23rd Feb 2007, 09:07

I have a 2000 s-10 and its broke!! ya I said it!! my powersteering is broke I need new brakes!! its not good for off-roading or in snow.

16th May 2007, 19:56

I have a 99 Blazer (S-10) 4X4. I had to have the intake manifold gasket replaced (4.3 vortec) at 55,000. The idler arm is also going causing tire wear. The driver side tire is making a bad humming noise. I don't know if it's the bearing or just the tire. Both recliner handles have broken off. MAP sensor went bad twice. I bought it new in 99. For being 8 years old, I don't think that's too bad. I've only put about 600.00 into it.

25th Jul 2007, 13:50

My 1999 S-10 Blazer hit 140,000 miles, and the only thing to have gone wrong since I got it (new) has been the A/C compressor.

5th Aug 2007, 20:18

Lot's of comments about broken recliner handles. Does anyone know where to get parts and info on how to repair without replacing the seats?

13th Nov 2007, 13:01

I made a previous comment on 25th Nov 2006, 20:45.

With GM = Greater Maintenance. In the title.

Back in April I dumped my S10 and bought a 2003 Nissan Frontier SE, Long Box, leather, cruise, 6 CD, crew cab, tow, etc. It has approx 45,000 miles on it. About the same amount of mileage my S10 had on it.

Boy what a difference. In my last post I posted all my troubles with the S10. I have so far not had the frontier long enough to post any problems thus far. So based on reliability I cannot say exactly. However, I will mention the pros and cons.

Nissan Pros - Drives way better than an s10, drives straight when aligned, frame is beefy (Every part of the frame is huge and makes the s10 look whimpy), long bed (you can have a 6ft bed with a crew cab), sound system is better (9 speakers and subwoofer from factory), Interior heating & cooling is great, seats are better, bed extender is AWSOME!, bed protector is better quality than GMs, less body roll around corners, lots of power down low, standard Limited Slip Diff on SE model.

Nissan Cons - Power is lacking at highway speeds, gas mileage on CC long bed 4x4 is not good.

Conclusion - I would not buy another GM model mid sized truck!

16th Mar 2008, 23:40

I just got rid of my 2000 S10 4.3 V-6 4x4 purchased it with 38k and left it with 154k. The thing was bullet proof but you needed to tow a gas station behind it. Only major things wrong I has was to replace the U-Joints, Upper/Lower Ball Joints (both sides) & that was about it. Switched to a Honda Civic EX for the gas mileage increase and I'm Loving it!

23rd Jun 2008, 09:17

I bought my S10 new in 94. It now has 106,600 miles and has not given me any problems. I checked the brake linings at 90,000 miles, and they still had half of their material left compared to brand new linings I had bought, assuming I would need to replace them just out of miles driven.

For those of you who have problems with your S10, the only thing I have to say is that you must drive very aggressively, and you must not be nearly as kind to your vehicle as you think you are. The S10 is a super strong little truck. If you are tearing it up, maybe you need to chill a bit before you get behind the wheel.