28th Aug 2006, 20:32

And Canada is in (North) America... unless they moved it.

18th Sep 2006, 22:58

I just bought one and I love it plus I'm Canadian and I like the fact that they are Union made in Canada. It's too bad when cars are made in third world countries where the workers get peanuts and people in North America buy them. I think Dodge has plants in Mexico don't they?. Anyway I'll buy a car that was made in Canada or the U.S. and try to help out a fellow blue collar workin stiff, but I won't buy something that was made in a sweat shop.

24th Sep 2006, 19:58

22:58 Amen Brother.

6th Oct 2006, 12:51

And you can bet that a vehicle made by someone getting a decent wage in America or Canada will be of higher quality. What kind of initiative can someone have to build a quality product if they are making five bucks a day??!

26th Oct 2006, 16:00

Cars made by Chrysler in Mexico aren't any worse in quality and craftsmanship than the northerners. See what cars and engines come from Mexico plants and then you will feel better educated. Don't forget that VW also makes cars there and other European brands like BMW are investing in Mexico.

Unions are what is hurting the American branded cars in the U.S. That is why GM and Ford are having such a hard time. Unions need to get up with the companies instead of fighting them to the ground.

Union workers aren't the best in the business. The pride is there and the quality is there, but they are much greedier compared to the other non-union workers who work just as hard and just as well.

Thanks for the brief review on the Equinox. I think it is the best SUV in it's class.

9th Feb 2007, 17:06

It isn't where or how the cars are assembled, it is the fact that the depreciation is so much worse on the N/A cars. I don't know why except that the quality, at least in the past, has been so much better for the Japanese cars. At least when you are ready to trade there is some value left in the vehicle. Unions have outlived their usefulness!! It is time that a man is paid for what he does and NOT for just how many years he/she has worked for the company. If the unions don't smarten up there will be no jobs for automakers in N/A. My dad was a Ford Dealer and now Ford will be displaced as #2 by Toyota. I just bought a Toyota for the value and the residual.

11th Jul 2007, 12:42

Check the stickers on these cars, the engines are made in china and the transmissions are made in japan. You didn't just buy American after all.

23rd Jan 2009, 15:17

Even when a U.S. manufacturer "assembles" cars in other countries... the profits still come back here to the U.S. ...not to Japan or Germany as do their car profits they "assemble" here..(to avoid paying our government import tariff fees)

And with the American cars assembled in other countries, the majority of those cars parts are made here in the U.S... which accounts for a ton of jobs here.

The engines for the 2008 - Equinox are now U.S. made motors.

8th Dec 2010, 13:51

I bought my Equinox Sept 2010. So far I'm loving it! My only concern is that the emissions engine light goes on and off, and the check oil light stays on way too long when started... I think it's for a minute or so. I'm wondering if that's normal? I've never had that before.

The emissions engine light is also annoying. There isn't anything wrong with my car; it's the sensor! I'm wondering if the exhaust is too close to the emissions sensor? Could be a design flaw... anyone have any ideas on the matter?

There's also a lot of road noise with this car and the mileage kinda sucks. But...still, I love it. It's an excellent car to own in Canada where snow and ice is a problem 9 months of the year. Mine is AWD, and has tons of power and handles with ease. So far so good!

6th Oct 2011, 00:33

Good luck with that...