30th Jul 2008, 11:25

I am also experiencing the same problem with the driver-side visor. The magnetic strip went out and the visor does not stay up. I'm constantly hitting my head. Does anyone know if this is covered under warranty? I have a lease vehicle and I know this is going to have to be repaired before returning the lease.

1st Aug 2008, 12:49

Our company purchased an 06 LTZ Impala new for my work vehicle. I love the way the car drives and it gets decent gas mileage, considering the power it has (3.9 V6).

I love the sound system (Bose) and the remote start works fine for me at the distance given.

Anyway, now I will mention problems I have had...

Tire pressure monitor in front wheel replaced at about 15k miles.

There is a small leak above the drivers door that will allow water to slowly come in through the molding when raining very hard.

There was one day that I was driving down the road and I had no control of the radio or any other dashboard items (as if I had remotely started it, but not yet put the key in), however as I stated, I was driving down the road! Anyway that only happened one time so far.

More recently, I was pulling into my neighborhood and the transmission started shifting extremely hard, each and every time, as if it all of the sudden had a major issue. The next day, it worked fine, but I still took it to 2 GM dealerships. The 1st said it was a speed sensor and would cost $825 to fix ($43 diagnosis). They said these go out a lot on these cars and it was very common. I went for a 2nd opinion and they said they updated the software and calibrated the PCM and to bring it back if I had any more issues ($90).

I have owned many Toyotas, and currently have one with 177k miles. I have NEVER had this kind of trouble from Toyota.

11th Aug 2008, 13:30

I purchased a 2006 Chevy Impala 3 weeks ago and the power steering is out already out. I don't think that they are going to cover it. I even had it checked out by a mechanic before buying it, so don't think that that will save you. BUYER BEWARE!!

14th Sep 2008, 07:11

Hello. I own a 2007 impala. Love the car, but have had to get repairs. Luckily they were covered under warranty. a. Tire monitor light was on/remote start range was short. Dealership replaced module, antenna and 2 key fobs. No more problems. b. Steering wheel making noise and vibrates- had shafts replaced twice. c. Ticking noise started when a.c. was on- had temp actuator replaced. d. Rear light, trunk light, tag light out- replaced or fixed. Enjoy the car, beautiful red color, good gas mileage 4 size.

22nd Sep 2008, 23:32

I have a 2006 LT1 that I bought new in 2006.

I have a slip in my transmission that at one point has caused me to almost hit the person in front of me. I have had issue after issue. The Tire Monitoring system, the window obnoxious squeak (All four windows), the mysterious transmission slipping problem that NO ONE has a solution for, now I have a loud clicking noise when I have the air conditioner set to take in air from the outside. Only goes away when I put the air recycle button on. It even goes on after I turn the car off.

I almost cried when I saw what it was worth and how much I owe... I am so disappointed in my car.

1st Oct 2008, 19:55

This 2006 Impala has got to be the worst car on the road!

It was purchased new in March 06 and has been in the shop from August 06 on... it overheated due to wires being loose.

We had tie rods go bad at 21,000.

Just put the 3rd set of front tires on it, due to the tires wearing out on the edges not the middle. The alignment was checked after the first set was replaced..

Linkage in the suspension changed, wheel bearings replaced, power steering hose broke in the middle of winter, rack and pinion replaced at 22,000 miles.

Heater threw cold air. Said there were bubbles in the system.

Electronics go wild, chimes go super loud, or if you shut off a chime, it magically comes on.

Just had it in a tire shop, and now have to replace a piece that probably has been bent underneath since day one, but won't be covered under warranty.

Hook for a floor mat ripped out twice with the floor mat not moving.

Seat back broke at about 6 months on the passenger side.

Window motors replaced.

Weather strips around doors torn.

Steering still makes a clunking noise, and the front end makes clunking noises if you happen to not be on a smooth road..

This was the first new vehicle we had in over 11 years, and we only bought it because they had discontinued the Astro van, which was a big mistake on their part, along with discontinuing the S-10 pick-up.

I cannot wait to get rid of this piece of junk, even if we have to take a loss! No recalls ever on this, and there should be lots of them in my opinion!

Update 10/13/2008: back to the shop again, this time a steering box is bad... at 41,000 I was told by another mechanic this should have never happened at this mileage. This is a piece of junk!! Going car shopping soon!!!!

11th Oct 2008, 14:03

I have a 2006 Impala that I bought from a lease program. The car was great. I have owned it for a year and I get the window noise only on the driver's side, the vibration of the front end as I brake and most recently I hear a whining from the transmission as I drive. It is almost a constant whine. Let me see, anything else? I have 82,000 miles on this car and I'm afraid to get the tranny fluid changed for fear I'll have to replace the trans. Any suggestions. Oh, Yeah!! I have the popping noise also in the steering. It's something that needs to be lubricated but GM won't recall it. Event hough, it is their manufacturing flaw!!!

19th Nov 2008, 14:31

We also own a 2006 Imapla LTZ with problems. The same steering column noise as everyone else has- Kind of a rolling "clunk" any time the steering wheel is turned. My husband replaced the tie rod ends at about 50,000 miles.

The remote start is horrible! We bought the car because that was one of the things that we wanted (we live in MN), it has terrible reception. I have to be within 30 ft. or less for it to work. That doesn't do use any good when its -20 outside!

We are not very impressed with the ride either. It is very rough.

We are seriously thinking about trading it in.

20th Nov 2008, 13:44

I have a 2006 SS that I bought new in 2005. It now has 20K miles on it. Both sun visors have gone belly up. They will not stay up. One was replaced while under warranty. I put Velcro on the drivers side visor to hold it up. Poor engineering on the sun visors. I consider this to be a safety problem.

No more Impalas and I have had two. The service has been OK but not the sun visors.

Vision is also a problem with the small rear window and large front posts.

GM, why can't you get it right?