15th Mar 2006, 16:21

I have a 1997 Malibu and every since I got it I have had problems. The alternator, the pulley, intake manifold, oil pump and starter all went out within two years. I had to refinance to have my engine replaced because I couldn't afford to get a new car. And now, it has a whining noise while driving and it skips like it is loosing power. Could someone tell me if this is my transmission? I've taken it to get checked twice and was told they can't find anything. Help!!!

29th Mar 2006, 16:01

I too own a 1998 Chevy Malibu. It is a dangerous car. Bought it brand new in 1998. In 2000 it started stalling and hesitating. Still under warranty, it went back to the dealer. 6 trips later and after being sent to one of their sister dealerships, it was determined to be the "fuel sock". Replaced and ran fine for a while. Now it just arbitrarily cuts out or hesitates even worse than before. Dealer "can't duplicate" (love that phrase) the problem. Heat/AC switch only works on 3 or above. Replaced the HVAC blower motor resistor, works now. Glove box rattles incessantly. Noise from the front end can't be identified.

1st Apr 2006, 01:09

I too own a chevy 98 malibu... the worse thing I could have ever purchased... all of the above brakes... and pads...transmission is also going out... i wanna cry..

24th Apr 2006, 19:32

I bought a 98 Chevy Malibu a year ago from my mom's best friend. It only had 90,000 miles on it, and at the time there were no real problems with it.

Then the brakes needed replacing, then the transmission needed flushing, then things needed to be replaced and sometimes the car won't down shift if the engine is too cold. You should have seen me at a stop light - I had to practically floor it to get it to move in second or third gear, or whatever gear it was in.

Now, less than a year later, the brakes are making the most odd noise and probably will need to be replaced again. I'm very ticked off, but everything else about the car is great!

1st Jun 2006, 18:31

My Malibu has had most of the problems listed above. My brake lights stop working at random and I am in constant fear of being ticketed for what cops will percieved as me just not changing the bulbs. My passlock system screws up constantly- today it happened at every single stop I made!

For those of you who have complained about your car stuttering while you drive- It's your catalytic converter. Get it fixed before you break down like I did. It'll cost you about a grand.

The Chevy Malibu is money-pit on wheels. Crappy wheels.

18th Sep 2006, 16:28

I also have a 98 Malibu with a V6. My family and I have enjoyed it tremendously. It was purchased used back in 1999 and currently has about 140K on it. The two most common problems I've had on it were the front brakes and ABS light.

I've taken the car to various local shops to have the ABS looked at and all of them just ended up resetting it for little or no cost. As for the front brakes, I've replaced the pads when needed and have done the rotors twice, once at around 90K and just recently at 140K.

My Malibu has taken my family (all 5 of us) coast to coast and back (with a trailer) and up and down the east coast. Maybe I got a good one. I hope you find your gem too.

1st Oct 2006, 00:29

I own a 97 malibu LS and a 98, sure the ABS light comes on, but it is just the sensor not the brakes. Coolant leak from Intake gasket easily fixed 99cent bottle of radiator stop leak, as for the brakes I bought some aftermarket performance pads and rotors and they havn't worn or warped in over 3 years.Don't take your car to a dealer they are expensive and will only try to add things to the list to be replaced. as far as the car shaking at highway speeds. check your wheel bearings or even your tires, the stock tires on a malibu will break the belts in them easily. Malibu's are really good cars.

17th Oct 2006, 16:48

My car is a nightmare. Malibu Chevy 98 puke purple? Wine? Eggplant? Lame colour.

I hate it. Same as everyone else. Horn is long gone. Leaking like a catheter: both engine oil and coolant. Brake lights and signals are done.

Brakes make me wish I would just die in a car crash and get it all over with. Seriously, slips when I'm parking all the time! ABS light - thanks for the heads up light while I'm driving, not braking.

Someone broke into the back window a year ago: that tiny goddamn one in the back passenger. That's going to cost 500 bucks to fix and that's why I'm never fixing it. Got some ghetto masonite duct taped there. I WANT someone to steal it. Let them have it. Let them die in it.

What am I going to do with this thing? Sell it? Good luck. That would mean I would have to sink 1500 bucks into it first. Is it worth it? Back on the bus for me when this thing gets totalled. Only I'll probably be drooling and wearing a snappy helmet. Thanks GM!

7th Dec 2006, 15:29

I also own a 1998 Malibu. The ABS light comes on while driving, it seems to be when I hit any bump in the road. This makes me think GM used a cheap sensor, which becomes faulty in time. I have had the A/C switch replaced, the tank replaced, of course rotors and brakes. I am currently replacing the fuel line from the pump to the filter, it is near unaccessible and the fittings have rusted through due to salt corrosion and acid rain.

23rd Jan 2007, 09:21

I have a 98 Malibu V6 with many of the nuisance problems above. Brakes 3 times, leaking coolant fixed with a bottle of leak stop, AC cut on and off - replaced switch twice, alternator (replaced 4 times - cheap Autozone replacements- finally went to dealer), new power window master switch (spilled coke in itt), ABS light, tail lights, glove compartment doesn't shut completely, HVAC fan (just died again - will check resistor), rear window defroster...

Lots of nuisance problems, but no major repairs - 100k miles.

25th Jan 2007, 17:09

I have a 99 Malibu LS with all the same problems as mentioned above..ABS, rotors, a/c switch.. the fog lights work when they get ready.. I have always owned a Chevrolet, but I will never buy another. If they had stood behind this Malibu, I would feel differently.. Dealership tried to blame the brakes on my driving.. I have been driving the same for 36 yrs.. never had this problem before.

9th Mar 2007, 06:06

Okay so I'm not saying anything new or earth shattering. My 98 Malibu was great at the beginning and I have to say it cost a lot less than my Dynasty to keep it on the road, but I to have experienced many of the same problems as my fellow Malibu owners.

ABS light, Coolant light, engine light.

Replace the alternator numerous times, replaced the engine once, blower only works on 3,4, and 5.

Had to replace the gas tank, now the fuel gauge is faulty, I gas up when the low fuel light goes on, I hope that doesn't go faulty now or I'll be stranded on the highway.

Even with all these problems it still doesn't add up to the agony my Dynasty gave me, so I'll continue to buy Chevy product, I'll just be a bit more careful and check the Internet first. Thanks for info, now I don't feel alone.

Oh, by the way, never had brake problems. Maybe the brake are different in Canada?