2001 Chevrolet Prizm LSi from North America


Economically Dependable


The only problems I have had with my 2001 Chevrolet Prism would currently be my back (driver's side) brake light. The other problem I have had was when a rock from a dump truck hit my windshield causing it to crack. Luckily, my insurance covered the repair.

General Comments:

I found my Chevrolet Prism to be highly dependable, easy to maneuver, gasoline efficient, awesome CD/Stereo System.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2004

7th May 2005, 09:58

I have a 2001 Chevy Prism LSI. I now have 72,000 miles on it and have had no problems. It is a great car!

2001 Chevrolet Prizm Sedan 4D 1.9 from North America


Great college or first car


It does have minor problems starting in the really cold Wisconsin winter. This could be because it is stored outside and there is no way for me to plug it in overnight.

A logging truck kicked a rock up and it chipped the windshield.

General Comments:

This is has a salvage title, but I have not seen any problems with it related to that.

I love the gas mileage that it gets (35+).

I've put on over 5000 miles in about 6 months and the ride has always been smooth and comfortable.

Other members of my family have this car and they don't have a problem with it either.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2004

2001 Chevrolet Prizm 4 Door 1.8L from North America


A nice car that GM has corrupted.


The check engine light keeps coming on. This a continuing problem that has been addressed by an auto technician, but returned.

The car is hard to start on cold mornings.

Because this "Corolla in a Chevrolet skin" has a factory GM radio, it costs an extra $150.00 to install an after market radio. This is because the interior lights, air bag, and door chimes stop working if you pull out the factory radio. This is how GM coerces you to buy GM radios (Delphi Del-co Electronics).

General Comments:

This car is based on the high quality Toyota Corolla, but Chevrolet (GM) has added features which have reduced the overall function, value and usefulness of the vehicle. For this reason, the resale value is much less than a comparable Corolla.

The Chevrolet service has been highly disappointing and costly.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2003

15th Jul 2005, 17:56

The Prizm does have more style than the Corolla. All through the years 1989-2002 it never looked as bland or boring as the Corolla.

3rd Sep 2007, 18:39

GM and Toyota's joint venture started with the 'new' Nova, in for the 1986 model year... NOT 1990.

11th Sep 2007, 17:28

The Prizm, and the Nova before it, were exact replica's of the Corolla. Same everything, and generally very reliable.

Actually, currently the Pontiac Vibe is the modern iteration of this car, being a spitting image and mechanically identical to the Corolla Matrix. Even uses the Toyota cruise control and radio instead of the GM part of it.

4th Oct 2007, 13:08

Correction to the original post.

The Prizm DOES NOT need any expensive wiring adapters for the radio. The door chimes, etc... are NOT tied in with the radio, as with real GM cars. The harness adapter is $7 and the dash kit is $15.

Also, the adapter for those GM cars is only $40 by Scosch, at WALLofchinaMart.

6th Mar 2010, 16:29

Actually, the poster who said the Nova was their first venture is wrong too... The first venture was with the Chevy Sprint. The Nova came shortly after, then came the Prizm.

9th Mar 2011, 21:42

The Prizm was built in Fremont California at the same factory (NUMMI Plant) as the Toyota Corolla. It was assembled on the same line and has very minor differences. I know I worked there as an electrician, although I was not an in house electrician, but I worked there several times to install new equipment from time to time.

16th May 2011, 19:38

Sprint was a Suzuki, and far from a joint venture. Chevy just bought stock in Suzuki, then had Suzuki re-badge and federalize some Japanese models. Then Suzuki wised up and tried selling cars on their own. But GM got tied-up in the downfall of Daewoo, and forced Suzuki into selling re-badged, left-over Daewoos as Suzukis (Google GMDAT). The Daewukies were problematic and a failure for GM. GM sold their stock in Suzuki, and now Suzuki is selling good, Japanese (with a hint of Italy) cars again. Daewoo is all but gone, other than the Chevy Aveo. GM also dumped, and shut-down the NUMMI joint venture with Toyota, in the 2008/2009 bankruptcy. Corollas and Matrix now come from Canada and Japan.

NUMMI was great, but victim of typical GM Management. Once they had a good thing going, but Management screwed it all up...