2001 Chevrolet Prizm Base 1.8 from North America


Wonderful car


Nothing major as went wrong with this car. Simple things like brakes, tires, bulbs those kind of things. The trim on the inside of the doors is peeling off on all four doors.

General Comments:

I have owned Prizms since 1990 when they first came onto the market, my first Prizm lasted 195,000 until the transmission gave out it was a wonderful small car, then I moved onto a 1997 Prizm LSi I love this car and still have it, however I ran a lot of miles up very quickly and in 2001 I decided to purchase another Prizm this one however no longer carried the Geo logo, but a Chevy one. I can say this the quality seemed to drop, it just doesn't seem put together as well or nearly as quiet as my 97 Geo Prizm, its almost like the 97 should have been the newest one and the 01 should have been the second generation instead of the third. Also the Chevrolet model seems more bland, however all three of my Prizm's have been very reliable. It's a shame that they quit making the Prizm, I mean I know its just a cheaper twin of the Corolla, but the Prizm offered a great deal. Another thing I guess I can mention the 1990 Prizm seemed quicker than the 97 or the 01. The 97 had a 4-speed auto transmission while the 1990 and 2001 both have 3-speed automatics.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2004

9th Apr 2006, 01:01

Yea I agree the Chevrolet model did drop in quality. The second generation was a lot better, but the engine needed more horsepower, I believe that generation was the slowest.

2nd Jan 2008, 19:36

It has been my experience with Corollas and Prizms that the basic models (base Prizm, Corolla base/DX/CE) have the 3-speed automatic, which robs power and mileage. LSi Prizms and Corolla LE and S models have the 4-speed automatic, and in some cases a more powerful engine. The best powertrain combination for mileage is the base engine with manual transmission, but if you must have an automatic transmission, go for the upgraded LSi/LE/S models with the 4-speed automatic. It's worth any extra cost.

To prove my point, go to fueleconomy.gov and look at the fuel economy ratings for the different cars. 4-speed automatic models typically see 30 city, 38 highway. 3-speed automatic models typically see 28 city, but only 32 highway. 5-speed manual models get 32 city, 41 highway on base engines, and a little less with the better engines.

3rd Jan 2008, 10:16

"It's a shame that they quit making the Prizm, I mean I know its just a cheaper twin of the Corolla, but the Prizm offered a great deal."

The new Toyota-GM cousins are the Touota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe.

24th Oct 2009, 23:36

Wow, that has got to be one of the most biased comments I have ever seen. You have no facts to present, no real arguments to make - you just have a blind hatred for Chevrolets. The Prizm is a fine car, people - do not let this person tell you otherwise. And, by the way - his is a wonderful monument to how *not* make a comment, anywhere, anytime.

8th Oct 2017, 09:38

The 02 Prizm is the lightest, most powerful, fuel efficient and safest Prizm built.

2001 Chevrolet Prizm Base Sedan 1.8L VVT-I from North America


An excellent used value, especially with the stick


Mass Air Flow Sensor went at 68,500. $325 to fix.

Check engine light on again for evaporative emission part waiting to be fixed.

General Comments:

I bought this car because of the vaunted Toyota reliability, and the fact the Prizm is basically a Corolla in disguise. So far, I haven't had the best luck with that, but I'd like to think the problems are in the past.

The car is very nice to drive. The 1.8L engine is surprisingly peppy for a four cylinder and has plenty of "go" at almost all engine speeds.

The 5-speed manual transmission makes the car enjoyable to drive. The throws on the shifter are a little long, but very precise. Clutch take up is good and smooth driving is a breeze.

The driver's seat is very comfortable and there is plenty of leg room in the back for most medium sized adults. I wouldn't try to get more than 4 people in it, though.

The base AM/FM cassette stereo system sounds EXCELLENT for a stock system. I was pleasantly surprised as there is noticeably more bass and clearer sounds at all frequencies when compared to the aftermarket system I had in my previous vehicle.

Trunk room is also very spacious for a vehicle of this size.

My only complaint about the car is the daytime running lights which are an annoyance, but that's just something you have to deal with with all GM cars.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2004