23rd Mar 2004, 14:58

I have a 2001 Malibu, which I bought in September 2003, because I was afraid that my 1996 Dodge Intrepid, which I had NEVER had a problem with, was going to start causing me problems...well, the Malibu has been nothing, but a pain!! In December 2003, I had to replace the Fuel pump, and again 2 weeks ago, Mar 9, had to replace the Fuel pump again, fortunately had bought the pump from a dealer and it was under warranty. Now, Mar 23, it will not start again, acting just like it did the last 2 times the fuel pump went out. This thing is EATING fuel pumps!! Have had no problems with the brakes thus far, nor have I had any problems with the AC. But the eating of fuel pumps has got to go. I sent an e-mail to GM, not that it did any good or is going to do any good. I love my car, when it is running, and got a good deal on it. It has all the bells and whistles, but geez...couldn't it run a little more often?

25th Mar 2004, 08:48

I agree that we should band together and file a class-action lawsuit. I have replaced the following on my 99 Malibu with 66,000 miles: rotors (FOUR TIMES!!) (probably $250 each time), fuel pump ($700), manifold gasket ($650), sunroof assembly ($1,200), CV Boot/Control Arm ($400), and probably a few other things that I have forgotten about. In addition, the fan does not work on speeds 1 and 2 (the circuit board is burned out for those two speeds), and the alternator is making noise so it is about to go. When Chevy introduced the car in 1997, they touted it as an 'import fighter'. It was supposed to go head to head with the Accord and Camry. What a joke! I am really serious about the Class Action lawsuit, would anyone who has knowledge of one that is being formed please post.

30th Mar 2004, 09:59

My husband and I own a 2001 Malibu. We have had to replace the pistons under warranty at 24,000 miles., the blower switch at 36,000 miles, which we paid for. Our car has 75,000 miles. on it, we are now having problems with the brakes and rotors, and with the theft system (pass-lock device) and the turn signals and hazard switch. We have contacted GM in reference to these complaints, they tell us the signal lights and hazard lights are under recall, but not on our car. We have friends that have a 2001 Malibu also and have been having the same problems. I think GM should be responsible for these problems,or recall all these vehicles. unhappy with our Malibu and GM in Kentucky.

30th Mar 2004, 13:15

My 2001 Chevy Malibu has been a nightmare!!! The recall for the flasher switch started my dilemma!!!

I had it repaired and have had nothing, but trouble since.

1st my ERG valve/ (Emission) had to be replaced. My car computer was not reprogrammed so I had to have the car towed back in a week later!

2 weeks later after having the computer reprogrammed, I had to have the Malibu towed back in again for not cranking. I had the Ignition switch replaced. ($320) Once again today my car is back in the shop. The Ignition Switch had to be worked on again and the horn wired to work.

I really thought this was a nice car, but it is turning out to be a headache. I spend more time having it towed back and forth from the dealership instead of riding in the car.


30th Mar 2004, 13:38

I own a 2001 Malibu and I have had nothing but problems since I purchased it, new. The brakes are the first source of major maintenance expense. I have a little over 50,000 miles and I have replaced the rotors once and the inner and outer brakes twice a piece. Usually when you hear a scrubbing noise when applying the brakes, its the inner brakes on the Malibu. Many dealerships don't know how to repair these or refuse to acknowledge there is something wrong with the brakes because the outer pads look fine. They will even show you the outer pads and say they don't need replacing, ask to see the inner brakes if you're under warranty, they should be covered.

22nd Apr 2004, 07:26

I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu and it has been to the repair shop on too may occasions. After it rains noticed a leak inside of vehicle on passengers side floor panel. Taken to dealer several times, cannot find out where the leak is coming from. Water inside of taillight causing bulbs to blow. Has a shaking in the front end at different speeds, problem cannot be determined. Replaced driver side window motor. Rotors had to be turned on several occasions. This car was bought new and should not experience this many problems.

26th Apr 2004, 10:20

I guess I've been lucky, because I have had an absolutely incredible experience with my 2001 Malibu. In fact, I put more than 90,000 miles on it in less than two and a half years, and with the exception of one sensor which had to be replaced at about the 25,000-mile mark (which was not cheap, I acknowledge), I'm comfortable saying that this car is reliable and durable. I am truly shocked that the majority of comments on this page are negative. I would like to add, however, that some "little" things are starting to give me problems, such as one of the electronic door locks malfunctioning and the fact that the AC/heat blower does not work at levels 1 and 2. Other than that, I'm quite pleased and have had safe, long-distance trips up and down the East Coast with my wife and children without encountering any major problems. I can only hope that continues, though.

11th May 2004, 19:06

I own a 2001 Malibu LS and am now on the fourth time having repairs done on the rotors. I took the car in at 15,500 and had the rotors machined and turned, had them replaced (with the brake pads!!!) at 27,000, had them again turned at 36,500 miles and am now dealing with the service warranty with the dealership AGAIN at just under 41,000 miles. They want to put a third set of new rotors on. I am reading a lot about the parts overheating... is this true?

For the record - the blower not working at speeds 1 & 2 is a common Malibu problem that can be fixed under warranty. I had this problem as well. And the engine overheating is a common problem at about 35,000. A common Malibu problem is that the coolant leaks into the transmission. This can be fixed with one can of Prestone Stop Leak and some extra coolant (a total of $10).

I have a problem with the computer causing the car to "spike" RPMs while on the highway driving at 70 - 75 mph (2100 RPMs jumping to 2500 RPMs). This is causing the cruise control not to work properly. By the way, GM won't fix that problem even under warranty because it's apparently "normal" for the car to do that (yeah, sure it is).

The hazards/turn signals are on recall by the way and will be repaired for free at any GM Goodwrench.

Other than that I like the car a lot... it drives and handles well. But suffice to say, I will also be purchasing something else next time I buy a car, maybe another Toyota.

And to the guy that posted the comment about SAABs... they are a GM owned and manufactured car now.