15th May 2004, 23:20

2000 Chevy Malibu V-6.

I've had several issues with my Malibu. The first thing to go wrong the second day I had it the power steering line came off and had to be towed to the dealer. Next the intake manifold gasket and water pump went out. That was $854 to fix. This car only had 50,000 miles on it. No one would admit there was a problem with the gaskets used at the dealer level. The shop had difficulty finding the gasket because they are on national back order due to demand. To me that sounds like there is a problem. I was very lucky because my starting leaking on the outside. I've heard of some leaking on the inside and ruining the engine because it went undetected. The stock rotors are not a very high quality and they warp very soon and will cause pulsating on the petal. I replaced my rotors with a quality after market and it corrected the problem for now. This car goes through brakes faster than any car I've ever seen. I used to be a die hard GM fan. I have choosen to never purchase a vehicle produced from GM. If you need a reliable vehicle don't get a malibu unless you like to work on your car or pay a lot to have it fixed. This malibu was purchased in 2001 for 14,000 and is now worth about 4600. If I could sell it for what I owed it would be gone tomorrow. Please don't buy a Malibu.

30th May 2004, 14:16

I got a 2001 Malibu two days ago. I have the engine noise when first started. My main problem- getting it started! There is only 34,000 miles on this car. Of course it did not do it when I drove it home. I am afraid to tell my significant other about the postings of fuel pump, computer module, and starter. He bought me a 2000 Nissan Sentra only six months ago. It was only at 44,000 miles and the computer went out and the tranny was going bad. So to the postings of buying Nissan beware of the Sentra. My mechanic for that car said his wife had the same car and one computer and four transmissions later they took it back to the dealer. He bought me this one two days ago and I feel really bad saying anything negative, but have become afraid of what is next with this car. I think maybe I should take it back now while I still can.

2nd Jun 2004, 08:02

I have a Chev Malibu 2001 - Let me tell you my problems.

Sept 27/02 Front brake pads replaced and rotors machined (appeared only iboard pads wearing)

Sept /03 Front brake pads replaced and rotors machined (ceramic pads)

Mar 17/04 Front rotors replaced.

Sept 27/02 Erratic readings on Fuel Gauge - reading full when it was not - Fuel gauge sensor replaced.

Sept 27/02 Radio switching stations - lights going on and off (radio was shot - was replaced)

Sept 27/02 Signal lights stopped working - hazard warning switch replaced.

Sept 27/02 Cruise control speeds up automatically (doesn't matter whether it is on the flat or hill) Dealership couldn't duplicate - it still happens.

Sept 27/02 Car wouldn't start - theft light on - called Roadside Assstance - dealership couldn't find codes.

Mar 6/04 Car wouldn't start - theft light on - turned key on waited ten minutes, turned it off and when I turned on on again it started.

Mar 21/04 Car couldn't start - no theft light - did same thing as above and car started - IGNITION CYLINDER replaced and FT system relearned.

Sept 27/02 Car smelled like rotten eggs especially when gas applied -Dealership found no fault - still happens - it is probably catalytic converter.

Feb /03 Wipers not spraying - Wiper arm replaced.

Mar 17/04 Blower motor not working on speed 1 and 2 Blower motor replaced.

Now 11/04 Tires severly cracked between treads - head to be replaced (50,000 km)

If this is not enough I am just waiting for the other known faults going wrong - Alternator, battery, serpenting belt squeeks, lifters and the big one intake manifold gasket I am so angry that this company can get away with such a dreadful product. What on earth is wrong with society?

23rd Jun 2004, 05:56


I bought my Malibu about 2 years ago and really haven't had too many problems. Just recently since I had the hazard signals replaced, my cruise works intermittently? I am now taking it back to the dealership for the 3rd time on this problem. Last time I replaced the SIR coil, which was covered under my extended warranty, and supposedly it was all set. Well I took a little trip over that same weekend and low and behold the cruise won't stay on. I have already replaced the brakes once, and my coolant leaks a little too. The more I read about this car, the more I worry. I can't afford to trade it in, just like everyone else, but I can't afford to not have a reliable car either. If a lawsuit comes about I am definitely in. I don't want to see anyone suffer the way most of us have.

12th Jul 2004, 17:26

I, like many others have had the same issues with my 2001 Malibu (piece of crap). Has anyone had the bracket that holds the alternator to the motor shear off? I heard a noise and felt a thud after starting the car, looked under the hood and the alternator was hanging by the cables. The dealer told me that this is very uncommon... Any takers?

19th Jul 2004, 10:32

I also have a 2001 malibu...e.g.r. value, brakes, door locks, engine light, i also have something going on when I reach the speeds of 45 and 55...it feels like gas isn't getting to it. I can give it some gas or let off and it will do o.k. (only at these speed do I have problems). Has anyone else has this or know what to do... i have spend $678.00 on it so far...thank-you...I will not get another! Ray from York, S.C.

29th Jul 2004, 17:46

July 29, 2004.


I purchased my 2000 Malibu in December of 2000, (new). Now in July of 2004 this car has 117000 kilometers on the odometer. Tomorrow, July 30, I will be installing the fourth set of rotors and pads on the front brakes. (Calipers replaced once). I have changed the signal light flasher and intake manifold gasket. I have been refused a hearing on the matter of the abnormal wear out of the inner brake pads by the dealer, the manufacturer, Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan, the Federal Competition Bureau and the province of British Columbia consumer's group. My letters to the editor, although factual and documented, have gone unpublished. General Motors strategy has been to largely ignore me. I have converted my Malibu into a rolling billboard and have taken my complaints on the road. The public will be the final judge.

6th Aug 2004, 17:44

August 6, 2004.

My 1998 Malibu has 78,000 miles.

1. Today, I had the brakes replaced for the 6th time. The first three brake jobs happened within the first 18 months.

2. Back drivers side window dropped inside the door one day after work. Replaced the power window motors twice.

3. Intake gasket replaced $500.

4. Fuel injector #3 also replaced today for the second time. Last summer the Malibu was at the dealer 4 times to replace injectors.

5. The radio, CD player, and cassette player stopped working after a year and a half. That was another trip to the dealer.

6. The positive connection to the battery corroded after a year. Had to buy a new battery.

7. My wife, son, and I were driving to the putt-putt golf course and the alternator quit. The car died out 1 mile before we arrived at the Chevy dealer. This in turn drained the battery. We had to buy another battery.

8. The #1 and #2 ac controls relay had to be replaced.

9. The rear light housings were replaced. Brake light blub's kept blowing out.