7th Sep 2010, 08:36

"Ford has never asked for a government loan."

Technically they did ask, they just didn't take the money.

4th Mar 2013, 19:03

My wife bought this car December 07 for a LOL over 20k. 2.4 LS. Although I don't care much for GM, this car is so terrible, I won't add any biased comments, just the facts.

Brakes, trashy; always have to do pads and rotors.

Interior, a complete joke.

Here's a list of things that don't work.

1. Front door speakers.

2. Passenger side power window switch. Goes up, not down.

3. Passenger side door lock. Manual only.

4. Radio six jack.

5. Driver's side power lock switch.

6. Driver's side lock manual only.

7. Wheels air pressure monitor, none work.

8. Sometimes on the highway, the car won't go over 40 mph.

9. Both alarm key chains.

10. Head lights only last 3-6 months. Takes a couple hours to replace.

All in all, this car is a complete headache. Random lights and warnings on the dash all the time, from things like airbags to traction control. Will stay on for a few days, then go away.

The car has nice look, but overall the car is very disrespectful to consumers.

Worst 500 bucks a month ever.

5th Mar 2013, 15:41

Everyone I know who owns a 2008-2012 Malibu is wild about it. GM vehicles generally tend to be some of the most reliable vehicles made. Our current GM vehicle is ten years old and has over 110,000 miles on it. It has never had any repairs. Even the brake pads are the originals.

And government loan guarantees to car companies are always a win-win situation for taxpayers and consumers. Chrysler repaid its loans of the 80's with interest, plus it generated ten times the loan amount in new tax revenues and new jobs. GM has done even better, repaying the loans and generating thousands of new jobs and billions in new tax revenue. Just the savings in unemployment benefits generated by GM opening new plants and hiring thousands more workers was enough to more than make up for the loans. If we hadn't helped out GM, we'd be in the midst of a full-blown depression.

8th Feb 2014, 07:28

Door lock actuators replaced 4 times all doors, burning of oil since the car had 36500 miles and told by the dealer that it was out of warranty. The car is a piece of garbage... 2008 Malibu.

1st Jan 2015, 00:55

A good mechanic should know that synthetic oil is good on the highway only, but in a city environment it kills the engine. Mineral oil is better to use in the city. I don't believe that you use your car 100% on the highway. Can your other words be trusted?

8th May 2017, 14:28

What you are describing is a vehicle that has been in a bad accident; it may not show up in Car Fax or other services; your best recourse is take it to a good autobody frame shop and pay them to look at it. I have seen new low mile cars badly damaged with clear titles, so if fixed there's no history of the accident.

9th May 2017, 12:17

There's brand new vehicles that have been damaged right in plants and fixed. Could be an automation foul up or even being loaded. Or a build issue affected by workers. Then design flaws that affect other parts that fail. It has happened. Then there's hurricane cars, flood damaged, hail storm damage etc that pass through auctions or leave the state.

I bought a car that was T boned. Had a new door put on. I was wondering why the key pad on the door would not accept the code to open the door lock. I went to the dealer and wires were not present. Some were also cut and spliced to go to power windows etc. And it was a clean Carfax car.