4th Jul 2002, 19:23

My seat recliner handle had broken twice. Last time it broke, I was moving the seat to get something from behind the seat. I wasn't even in the seat.

So there goes the "not leaning forward" theory. Even so, take a look at the cast-aluminum they use to make the shaft. Real quality stuff!!

22nd Sep 2002, 22:01

I have a S-10 1999 3 door extended cab also. I have had many problems too.

I also will not own GM again. Too many things went wrong for me.

My third door latch has broke also. When you look at what it does and how it is made you will understand why. It is a very weak plastic design.

The seat recliners have both broke off due to a weak metal shaft.

Water Pump went out, Rear oil seal had too be replaced, window rubber trim cracked in less than 2 years, ERG valve went bad, some motor sensors went out.

I guess my last vehicle a Jeep Cherokee spoiled me with its no problems in 80,000 miles.


16th Oct 2002, 17:17

Comments are for a 99 ZR2 Blazer, which I loved when I bought it. Until the warranty ran out...

Before the warranty ran out, the seat handles were replaced twice and the rubber around the windows was replaced. It had to be "re-glued" twice after installation. The remote rear hatch button works only when it wants to, but the dealer can't find out why.

Now the warranty is up, and the extended warranty does not cover the seat handles, which have broken twice more. (Both sides) They have broken with me IN the seat and with nobody in the seat, when you move the seat to retrieve something. The dealer says these handles are made of white metal. Chevy has indicated that they can't replace with "better" metal because it will affect the comfort of the seat. This is not reasonable - the metal does not go through the seat.

It's hard to give up on Chevy, I've owned them since I was a teen, built many small block 350's, and remained a dedicated Chevy man. The problems with this blazer are making me think twice, especially this week as the weather gets cold and the heat is now not working. Discussion with the dealer to see if it is covered under the extended warranty is "iffy"; (they want to flush the system) now that I've spent the entire day off, I've narrowed it down to the heater and AC control assembly. I'm waiting to see what the next problem is... sign me "disappointed" Thom in Maryland.

8th Nov 2002, 21:27

I don't know how you guys have been taking care of your trucks, or if you just got lemons!! But I just purchased a 99 s-10 4x4 with 59000 miles. And it drives and runs like brand new. Compared to my last truck its like a cadilac!! But I will say that the 3rd door handle is weak as mine broke also. In addition the handle on the passenger seat did recently break. However litle things like these don't bother me. But as far as mechanical I think this truck is sound and I am happy with my purchase!!

16th Nov 2002, 21:59

I bought a used 1999 Blazer Ls and have been happy as a clam with mine. I have not had too many problems yet. I do get annoyed with the noise coming from all the plastic in the cab. I did have to replace a bearing in the front which cost me $600. But I'm not sure what the woman had driven like before I got it. It was a leased vehicle and I'm sure it had gone through it's paces. Knock on wood I hope I don't have the problems you guys/gals have had. I will be trading this one off next year and so far I don't like the new Trail Blazer looks, so I'm not sure what I will be buying.

11th Dec 2002, 00:12

Funny thing about Chevy's they don't stand behind their cars. I have a 1999 Blazer ZR-2 and the thing has had "mysterious" front end rattles since I bought the thing (which chevy never seems to be able to find". Same as everyone I've replaced the seat handle three times. The heat in the cold weather also doesn't work and that's attributed to the so called clogged up heater core (which was looked at by my mechanic and no problem). However, there is a hissing noise behind the controls that also is so called normal. I think that Chevy really should get their act together. This is my second chevy and my last. Ball joint after ball joint and all I do is highway miles. off road vehicle my foot!

30th Dec 2002, 14:29

I recently purchased '99 Chevy S-10 extended cab. Both seat handles have broken off - with nobody even sitting in the seats. I called to get prices on the replacement parts, but at $62.00 a piece and $80 a piece in labor, I'm not going to spend over $300 to replace something that will just break again in a week. I'll never buy another small Chevy truck or blazer.

13th Jan 2003, 07:20

Hey, there is an option you have for the seat handles. I bought the driver's side for my 98 S-10 from: http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/

The OEM part number: 12479966.

It cost me around $65.

You can email them. It was pretty easy to install. Good luck.

9th Feb 2003, 11:47

I have had both seat back adjustments break as well. I was quoted 230 dollars a seat for repair. I am using Vise grips as the adjustment handle until I can justify the cost of the repair. Has anyone tried to replace the part themselves? I would like to give it a shot if I can get the parts.

23rd Feb 2003, 16:04

I also work in chevy service dept s-10 are the worst truck they ever made how come nobody mentions ball joints and pitman arms I changed hundreds of those oh well maybe people should grease front end more often.

10th Mar 2003, 14:26

I have a 97 S-10 and had the wiper module problem. GM didn't recall it, just put extra warranty coverage on it. I made an appointment to go get it fixed, but since the wiper problem is an intermittent problem, the dealer refused to fix it because it didn't fail during the appointment. I sat on the phone with Chevy customer service for about 2 hours at the dealership before they finally agreed to change the module.

24th Apr 2003, 15:02

I purchased a 99 Chevy S10 last year, since then both handles to recline the seats have broken off, I brushed (oops) against a tree and the drivers side plastic around the mirror broke instead of "giving way"

Last week, heading home in a pouring rain the heater smelled like antifreeze, then began to blow hot steam out every vent. It started leaking on the floorboards (red antifreeze stuff) I stopped and looked at it and had a friend reroute the hoses so I could limp home in a freezing downpour. Needless to say I'm getting pretty ticked off with all these problems. Does anyone have a clue as to why a heater would go out on a vehicle that only has 77,000 miles on it? Is this a defect???