4th Feb 2003, 15:20

I HAD a 92 Z34 5-SPD. Believe me, you don't want it. It was a great car, except for the car eating oil, needing alt. replaced EXPENSIVE- needing a part replaced in the clutch, which GM could not guarantee a fix for it (there is a service bulleting out on this). The problem was you had to hold your clutch to make it not bang around. Let me tell you it was a very loud noise. This RARE 5-spd GETRAG Tranny is not what you want. Notice the word RARE and what does that generally mean EXPENSIVE! Loved the way it looked, but it had its problems. Also, the brakes do not let you stop-notice the lawsuit filed against GM. You'll see what I mean. I had an accident due to this. I would not recommend this car unless you had a lot of time and $ to invest into it.

20th Jun 2003, 11:56

I own a red 1992 Chevy Lumina Z34 with the automatic transmission. It only has 65,500 miles. I have owned it for a year and love it. Other than the high price repair bills, I love it because of the comfort and power that it has. I plan to keep the car forever!!!

17th Dec 2003, 11:46

I have a 92 Z34 that I love, but am selling. The repair bills are getting to high, and it seems that if it isn't one thing it's another. Even doing a tune-up is a pain, trying to remove spark plugs. I also had the problem with the car stalling. After a lot of diagnostics, it turned out that all it needed was a new battery! Now it is running smoothly. So for anyone that is having that problem, check your battery!

7th Feb 2006, 12:05

Mine is a 93 z34 and I will never sell it, Yes it is a $ pit, but I love this car it is fast, and drives, very well!

22nd Feb 2006, 17:00

I have to agree that the Z24 is one powerful car! One time I raced a black one in a 99 Ford f150 with 5.4 v8 and off the line it kept up with me until it hit 3rd gear and it blew me away, lol. BTW I love Chevys I think there the best. Had a Ford Taurus, Very problematic. Now own a 91 Beretta. and that's powerful too. but not as much as the Z34.

26th May 2006, 19:18

I own a 92 Lumina z34 love it it now has 210k and is stalling. After inconclusive diagnostics a number of mechanic have told me it might be an ignition module. I am currently replacing the starter and battery. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great thanks all.

22nd Mar 2007, 12:24

I too have a 93 Z34 (160k miles) which I bought used last year, had the same stalling problem. After a few trips to different mechanics... all with different diagnosis... it was found to be a combination of seperate issues. 1) the JACK@SS who did the last tune-up and because of the ease of removing them, only changed the front 3 plugs and wires. This left the back 3 weak and thin. 2) the catalytic converter was partially clogged, possibly as a result of the POOR tune-ups. Combine these and once the car got to operating temp, stalled at every stop. A couple hundred bucks fixing them myself, now I'm running like a champ!!!

2nd Aug 2007, 18:28

August 2, 2007.

I bought my 92 Lumina Z-34 in 2001.

Had to rebuild the transmission and eventually had to rebuild the engine. I loved to drive the car, it met its end, however when my boyfriend drove it under a semi. I still have the engine and the transmission, but now I'm having trouble finding another body. The closest I have found one is up by Chicago. I've been looking for 3 years.

Email me at michellepierce2001@yahoo.com.

6th Oct 2007, 11:24

I just bought a 92 Z-34 Black. It sat for a couple years I was told. I put a lot of work into the brakes and engine, but I am still having a problem with the idling speed. Until the car runs for at least an hour, it will idle at over 2500 rpms. I have had a few mechanics look at it. Any ideas on what could be causing this considering all fluids, filters, and hoses have been filled, checked, changed, or cleaned...

Email me at klburkett89@yahoo.com

11th Jan 2008, 20:31

I have a 92 Lumina Z34.

I've had to replace the timing belt and everything that goes with it; cost me about $1100...

Anyway, what I really want to ask about is that in the winter, like another guy said up above, it takes about an hour for the car to finally settle down and not rev up like crazy. When I start it up after it has sat for a few hours, it revs to 3000rpm until the limiter cuts it out. I'd just like to know why this is...

I love the car, it's my first one... if anyone could possibly help me, please e-mail me @ chub_720@msn.com


25th Apr 2008, 17:48

I have a 92 z34 that dumped the timing belt. It ran great before the belt went so I bought the parts, was going to do the job myself but didn't have time because of the work thing, so I took it to a mechanic. Now it runs like crap and it vibrates when it is in overdrive (it's a automatic) I've taken it back to the mechanic twice and he swears the cams are right, yet the car still runs like s--t! It only has 130000 miles on it and the body and interior is immaculate. I really love this car and don't want to get rid of it but it actually hurts to drive it while its running this way. I know how sweet it runs when it is right and I just want my baby back! So this repair has cost me over $1000 and this mechanic can't fix it. He says the E.S.T isn't working, Could that have happened as a result of the timing belt breaking. Anyone know a good mechanic on Oahu who can fix my car. This last guy couldn't do it. Personally I think the cam timing is a little off. Anyone have any advice! I'm at the end of my rope! Help!!!

26th Apr 2008, 22:52

You might have bent the valves when the timing chain broke. If it's a non-interference engine, the valves could have slapped the pistons when the timing chain broke.

28th Nov 2008, 13:49

Hey everyone, I've got a 1992, Lumina Z34 and let me tell you that car was the best thing I've ever owned... If it weren't for all the problems. Two weeks after buying it the clutch went which was about 5 grand to replace... but I did it. Then the Alternator which I did by hand and now the Trannies gone. If anyone knows of one for sale I'd really be interested in either getting a new tranny out of an old car or just buyin a new one. Please let me know... I want to fix my baby. :D.

17th Dec 2008, 21:39

I've owned approximately 20 cars in 8 years of driving and I can say hands down that my Z34 is the best performer of them all. I've only owned it for a month so I hope I don't encounter the same problems any time soon, although I do get carried away on the throttle.