8th May 2003, 21:05

Malibu 1998 - replaced leaking battery that cost me $590.00 after paying for a new on board computer bypass connection, a new battery, reprogramming anti theft system and installation. Just recently noticed a mysterious radiator leak, but after reading by fellow Malibu owners symptoms I guess it's the intake gasket. I also have a few rust bubbles just at the base of the drivers door window. I'm hoping for a recall on that one.

I spoke to a GM rep and he simply told me that they are not responsible for any of the above mishaps.

Shame on you GM.

Next car I purchase will definitely not be a GM.


16th Jun 2003, 20:32

I too have a 98 chevy malibu, I have experienced all the same problems now I am dealing with coolant light coming on refilled with anti-freeze and less than day later it is gone GM dealer telling me it is upper intake gasket without looking. ask how hard to change their response it is time consuming and a pain. be easier for them to do it for just over 1000 dollars. nice and GM used to be the maker I liked foreign starting to look better.

1st Jul 2003, 13:37

I was browsing the net for a repair book so that I can fix my brakes myself this time. I have had them replaced twice already. When I went to get an all service oil change, the guy indicated that my coolant was empty and he seemed perplexed when I indicated that I come in regularly for service. The car has 83,000 miles on it and I was at first relieved that I only have 5 more payments, but now I am worried. Of course, the first to levels of the cooling system haven't worked for the last year and a half and it takes half of my commute for the heater to kick in, but I thought I was alone in this. How can they get away with this rip off?

31st Jul 2003, 07:42

I have a '99 Olds Cutlass (which is virtually identical to the Malibu) and I've had ALL of the problems you folks have mentioned above. The horn also had to be replaced three times and occasionally does not work properly. And the paint is peeling off the front bumper.

17th Aug 2003, 17:46

I also have a 1998 malibu and it is terrible, forget about the brakes and drums. I just want to know if anybody else has had these problem with their malibu? I recently put all four struts on my car and it cost me about $800.00 with labor. I thought it was the struts because it starts to shake when you are going about 55 to 65 and it won't go away. I am tired of this car; hopefuly I will be getting something better next time. Not a malibu.

26th Nov 2003, 07:32

Hi Folks, I own a 98 Malibu and have been through just about all the problems listed. It has 80,000 miles now, but the problems started at 36,000 miles just after warranty.

I have answers now to a lot of the problems I have been through, hope this helps someone. Air conditioner cuts on and off, the repair shop replaced the control knob console inside and said this was common. Intake manifold leaking and water pump, I used some of that 99cent tube of radiation clog repair it's been 30,000 miles and haven't had leak since. Squealing sound around 60mph, had windshield replaced that used a different type of rubber trim. Tail light burn out, circuit board that bulbs plug into melt dealer said it is common. My brakes went out, found ABS controller that all the brake lines go into right under battery tray drain, I had a battery that leaked acid and dripped right on the controller eating out part of the housing, repaired by cleaning up and putting in an over sized O-ring. Car shuts down or won't crank and theft light is on, Key cylinder bad, Cut small Black and Yellow wire coming from Ignition switch and measured the resister value, then soldered resistor across both wired going into Passlock computer disabling theft system, search google for Passlock bypass instruction. More GM quality, wheel bearings going bad, gas tank leaks, struts, no dipstick to check Trans fluid, gauges go haywire, undue motor mount to change belt, starter replaced, And Oh those brakes etc etc.

29th Nov 2004, 11:55

My comment as an owner of an 1998 Chevy Malibu is definitely the same as all the above. I cannot count as many times I have changed the brakes and rotors. My ABS light is on continuously, which I know is dangerous in any slippery weather. I have had it with this piece of junk. I have experienced many other problems, too many to list. Now, I thought my fuel pump was out after it stalled and I could not here it when I tried to start it again. After parking it for a week and frustration set in and until I could afford one, I jumped in the car and the pile of junk started, it ran me 5 miles and I shut it off and it never stated again. Now what? the fuel filter, cause it seems its not getting no gas? changed that and it still does not start. Added gas and Heat, still not firing up. Maybe I should start the whole thing on fire! Never will buy a gm again. Its nothing, but trouble, trouble, trouble. I feel sorry for anyone that owns or purchases one.

29th Apr 2005, 13:53

I am a very mad owner of a 1998 Chevy Malibu. Since I bought the car in December of 2004 I have had to put well over $1000.00 into it. If anyone is thinking of purchasing one please RECONSIDER your thoughts. Yeah, this is a nice car on the outside, but when it comes to the engine it is JUNK!!! I am in the process of getting new struts. I have already got new brakes and rotors. Oh this one is great-- the check-engine light came on so I went and had it checked out I was told it was the heat circuit sensor-replaced that- then it came on again went and had it checked out again-this time it was the oxygen sensor. The sensors in this car are so expensive and not heavy duty or dependable at all. When you get up to 60mph the car shakes unbelievably bad. The switches for the ac doesn't work on settings 1 and 2 but works on OFF. The air condenser had to be replaced (that's $300.00 right there.) The ABS light never shuts off. The glove box rattles ridiculously. I REGRET EVER BUYING THIS PIECE OF CRAP CAR!!! I'll know next time to get a Nissan.

14th Jun 2005, 19:29

Hi, I have a 98 Bu and it was fine for a while, I purchased it at 85,000, it is now at 86,700. The check engine light came on, and it idles fine, everything works, it just won't let me accelerate over 20 mph. It starts to make a low pitched whining noise. HELP? I have not had any of these other problems, the lower intake manifold gasket was replaced by the previous owner.

1st Oct 2005, 15:44

Wow. I'm not the only one. Everyone I know that has had a Malibu has loved it. I liked mine at first and I've only had it for about 10 months I guess. I was worried sick when the ABS light came on. Then I thought my transmission was going out because the car started shaking or kind of shuttering. It also won't shift into gear. It does, but it takes a minute. I'm scared I won't be able to sell it. I'd almost hate to put any one else behind the wheel. I read somewhere that a person had problems with a brownish cola looking substance appearing on the ceiling... Mine too! I thought something bad had happened in my car. I bought it at an auction so there is no warranty and besides that there are WAY too many miles on it. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We've owned Chevy's and other GM's before and never had problems. I don't know what it is about this particular model. Hopefully something good will come out of this.