11th Mar 2007, 21:00

"Restricted vision to the rear because of small rear windshield, large posts between the windshield and rear side windows, and rear end tip-up all combine to make back up dangerous"

Dangerous, DANGEROUS. You think it is dangerous and with the other "problems" you mentioned and you still bought the car???

You need to learn how to shop for a car that is right for you.

I notice much more of this on this site. Much like buying a Mustang GT then complain It burns to much gas, rides ruff and has nearly no trunk space. Well duh!!

23rd Mar 2007, 19:06

I have not received a recall on 2006 Impala for the power steering; however the hose for the power steering did come off. When roadside assistance came to tow my car they said they had had several calls for this problem. As for the range on the remote start mine is very poor. Having said the above I must say that this is still an excellent car.

2nd Apr 2007, 19:27

I have had nothing, but problems. First off all my HVAC unit for my heating and cooling got stuck on my windshield and required replacing. This involves removing the entire dash. My remotes have absolutely no range. My onboard computer keeps giving me various error messages like service airbag and charging system requires service. I have hard transmission shifting when driving 2000-2500rpm. On top of all that I have had poor Dealer service with a damaged dash, accidental blown airbag and a broken windshield by dropping a tool on it. I have 16000km and I am looking to buy a new car! I heard asian cars are good.

3rd May 2007, 16:03

2nd Apr 2007, 19:27.

"I heard asian cars are good"

They are if you enjoy having the transmission replaced in the first 10k miles of ownership or having an engine replaced due to oil sludge.

3rd Jul 2007, 11:46

I have had nothing, but problems with my 2006 Impala SS. Power steering has had to be fixed 5 times since I leased it in Feb 06. Right now it is at the dealer with a cracked tierod, a busted fuel pump, and something wrong with the intermediary shaft or something like that. Everything is covered by the warranty... thank goodness. Can't wait to get rid of this heap of junk.

20th Aug 2007, 13:04

My 2006 Chevy Impala LS has had too many problems to list, I will start with the bigger. After having 3 different electrical problems, left front headlight assemble shorting out/melting. had to be replaced. Smoking fuse box, rear lights went out, I checked the lights, all were good. Dealer charged me 50 bucks for new rear bulb which was fine, I ripped out paneling carpet found melted wiring harness to the rear defroster was melted up near the fuse box somehow causing a lot of problems. The dealer didn't even replace it, they just cut and rerouted some wires. The rear defrost only stays on for so long, but mine didn't turn off so it was heating up the wires. Another big problem is my front end. I've had replace the tires on the front end twice since I've got it. Left front outer tie-rod is bad, new rotors, they already been shaved or turned once. Plus my alignment doesn't last long. My transmission shifts hard sometimes.

I had to get my ignition reprogrammed, and some other little recalls. I use my car for making 14 hour trips and it is a smooth ride, but I just keep have all these little problems, and I take care of my car, keeping up with all everything. Stuff just happens I guess.

21st Aug 2007, 09:09

My Chevy Impala 06 had the power hose break in my driveway; there was a very load hissing noise so I knew something was wrong.

I had the tire balance thrown off because of mud, or so the dealer said. First tire rotation was at 17,000 miles (dealer said I was a little late on that), and was told that my 2 front tires are almost bald. Car has never ridden the same after mud caked in the tires.

Car and steering wheel shake at 60 mph, and also shakes when the gas pedal is pushed and then released.

I got into a small accident in a store parking lot backing out, because I could not see out the back window; it does have a very limited view.

I don't know who designed the sun visor, but you'd think they could of had it go another 1" over to the left. Always having to dodge that 1" gap because of the sun.

Car is loud when first starting up, almost sounds like muffler is coming off. I also have a faint whining noise when the car sits idle.

Driver side window makes a loud screeching noise when rolling down, usually when it's hot outside.

Trunk won't always latch shut, especially if you don't grab the trunk right in the middle to shut it.

I really hate how the car shakes and vibrates... I've dealt with it since it's a lease and it only has 27,000 miles. I know if I take it back they are just going to tell me to get new tires, which at 27,000 miles I don't think is right. I'm hoping to drive it like this and just turn it it at the end of my lease.

I will say when I first got the car, it rode like a caddy! But as you can see, the car starting going downhill from there!

4th Sep 2007, 11:51

My 2006 Impala has been both a great car and a bit of a disappointment at the same time. Rear view problems cited by others have not been my concern. Tapping engine at idle is a small annoyance, but not a big deal. Gas mileage is awesome with a 3.5 litre V6 -- consistently 40 mpg or better on the highway, with tons of power. Can't beat that! Biggest problem is rattle in back which I suspect may be loose exhaust system clamps. Biggest concern is shaking when braking -- feels like disk brakes are out of round, maybe? I have no idea. Biggest reason not to buy when lease is up -- when putting car into gear, you have to feather the gas a bit at a time or the tranny bangs hard as you start to move. Once under way, it works just fine. Very odd, but it's enough so I would not keep the car past warranty.

21st Sep 2007, 17:47

My 06 Impala also makes that loud screeching sound when the driver's window is lowered. It is related to heat. However, if it has been raining, it doesn't do it. I will have it looked at next service.

26th Oct 2007, 19:31

2006 IMPALA Steering Problem.

I have 25,000 miles on this car and have had this steering problem right along. It sometimes vibrates when turning to the left. It also makes a grinding sound when turning. Anyone out there with this problem?

It has been to the dealers five (5) times. They have turned the rotors, but nothing has worked.

I, too, have a problem with the sun visors and the loud tapping noise in the engine.

It gets great gas mileage, but I wouldn't buy another impala.

3rd Nov 2007, 15:05

To the Aug 21 poster:

I have that same groaning out of my 06 Impala LT1 with 3.5 engine. I think it has something to do with the A/C compressor. My car has 10,000 miles on it.