1979 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon 229 cui 3.8 litre from Netherlands




All that wears out..!!

But hey.... that's common on a 30 year old car..!!

So like exhaust, brakes, tires, etc etc.

It's a f.. ing good car and ill drive it for ever..!!

General Comments:

Good car only the performance of a 229 cui sucks...!!

So finally I'm planning to do the V8 job on my 6 banger..

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Review Date: 27th January, 2009

1979 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 305 from North America


A great body style that asks to be powerful


My headliner started to sag.

Little rust on the back window.

General Comments:

The car was a victim of the "gas shortage" issue of the early 70's.

But fortunately Chevrolet left enough old school in the car to work with.

I puchased it in 1986 when I was 17.

Over the years I installed a 400 small block and 350 trans, and many other stronger links without many modifications.

It handled all with the might of the true muscle cars that came before.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2006

1979 Chevrolet Malibu landau sport coupe 267 cu. in. from North America


Highly under-rated, beautiful classic


Replaced radiator and hoses, frame rusted badly behind passenger rear wheel, typical of these cars after many Pennsylvania winters.

General Comments:

This styling of this car is classic. Possibly the MOST underrated vehicle ever. In my opinion, this car should be as sought after as a '69 Chevelle, or an Olds 442. Anyone who has owned one and fully realizes just how beatiful the lines were on this vehicle, I think will agree. I see more and more of them in shows as the years roll on, but I will never understand why this car has yet to get the full recognition it deserves. About the car specifically: mine had vinyl bucket seats, auto. on the floor, landau top, rally wheels, and was, I believe, some color of brown that Chevy then called Champagne?? The airplane-geared tranny and the 267 were of course less than impressive as far as power, but when I bought this car, it was 100% original right down to the first set of factory tires. I maintained and cleaned this car to a ridiculous degree, and it never let me down. In today's day and age, you couldn't give me a Chevy vehicle, but this car was truly a classic.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2006

3rd Apr 2006, 01:39

Well written review. I own an '83 Pontiac Bonneville which has similar styling, and the Malibu is what prompted me to buy this car due to it's similarity. I also own an '87 Caprice Landau Coupe which is a larger version of the Malibu with similar lines. I agree they are classics in their own right. Very clean lines that still look sharp and classy today among newer cars. I always thought the '78+ Malibu coupe looked like an updated version of the mid-60's ones with the angular roofline.

21st May 2006, 01:44

I bought a 79 Malibu 2dr in 1986, it is truly a underrated car. I think because of its lack of power. I was 17 back then and did what I could to hot rod the little 305. Lack of money and experience back the only made the car louder, but not more powerful. In 1990 I opened a repair shop and over the years have made it a lot more powerful. 400cid,410rear, cam, etc.. I truly loved that car sold it in 2000 and my heart and dreams still wonder to it. Wish I could find it again. My x-wife is who pushed me to sell. The car is still a part of me. Still have the shop, car gone, wife gone, new wife LOL.

19th Jan 2007, 15:55

'87 Caprice Landau is the '57 Chevy of the 80's! I think they made only 3120 of them (somebody correct me please if the number isn't perfectly accurate). The last of the 2 door Caprices! Most notably distinguished by the updated composite headlights! What a machine! How many times have you seen an '86 or older with a swapped out updated front clip? The real '87s out there deserve some respect. If I wrote the history books, I'd definitely save a few pages for this Chevrolet masterpiece.

26th Apr 2007, 11:01

I owned a 1978 Malibu Classic Sport Coupe. Mine had 305 4bbl, 4-speed, F41 sport suspension, tachometer, buckets, rally wheels.

Except for lack of power this has to be one of the greatest Chevrolets ever made. Great to look at, amazing handling, beautifully balanced and predictable at the cornering limits.

I often outran BMW's on twisty roads.

My 2004 Malibu is very different of course, but still has those Chevy values of giving you exceptional bang for the buck.

I miss my '78.