30th Apr 2003, 07:09

You've probably been told about this, but it sounds like you have a leak in you heater core. Among the numerous causes, I can think of one that may cause premature breakdown. They use a special antifreeze (Dex-cool) that is supposed to last 150,000. Even though it is supposed to inhibit acidity, it has been known to turn acidic or build up sludge. I talked to a GM service guy; he told me that he recommends changing it every 50,000. You can switch back to the old green-stuff, but make sure you flush the system properly.

3rd Jun 2003, 16:23

I also had the seat handles break. Once while still under warranty. Now both are broken. Seems like they use a low grade metal. At the point where these handles attach, how difficult is that to replace?

Other than that, the truck seems to do fine.

10th Jun 2003, 13:17

My daughter and son-I'm-law own a 1999 GM Jimmy new at my encouragement as I've always been a General Motors owner.

The problems for this young couple began almost right from the start. They had problems with the ABS indicator staying on, the dealership fixed it without cost. The seat adjustment handles have broken and been replaced no less than 3 times on Warranty, and they're broken again. Now since the warranty has expired they have replaced the Ignition switch twice at $600.00 a pop. This is a young couple that can hardly afford to be spending that much money on a $30,000.00 unit with less than 100,000 klms. General Motors has left them out in the cold. I also have reconsidered my position on the choice of vehicle I'll buy next. My next visit to a showroom will likely be to Honda, Toyota or Nissan. Adios General Motors.

16th Jul 2003, 01:12

I've owned an 94 S-10 for about 6 years now. My reclining handle has broken off, but I didn't care. Recently I just purchased a 98 Sonoma and the reclining handles, and the third door handle is also broken. Does anyone know of a site or somewhere I can get some schematics of how these things are replaced?

22nd Aug 2003, 18:14

My first GM vehicle was a 91 s-10. It was a great truck. I put it through hell and back and it never missed a beat, till I sold it with 275,000 miles on it. Unlike all the others, my real big problems started this week. I now own a 99 s-10 it it is a piece of junk. I babied this one, drive good and all that other preventative maintenance stuff. But just this week my battery got completely fried, a/c compressor went out, and starter died on me. It's a 99 with only 66k miles on it. I mean what the heck. I'll take back my 91 in a heartbeat over this piece of garbage. I just can't wait till I start having all the same problems as everyone else.

15th Sep 2003, 11:16

I purchased a 2003 S-10 Quad cab 4x4 so I can safely use a child seat in the rear and still have a maneuverable sized truck with four wheel drive. I love (d) the truck until the problems started.

Failed brake booster at 6km. Locking Rear End differential grinding at 10km. Noticed bad front tire wear at 5km so I had them rotated and balanced, again at 10km. Now at 12km I have a very noticeable "clunk" in the drivers side front end. I put it up no jacks and found an excessive amount of play in the lower ball joint and a noticeable amount on the passenger side as well. I had planned on keeping this truck to give to my kid as a first vehicle in six years, but at this rate it will likely become a trade in long before then.

28th Sep 2003, 00:31

I own a '96 Chevy S-10 pick-up with about 13900 miles. So far it has been a fine vehicle. Recently though the front ball joint broke and had to be replaced. Also the driver side seat recliner broke about 3 years ago.

20th Apr 2004, 10:09

I have a 1999 Chevrolet Blazer that cuts off when I put it in Park. Anyone know why this happens? And how can I fix it? It doesn't do it all the time, and I can't find a "common denominator" in the instances that it does.

Any help would be appreciated.

23rd Jun 2004, 12:48

I have owned my 1999 Chevy s-10, LS, 4x4, Extended Cab for 4 years and have had the center console break, door weather stripping rip, wore out door hinges, 3-door handle break, P/D seat handle break, u-joints replaced, remote oil filter leaks, some dash lights don't work, but all these problems don't really bother me. The two things that REALLY bother me are the front bearings and ball joints. I have replaced bearings and the ball joints twice within the past 2 years. I know two other people who have the same problem, and have been told that this is common on the 4x4 models. A deal ship said the front-end geometry was poorly designed. Also, every time the ball joints go bad they wear flat spots on the outer edge of the front tires… Not good. I grease the front end on a regular basis. Getting parts from GM or NAPA (higher quality than Auto Zone, Advanced) should help out. Good luck.

6th Jul 2004, 11:32

I have a 94 S10 4.3 LT. This is the worst pile of junk that I have seen. I have basically replaced everything, but the engine and tranny. Right now it sets in the driveway with a bad vacuum booster. I'm going Japanese next!

26th Sep 2004, 00:55

I agree with the majority!!! I have had a 1990 s10 and only changed oil and put gas. It ran hard till I sold it 10 years later at 120,000 miles. The only problem was the valve seals like all chevy's. It had the original alt. the water pump went out at 90,000 and the starter at 120,000. What could I have ever asked for? I bought a 2000 s10. Didn't take extended warranty (guess why?). Well 1500 miles the trans. had to be rebuilt. Chevy said it was more "cost effective" to rebuild instead of replacing (still shifts funny). The chevy tech rode with me with a scanner in his hand and tried to take a "portrait" of the system cause there is a misfire between 1st and 2nd gear. He felt it, but the portrait showed nothing was wrong (GM would not cover warranty). Seat handles well 4 times on the drivers and 3 on passenger side (like everyone else). New Fuel pump at about 25,000 (oh yea 2 months after the 3 yr warranty). Looks like to keep the "Heartbeat" you need a lot of bypasses to keep it running.

5th Oct 2004, 19:36

I guess I got the only good 99 zr2 built.. I got 105,000 miles out of the stock bfg all terrains. no problems yet although my alternator went out at 90,000 and my ex wife did break the passenger seat latch off once. I bought it new in 98 and it is the best truck I've had aside of my 1969 bronco. My s10 has 170,000 on it now and still drives like day 1.

22nd Oct 2004, 09:38

Wow, so many problems, so little time. my wife bought a 99 LT Blazer. looks good, leather and so on. same problems and lies as everybody else. but the one thing that really gets to me is the thing leans 1 1/4" to the left. I've seen several others the same way. I did ask the service guy about it when I was in for another item, but he told me that was the side the gas tank was on so I quit talking to him. maybe this is only a problem in south Florida, but I doubt it. any service bulletins or anything? my wife went to a dodge, I put my z-28 in the garage and I'm driving this blazer now. help!!!