as simple as apple pie, so hopefully you'll find the problem.

20th Mar 2020, 09:25

It sounds like the car was not maintained, so what can you expect. Basic maintenance and these cars are good for 150,000 miles or more. Great cars.

20th Mar 2020, 16:07

I have owned many Corvettes. A Corvette is not really desirable even at 50,000 miles and often a hard sell. As a keeper they require a lot of maintenance in areas such as the brakes, suspension, even body integrity rattles, leaks. Corvettes especially are driven hard at times and are sports cars. This accelerates wear. You are not getting an economy driver. Let them sit and full brake systems often fail. None of this is cheap. It’s easy to find low mileage ones. 100,000 mile plus are near giveaways. You can spend more to make roadworthy than their cost. I had a couple in the C3 gen. Sitting in the winters was daily deterioration, even in the garage. Add paint, body repair and restoration; it’s simply not worth it. Plus these cars do rust. Don’t be fooled as it’s a fiberglass body and immune. You buy a cheap Vette and it’s not cheap to restore. I just saw a 70 LT1 for only 20k in nice shape. Shows how they have dropped. A used C5 is a better start. But even they can surprise you cost wise to fix.