2001 Chevrolet Impala LS 3.8 V6 from North America


An awesome ride!


Coolant leak at 1,000 miles. Dealer repaired under warranty.

Transmission went out at 6,000 miles. Dealer installed new transmission under warranty and GM extended vehicle warranty to 60,000 miles.

Catalytic converter backed up and had to be replaced while on vacation - On Star made this entire ordeal VERY easy on us. Warranty covered cost of replacement.

General Comments:

Despite the problems listed above I absolutely love this car.

I have made many long trips in it and the combination of comfort and power is outstanding. This car will cruise comfortably at 100.

Fuel economy has been great with an average of 30 mpg on the open highway.

Favorite features:

On Star - what a lifesaver

Steering wheel mounted controls for cruise and stereo

Storage - mafia size trunk, map pockets and console make up for a glove box that is only suited for holding a pair of gloves.

I loaned this car to my parents for a cross country trip (7,000 miles). Upon their return they announced they were coming back to Chevrolet after owning Toyota's for twenty years. Mom now cruises in her very own Impala.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2005

2001 Chevrolet Impala LS 3.8L from North America


Smooth, large, great to own, very pleased with mine


The car was a Hertz rental fleet vehicle bought off a lot in Raleigh NC.

Had to replace the dash due to an electrical problem that kept draining the battery. Work was performed under warranty by a local Chevrolet dealership, and has not been a problem since.

Steering problem covered by TSB has not been done, but is not a safety issue at this time. Just annoying during turns at low speed.

Wife's mom has a 2000 bought new, now with 80k and no problems.

Overall a very good car so far.

Drove my Subaru 170,000 miles, and I'm looking to do the same with this one...

General Comments:

We average 27.4 MPG according to the on board trip computer. Not bad for a large car.

You have to spend more time off the gas, as the car loves to coast due to its overdrive transmission. You can go through brakes till you learn how to drive allowing for coasting.

Large trunk. We put enough stuff in for a week's vacation and golf clubs. Installed a trailer hitch and use a hitch mounted cargo carrier for cooler and chairs to use during trips. Try dragging a cooler out of loaded trunk.. :)

Back seats for 2 kids are nice with fold down arm rest/cup holder. We put the 9" TV/VCR floor on the floor hump and the kids watch movies on the trips. Built in lighter for DC power on back of the arm rest is nice feature.

Have taken car on trips to mountains with a full load, and have no problem going up hills. I just don't try to go up them at 65 mph. Let the engine get to a good torque RPM and stay at that speed. The engine has good low-end torque. On down hills you take foot off the gas and coast to the bottom. Have to put in a lower gear sometimes to prevent burning brakes up.

The interior lighting is nice in way it dims down, like lights at Broadway shows..

Love the keyless entry. Unlocks the doors and trunk if needed. It blinks the headlight, making it easy to find at night.

Fog lights are helpful for night driving.

Traction control works great. The car is very stable in snow and ice...

Suspension is smooth and sure when needed. The ride is good on long or short trips, and sporty enough to let you go fast...

Runs Amsoil, changing filter when the light comes on (6500-7500 miles depending on how car is driven).

Replaced serpentine belt at 64,000 miles and transmission filter / fluid.

We are very pleased with the car at this point.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2005