3rd Nov 2007, 16:12

2006 Impala LTZ with 2.9 engine, 33,000 miles, now shimmies in the front end at 40-45 mph. I had car into dealer and they re-balanced tires. This moved the shimmy from the 55-60 mph range. Sometimes, when easing off of the accelerator at 45 there is almost a bumping against the front end. Before the balancing it felt like a wheel could come off the car. This is a "it's just not right" annoyance. I don't think it's a safety issue.

Would replacing the tires considerably help this or is there a problem with the drive train that I need to get fixed before the warranty expires?

8th Nov 2007, 12:15

Have 2006 Impala SS, and have problem with oil consumption, dip stick is dry after 5000km of use.

Has anyone else had this problem?

13th Dec 2007, 12:29

Hi I purchased a 2006 chevy impala with the 3.5 liter v-6 engine with about 20k miles on it for a good price. The car runs well and is not too bad, but has some annoying features.

There is a pulsing or tacking sound that comes from the engine only after the car warms up. Kind of like something to do with the fuel system as described by the dealers mechanics. You can only hear it from the drivers seat and only after the engine is warm. They said that it is fuel system related. They changed the exhaust purge solenoid, but that did not help. This low grade noise is present at all times after the engine warms up and is very aggravating during long drives in the car. The dealer said there is no info about a fix. Could the fuel system anti pulse noise valve be bad? the fuel pressure regulator be bad?

28th Dec 2007, 10:32

I have a 2006 LTZ 3.5 v6, have no problems with visors (wife spotted the deficiency.. no big deal) Don't understand the rear window "problem" (it is same size as when I test drove it).

My problem is the front end wobble and vibration. At 27,000 I am having an unacceptable wobble at any speed greater than 30 mph. It wobbles in gear or neutral, with or without breaking... gets worse on long trips... after 1 hour on the highway front and rear passengers notice vibration.

I have rotated the tires, balanced the wheels (last time at 26,000 miles... no help at all. Tread is normal, expect to get 60,000 on tire based on tread. (mechanic noted 70% left on brake pads and rotors... thought I was crazy for asking for inspection)

Anybody have an answer?

29th Dec 2007, 09:18

I have a 2006 Impala LT. It was purchased as a GM certified used car. Under warranty it has had both front wheel bearings, both outer tie rod ends, drivers side strut assy. was bad so they replaced as a pair and the rack & pinion assy made a popping noise while turning so they replaced and it corrected the problem. Just blew the power steering cooler hose. I really like how the car finally drives after I got everything fixed. It has always gotten excellent fuel mileage and very comfortable car for a family.

3rd Feb 2008, 14:56

I bought my 2006 Impala in 2007 (certified used with 25000 on it). I have now had the car for 7 months and it has 30,000 miles on it.


-- the car went into neutral as we were driving. No lights came on, we just had to pull over and turn the car off. Took it to the dealer and they had to replace our transmission!

-- Two weeks later, there were funny noises coming from the engine. Another trip to the dealer = new power steering pump.

-- Three trips to the dealer on the squeaky window -- problem was a cracked part inside the door. They kept telling me it was food that my child was putting into the door causing the problem. Finally, the third time, they realized that it was a defect in the window. Works great - no squeaks now!

-- NOW... when turned the steering wheel, there is a loud click/pop.

SO TIRED OF THIS CAR! Took it to the dealer to trade (even though everything has been covered under warranty, it just isn't reliable). The dealer was going to give us $5000 negative equity! WILL NEVER OWN A GM CAR AGAIN!!

Positive note --- I loved my TrailBlazer I had prior to this car and my husband loves his Yukon. Forget GM cars and get an SUV or go to Toyota or Mazda!!

5th Feb 2008, 19:36

Coming up on a year with our 2006 Impala LT; it was a GM Certified vehicle with 28,000 miles on it - it is now at 42,500 and running like a champ. The only issue we have had was short range (about 50 ft) with the remote start; after researching the issue on-line, brought the tech bulletin into the Chevy dealer and they disconnected the windshield antenna and installed a new antenna in the left pillar - weird, but it worked! We can now start our Impala from 200 ft! Noticed the visor issue, but lifting the power seat takes care of that. We will probably get a certified 2008 Impala later this year - will probably have 60,000 on this baby before then...

7th Feb 2008, 07:57

Wow, I'm glad I found this site! I thought I was the only person with a troublesome Impala. I have an '06 SS, leased new in August, 2005. I have experienced the popping in the steering column (GM replaced at no charge), the blown P/S hose (just last month), the squeaky windows (still putting up with that), and a worn out tie rod. Not too long ago, I was parked and couldn't get out of "Park". The service shop had to tow me and tore out the console. They found a broken wire in the shifter and said the the design of it was awful. Now my problem is that the Sound doesn't work all the time--my CD player/radio works, but I can't hear it; my turn signals work, but they don't "click", the seat belt sign flashes, but there is no "ding". What bothers me the most is NO music!! I took it to a dealership repair shop and they looked at it as much as they could without tearing everything apart and really couldn't do anything for me. The sound will go away and come back whenever it pleases. I thought maybe it was because it was cold outside, or because it was hot outside--there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it, though. Has anyone else had this problem? This is a leased car, I have a 4 year lease which is up in 8/09, but I am sure thinking about getting rid of it sooner than that!

20th Feb 2008, 19:16

I own a 2006 Impala SS with 19,000 miles. Have had zero problems with it except it has just developed a loud knocking noise in the middle of the dashboard when the A/C is on. Does not happen all of the time. Have taken it back to the dealer and they tightened the dashboard mounts, drove it 3 miles and the "problem" was still there. It sounds like plastic rubbing against plastic, but it' really loud.

Any ideas??