2004 Chevrolet Epica LX gas from North America


I would buy another, but I would not pay top dollar though


I have not had the car that long. The only thing that went wrong was I left the lights on, and when I boosted it, I got it wrong and burnt a wire out. I was very lucky; I could have done real damage.

Other than that, I got the brakes done all around, but I think that was regular maintenance.

She does burn a bit of oil now, but no blue smoke. She needs a liter every two months.

General Comments:

The car is fine for what it is; a family sedan. It is comfortable and handles well. Lots of power for the highway.

I wish the dash lights were better and brighter. And I wish the headlights would turn off when the ignition is all the way off.

As for shape; zero rust, not a blemish.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2014

2004 Chevrolet Epica LS 2.5 liter from North America


What a piece of junk


Changed 3 coils in a year.

Changed the engine twice; 2010 and 2011 - and the third one is burning oil.

Stalling issues.

Transmission slipping.

Changed ball joints for both front tires - needs changing again.

Air compressor shot.

Changed oxygen sensors - need to change again.

Other less minor issues.

General Comments:

GM cannot ignore this nightmare of a car that bears their logo.

They need to offer a fair trade at the very least.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2013

25th May 2013, 09:02

"What a piece of junk"

- So ditch it!!! Are you waiting for it to kill you?

25th May 2013, 20:59

Not certain, but pretty sure this car is a rebadged Daewoo, which would explain the quality problems. Shame on GM for putting their name on some Korean garbage; very bad move on their part.

2004 Chevrolet Epica from North America


Awesome car, wouldn't trade it in for anyting


My name is Lance, I am from Edmonton, Alberta. I have owned my 2004 Epica LS for 3 years now. I had not many problems in the beginning, until recently when I noticed the car start vibrating very violently. Changed the spark plugs in it; still vibrates. Also went to my local dealer, and found out that my fuel level sensor in it is broken.

I have had the heat control go in it, like one day last year I turned the heat control from cold while the fan was off, to hot all of a sudden. It stayed cold, took it to the dealer, and they found out that the cable going to the heat control on the dash had worn out. Cost me $240.00, and the part itself was only 11.00.

There's this vibration I am experiencing. I have been driving it, because I can't afford to fix it right now. If it helps, while I was changing the sparks, I noticed oil in the seat of spark plug on the passenger side of the car. Can anyone tell me what could be wrong with this, as I am scared one day it will say to hell with you, I am going to stop working, thanks.

General Comments:

This car's overall performance is awesome. Before my problems it ran very well. Handles like a tamed pussy cat. For the type of car I was looking for, it drives awesome. A family car is what I was looking for.

I would recommend this car to everyone, but I would make a suggestion of getting it checked out before buying, to make sure that you have the dealership you are buying it from inspect it, so that nothing is wrong with it in the first place.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2011

21st Sep 2011, 14:06

I've had tonnes of problems with my Epica.

I just wanted to add something, as you've had your temperature knob (bar) go. I had the same problem.

Rather than paying for it to be replaced, I opened the dash and looked online. I had a little brain spark, and grabbed a small bungee cord and hooked it up there. Works fine now!

23rd Oct 2015, 20:39

Where do you find the cable for heat/hot/cold switching on the vents in the dashboard? Do I really have to take the whole dashboard out? I am also trying to fix the heat myself on my 2004 Chevy Epica dashboard. Anyone who knows, please email me at ms.leigh0973@gmail.com as I will likely lose this page bookmark LOL.