2004 Chevrolet Epica LT from North America


Everything is OK except for very poor gas mileage. It is specified at 7.9-11.9 litres per 100 km, but I'm getting like 17 litres per 100 km in the city driving.. This is 30% more gas! It is unbelievable. I will take this up with GM as the dealer said they can't do anything about this. It seems that everyone is having the same problem and GM should recall the cars to fix this problem.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2005

18th Oct 2005, 13:45

I have my Epica in for seeing if they can fix terrible gas mileage. Never would have purchased vehicle if I knew about this problem.. I have no idea why GM does not have to be responsible for this.

2004 Chevrolet Epica LS from North America


Dissatisfied with the car so much that requested a "buy back" from GM to no avail


Head Gasket was replaced at 300km's.

Engine was replaced at 500 km's.

Computer has been re-programmed three times due to constant stalling while driving.

Passenger side front speaker has been replaced twice for vibrating.

Cruise control was replaced at 10, 000 km's.

General Comments:

Very smooth drive, however the car has spent far too much time in the garage for a new vehicle.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2005

27th Dec 2005, 08:18

Consider "lemon" legislation in the US. Under current laws, within the first year of purchase, that car could likely have been returned for exchange / full refund at no extra charge.

2004 Chevrolet Epica from North America


It is a nice car, I am happy with it


My main complaint/concern with the Epica is that my engine light keeps turning on. I drove the car off the lot with the engine light on. I was told to check the gas cap, which was loose so was told that in about 100km that the tank would re pressurize and light would go off. If it did not turn off to go to a dealership and they would hook my car up to their computer and would reset the light. We were on vacation when we had to purchase the Epica and still on vacation when the light was reset the first time. Upon returning home the light was back on. I have had to take my Epica in about 8 times to have the engine light reset. They have found the cause to always be 2 of the 4 O2 sensors. I have had Bank 2 Sensor 1 and Bank 1 Sensor 1 replaced many times. I have also had a new "computer" of some sort replaced in the car, they are as we speak, replacing the ground wires. They found that on moving the "harness" bundle of wires that something spiked, but only for a short period of time so were unable to figure out what caused it. My dealership has been very supportive of my car troubles, but as this is the first year in Canada for the Epica, they really don't know what to do about this problem. I really need to find some other people that have the same problem so that my dealership can speak to their dealership. Please help. Does anyone know of a website where people who post messages can contact each other?

General Comments:

Seating is comfortable.

Looks nice.

I like the 16" tires.

Good snow tires are very expensive for this car.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005

5th Apr 2005, 11:35


We live in Okanagan B.C. Canada. We purchased our epica 6 months ago. Love it. Smooth is all I can Say. I just wanted to comment on the engine light problem. It happen to us a month ago. We took the car into the dealership. They reset the engine light and said it was most likely the gas cap improperly tightened. The engine light came on again one week later. When the light came on it flashed and the engine miss fired. We took the car back to the dealership and they found a faulty O2 sensor. The car has been great ever since.