16th Oct 2002, 11:47

I also own a 98. Junk, lots of brakes (pads), lots of tune ups, tires, and now I've given up!!! Time to go to a Dodge! Just tired of being ripped off. If it's junk, don't sell it!!!

9th Nov 2002, 15:37

I also have a 1998 Chev Malibu and the brakes and rotors have been done twice that I am aware of.

At 105000 K's or 60,000 miles I have a loud engine noise that I am told is piston slap. I have had a clicking noise from the motor that goes away after the car warms up and have been told that this is normal. I mentioned this to the dealer on 3 occasions and have it documented while it was still under warranty. The problem has now become major and I'm told it will cost $5000.00 to fix.

Don't buy a Malibu.

12th Nov 2002, 20:38

'98 Malibu 108,000 miles.

- A/C failed in 2000, dealer replaced compressor.

- A/C failed in 2001, was recharged.

- A/C failed in 2002, leak from O-ring at evaporator fixed.

- Fan speeds 1 and 2 failed, had some "resistor ballast" replaced.

- The brake warp problem everyone else is having.

- Steering feels like it has too much play at highway speeds, am always fighting to keep the steering straight, slight vibration in steering when turning, dealer says there's nothing wrong.

- Radio has poor reception even though antenna is fixed-mast.

- Coolant leak. Had to have lower intake manifold gasket replaced. Oh yes, petcock valve on radiator was stuck and broke while being opened. Radiator could not be lifted straight up from vehicle by itself, it had to be pulled from below along with the A/C condensor which meant the A/C system had to be discharged and recharged just to replace the radiator!

- Coolant orange sludge. Only 4 years old with the 5-year DexCool, but orange sludge was found all throughout the coolant system.

- Headlamp assemblies always fogging over with moisture on the inside.

- Door ajar light goes on when taking corner quickly.

- Seats shift slightly forward when coming to a stop.

- Doesn't start easily, engine makes rattling sound like something loose inside.

- Side power window came off hanger -- whole thing had to be replaced.

- Side mirror fell off -- just the plate glass mirror, the assembly was OK. Had new mirror installed.

- Automatic shifter on floor (the "golf club") is too tall. My hand keeps bumping into it when I adjust climate controls.

- Otherwise, car looks nice and seats are comfortable. Plenty of space for cups and McDonalds food. Lots of leg room and trunk is spacious.

26th Nov 2002, 13:52

I have 98 Malibu I bought the vehicle in 97 of November, my brakes were good at the beginning. The pads lasted almost a year, but after that my rotors were warped the dealer replaced the rotors, I need brake pads every six months, I need new rotors at least every year and a half this is after being cut. I get a loud squealing sound after having the brakes and rotors repaired.

Now I have a lower intake gasket leak my car is leaking antifreeze.

I have had to replace my alternator twice, the first time it was under warranty. The first time the car was not even six months old.

26th Dec 2002, 15:14

I too have a '98 Malibu and am thoroughly frustrated and disgusted with it! Brakes have been replaced 3 times, bearings 3 times, alternator twice, serpentine belt once. Tires wear irregularly and no one can figure out why, but I end up having to replace 1 to 2 tires every 3 to 4 months. Glove compartment has never closed properly and the light seems to have a mind of it's own. Trunk light goes off and on and radio reception is a joke. ABS brakes have never worked. My co-worker has one of these vehicles also and I cringe when she comes in and announces that her car is at the shop, because I know that it is only a matter of days before mine goes in for the same issue. These vehicles should be re-called and junked. Today I was driving to work and my brakes made a clunk and then a loud grinding noise, I went to pull over and found that I had no brakes. Luckily, I was almost to work and flew through a stop light and into a snow bank to stop. I would not recommend this car to anyone and wish I had read these comments before I bought it!

29th Dec 2002, 08:54

My 98 Malibu has experienced all of the above with the addition of a windshield wiper recall. After driving home in a snow storm without them and having the whole wiper mechanism replaced, I received the recall notice. They broke again before I could get the next repair. And Chevy would not reimburse me for the repair I paid for. Also have the "wind squeal" and brake problems. And after fixing a leak of coolant fluid the fan belt constantly rings. The mechanic says it's because they spilled antifreeze on it, but that it's OK. Won't break or anything. Just sounds like the car is going to blow. Oh, and it doesn't evaporate - it will never go away unless the belt gets replaced. (At my expense!) The driver's side window just fell down inside the door yesterday.

28th Mar 2003, 08:11

I own a 1998 Chevy Malibu, and have experienced almost all of the problems previously mentioned. The blower fan does not work in the first two speeds, and what makes this problem so unique is that I used to own a 1997 Chevy Malibu, and the blower fan had the same problem. Another extremely annoying problem is the poor radio reception. I have discovered that the reception comes in clear only when the trunk is raised! I can't believe GM would put such cheap parts is a vehicle that costs $20,000. I have never owned a foreign vehicle is my life, but after the experience I have had with the Malibu, I will most likely consider a foreign vehicle when it comes time to replace the '98.

4th Apr 2003, 17:10

I own a 98 Malibu with 65,000 miles, I have and still have breaks that make a roar sound when pressed, my ABS light comes on for no reason. I also have a coolant leak, that I can't figure out where its coming from cause it intermittent. My AC panel has been replaced at my expense cause AC kept turning on and off. One of my break light stopped working cause the plastic housing that holds the bulb melted. Power window motor keeps freezing up. Windshield squeal was the weather strip around windshield, had to get a new windshield with different weatherstrip configuration. Fuel tank is leaking when 75 to 100% full. Starter spins freely at times, takes several tries. Lots of rattles, lots of road noise, clunking sound when going over bumps. I probably forgot a few things, but I think who reads this will get the picture. Terrible automobile -- My ford Ranger has 182,000 miles on it and just needed tires and batteries -- Ill never buy GM again.

29th Apr 2003, 23:56

I to own a 98 junk malibu, heres my problems, intake gasket replaced, water pump replaced, fuel pump replaced, brakes and rotors replaced 2 times, and now transmission is gone, fan blower only works on 3,4,5 ABS light comes on, brakes fade, trans is 2000.00, I bought this car with 30,000 miles on the clock, it now has 68,000, and still owe twelve payments,