5th Sep 2010, 12:31

I am thinking about buying a 92 Z34 5speed, it only has 30,000 original miles on it. Do these problems that everyone is talking about mostly occur when you start getting around 100,000+ miles?

6th Sep 2010, 18:11

My family (my brother and his son) have owned 3 Z-34's that were all bought new. None of these cars ever had any problems before 100,000 miles. None were kept over 131,000 miles, so I can't comment on really high mileage on these cars.

A huge factor in avoiding the gasket problems with these engines is to be sure they are never allowed to overheat. If they do, you will have problems. 99% of all problems with these cars are due to owner abuse and neglect (such as allowing them to overheat).

One thing I will warn you about with older cars that supposedly have low miles is that 1) the seller may be lying about the mileage, and 2) if the car has gone for prolonged periods without being driven, you may discover that seals have dried up and there may be engine oil leaks.

27th Sep 2012, 21:15

I own a 92 Z34 with the 5 speed, and have had it since the day I drove it off the show floor. It has 138,000 miles on it, and I have gone through one clutch, numerous gaskets and shift cables, a master cylinder and fan motor.

I recently had to have the o-ring on the oil sending unit fixed... lots of money, but worth it to have it back on the road again. I don't drive this every day, but will try to drive it more often, now that the oil leak is fixed.

I have loved driving this car since day one. It has good balance and corners very nicely at all speeds. I plan to keep this until it becomes a classic, which it will with the low number of 5 speeds that were produced.

Would love to hear of a Z club out there.

30th Oct 2013, 21:26

Sounds like mine, but I have also had 3 alternators in mine. Still love to drive it though.

9th Aug 2017, 17:56

I have a 92 Z34 5 speed. My Z started stalling and I traced it down to various vacuum leaks. There were many locations and when replaced, I was able to take on a VTEC with 5 speed, beat it by 3 car lengths, and also a 1994 Camaro with a factory bored 388, beat him by 1/2 a car length. So the 5 speed may cost $$$ to fix, but they are a blast to drive and race!