15th Jun 2011, 06:12

You aren't sailing right by too much with an '84 Vette. They really weren't all that fast. A V6 Camaro or Mustang will take you today, never mind one with a V8. Still, you are right, a Vette is a Vette, and a nice fun car to own. I'd only want one with the 4+3 manual in it from those years... or a 6-speed in it later on. Automatics and Vettes just don't make sense together to me.

15th Jun 2011, 12:46

An automatic convertible makes sense for nice cruises and back roads. Great to own. I bought convertibles to enjoy the ride and scenery. I have seen these with new crate 350 engines installed as well. Cheap to buy; I saw one under 2k. I like manuals as coupes. My C3 was never a fun car to take out for a relaxing drive. It was a decked 406 Vortec heads, 400 hp 4 speed. Fast car, but what a work out to drive. Even the new 6 speeds in a Vert are still not as nice as the automatic. Put the top down and enjoy a nice ride. Mine is 0 to 60 still in 5 seconds stock. I love the new LS engines, but as a convertible, automatics are great

16th Jun 2011, 08:38

My first Vette was a used loaded 1975 in 1986 and cost $5000. I painted in black, and it had a pewter interior. It was an automatic (with a shift kit). Not a real powerful hp year, but it was a nice entry level Vette at the time. I ended up buying 25 years later a very rare 1974... only 3400 made out of 37000 convertible 4 speed combination. I also have a Sebring silver convertible C5. The newer ones are great as well.

3rd Sep 2014, 07:47

Just bought a one owner 87 Corvette Coupe with 57k miles. The car doesn't leak a drop and everything on it works. This is my 6th Corvette I've owned from a 1974 big block to a 99 C5, and I've loved them all. When I'm 80 years old, I'll still crawl in and out of a Corvette; to me they are the greatest car ever built.

24th Dec 2017, 08:33

I was in a terrible car crash with my 81 Vette. It's a long story and no I was not at fault, but the positive thing that came out of all this is about a month later, after my first left hand wrist operation, my insurance company wrote me a check for 17 grand and I went out and bought a 87 Vette convertible, red on red, with a white top roadster with only 25 thousand original miles. So far I love it and now it has 33 thousand miles after driving it for 3 summers. The rag top is starting to wear, so I will have to get another one eventually and it needs now a front end alignment. The car at least a half dozen times has quit on me while driving, but hasn't done this for a while. This is one of the common problems with a 87 Corvette.

21st May 2018, 12:18

I just purchased my 87 Corvette, and after a great test drive I was happy to hand over my cash and drive it home. BUT just before getting home, I stepped on it to get around a car, and the Vette revs but no acceleration. By the time I hit my driveway, the car is sputtering. I was sick, I wanted a Vette all my life, and I get one and it barely makes it home. But the real thing is I open the door from my kitchen to my garage and look at my broken dream, and it still makes me smile and I love it!!! If anyone can help with some info on this problem, it would be appreciated. Oh no check engine light on, and it starts right up, but after a few minutes it sputters. HELP.

21st May 2018, 17:19

Don't know much about a Corvette, but most cars nowadays are just plug and play. Take out the bad part and put in a new part. I would hit the forums for corvette lovers for answers. Hit this site carsurvey.org, carcomplaints.com and any site that can tell you what's wrong with your car. Most cars have common problems with them and your car will be no different. Clues will be everywhere on the internet. Write down every negative thing that has happened to a 1987 Corvette owner; your problem will be there. After you find out your problem, you hit YouTube videos on how to remove and install the new part. Also use eBay to buy the products. On eBay you can buy an original equipment part or aftermarket part for it. You have a classic car now, so give it the love it deserves.

21st May 2018, 17:36

Mass air sensor. Torque converter issue.

21st May 2018, 20:25

Trade it in for a new Porsche 911.

22nd May 2018, 08:06

Unlikely. Trading in a used entry level 1987 Corvette and then afterward still having a 90k plus car loan. But anything is possible if that’s a direction you may have chosen. If you are new to this, attending some local same manufacturer car club meetings can be beneficial. You can ask other owners and gain insights on era's pros and cons. And perhaps have someone go with you if nothing else than to have another set of eyes checking them out. That is a big plus, even shopping new, before taking a bigger plunge. This logic can be applied to any make of car you are looking at, new or vintage. Some clubs have tech nights. We would meet as a group and put cars up on lifts in owner's garages. And we did the same at a local car dealer sponsor of the club. Any year welcome. The reviewer on here could at least get ideas on where to look and who others use for repair. I went from being solo with driver quality cars for a while, and getting my feet wet the harder expensive lesson way. Doing some shows, meeting owners etc in clubs made it much easier to enjoy them and figure them out. Good luck.

22nd May 2018, 11:57

Posting a comment on carsurvey.org telling someone to go to carsurvey.org?

And a 1987 Corvette is most definitely not "plug and play" as you put it.

22nd May 2018, 18:44

How is comment 20:25 even remotely helping this new owner? How long has this Corvette sat? It could all be fuel related. Drain some gas and have it checked. Could be sediment, stale fuel, ethanol breakup. In tank or clogged fuel filter. Or water from the condensation of fuel from sitting. Cold to warm weather with a partially full tank. This has happened to me picking up bad gas from gas stations in the past. Especially after heavy rain where it seeped into their tanks. I use Startron for ethanol and Stabil for storage purposes. This may be all it is. Hopefully this gentleman gets his car out running smoothly to enjoy it. Especially as a first time buyer. I wish him well!

22nd May 2018, 19:25

I already own a 2000 Porsche 986 Boxster that I love but know better than to attempt any repairs on. And even though they are very different, I am really impressed with the way my 31 year old Vette handles; that's a whole lot of rubber put to the road, and it just sticks to it, very impressive... thanks.