2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 3.4L from North America


This car is an awesome, reliable, speed demon


Nothing much really aside from brakes and having to get a new battery at 108,000 miles. This car has been very good.

Only other problem is the anti-lock brakes not working. All the more fun to lock em up!

General Comments:

I love this car, it has a lot of get up and go for being a 6 cylinder. When I drive it, I squeal the tires off the line almost every time, and acceleration is very impressive; plenty of power 2 pass and race!

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Review Date: 26th October, 2010

27th Oct 2010, 12:25

It is people like you who think their cars are fast, when they're NOT, that cause most of the accidents on the road by driving recklessly and irresponsibly.

1st Feb 2012, 21:50

Got this baby up to 105 today :) Just goes to show, don't drive when you're angry!

2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 3.8 liter L36 from North America


Not too bad, should have been rear wheel drive


Slight oil leak around head gaskets.

Transmission slipping.

Oil leak around oil pan gasket.

Pink sludge built-up in the radiator.

Rear exhaust pipes rusted at 30,000.

Water leaking in floor board of rear seats, only when there is a hard steady rain.

General Comments:

I have 2003 Monte Carlo SS with 90,000. The car is not so bad if it wasn't for the maintenance. I try to do everything myself in my military post auto shop, which has been a great help.

I currently have an oil leak around my oil pan, however I was told that is an $8.00 front crank seal, and that the oil on the pan and bolts was just blow back. The total cost $200.00 for me to get this fixed. Not too bad, except I still have the same leak on the under belly frame. So I now am going to attempt to do the oil pan gasket myself, which if I can't accomplish this, I got quoted $375.00 to have somebody do it. I lose about 1 quart every 3,000 miles.

I also have a transmission that's slipping as well. No matter what it is, I will probably just send it off to a high performance shop for $2000.00, because all said and done, I spend more money, but it will out perform the old one.

That being said, I like car; it gets great gas mileage for what it is, it looks great and there are few performance mods for it as well.

T.O.G. headers.

High flow cat.

Magna Flow cat-back exhaust.

MSD ignition.

After market flashed PCM.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2009

2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3.8L from North America


3600lbs of cold steel and sex appeal


I have had absolutely no problems with this car at all, it's nearly perfect!

General Comments:

I love this car. I've owned MANY cars and I never thought I would ever go to a dealer and buy a car outright till I saw this.

It's a blue SS limited pace car edition, fully loaded with all power, more comfortable black leather heated seats than my BMW M3, and has OnStar with its on board computer.

It handles remarkably well around tight corners, gets up to speed very effectively and my model tops out at around 125mph. My only complaint I have is that before I ever did any of my modifications to it, that the engine noise and ride noise on the highway are a little louder than I had expected them to be.

I've installed larger red brake calipers, a K&N cold air intake as well as OEM coil packs and some more engine bay mods to make it look unique.

I consistently average 21mpg in the city and 31 on the highway, which I think is phenomenal for this car. My only new plan is to buy an aftermarket supercharger to bolt on to the car to give it some more POWER!

If you need a 4 door car, buy an Impala.. if you can deal with 2 doors and are looking for a new sports car, this should DEFINITELY be on your radar!

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2009