5th Dec 2008, 10:52

I drive an S-10, and it's been an average vehicle at best. The fact that 3rddoorhandle.com exists is a testament to one of the oversights that Chevy engineering made in some of the details.

My seat reclining handle also broke. I've had a number of wiring issues. Now when I sit still with it running, my gas gauge goes to empty until I rock back and forth in my seat.

My cruise control also only works when it's set to the off position when my truck is initially started.

I like the functionality of having a pickup and the price was reasonable, but I think I'd rather pay a little more for a quality product. I would only recommend this truck if you can't afford something better. I'm looking foreign, thanks to poor American engineering. What a shame.

16th Oct 2009, 15:56

Hey, just another update from the original reviewer.

The truck is just bulletproof! Have not had ANY problems with it whatsoever!

I love this little truck and I hope to keep it for a good long time, then I will buy another one of course! Keep your overpriced foreign imports.

I think the reason people have had problems with these trucks is because they beat the hell out of them and expect them not to break. Or they neglect to do simple maintenance on them.

I'm sure there's cases where somebody has a truck and does all the maintenance to a T and things still go wrong, but I believe that the way you treat your vehicle goes a long way, although I haven't needed to do ANY maintenance to this truck except oil changes. (synthetic Quaker state lasts me 10K miles and it runs smoother and quieter).

I've driven this truck to PA, ME, NY, NH repeatedly. Also I drove for months in heavy city traffic without any problems. Please just go and buy an S-10 already!!!

20th Jan 2010, 09:39

Hello... my 99 S-10 LS has just a little over 104K... I've had it since 1999, had 56 miles when I got it...

Teplaced the alternator in spring of 09.

Yup, little handle on driver side seat did come off.

Just a few days ago, had a lot of ice so wipers were stuck... I of course turned them on and now the driver side wiper arm is slipping and not working properly... I guess that ones on me.

Other than that, this is a great little truck... I look forward to another reliable 10 years.

18th Feb 2010, 20:37

Great truck, had since day 1, 1999 Chevy S10 4 cylinder.

I replaced the clutch BEFORE it went out at 100,000. Had to get a belt, alternator, battery, brake shoes, 2 fuel filters, air filters and 2 sets of tires.

Changed all fluids at the scheduled times, now looks like I have to change the O2 sensor since the check engine light came on and the code said O2 sensor.

This truck has been good to me; I have taken care of it and it has treated me right. Now that I have said that (it has 128,000 miles) I am sure the motor will blow tomorrow! Too bad they don't make these anymore.

To the Chevy people that made this pickup truck, at least mine anyway, BRAVO! American all the way!

10th Mar 2011, 14:04

I bought my 2.2l automatic 99 s-10 ext. cab used from a dealer in 2002 for $10,400 out the door with about 40k miles on it.

Other than standard maintenance, I've only experienced a few faults. The transmission died at about 85k miles on it. I had it rebuilt with "upgrades" as the guy called it. I had lost overdrive around 60k miles. so I was kind of expecting something at some point. I had a transmission flush at about 80k miles. Everyone told me not to, and it would cause the transmission to fail. Maybe, maybe not.

The 3rd door handle busted one February morning it was about -24F. Lumbar didn't work when I bought it. Driver's recliner handle broke a few years ago right in my hand as I was attempting to adjust 1 click while driving. The most annoying thing is the exhaust that I have to replace every spring. At least they offer a year warranty. :)

I remember getting an oil change at around 60k miles, and they warned me of engine noise and various other potential defects.

Here's a testament to its reliability. I built side walls for the truck bed and loaded it to the top of the roof back to the tailgate. I also built a 4x8x4 trailer using 4 sheets of 1" plywood. It's a rectangle with a 4x4 wall in front with absolutely no aerodynamics. I filled this trailer to the top to move 1,000 miles away. I drove pretty much non-stop, other than gas and food and bathroom breaks the entire 1,000 mile trip. I averaged about 9MPG the entire way while the transmission kept shifting from drive to 3rd gear constantly to maintain speeds of 70ish. (about 3800-5000 rpms back and forth) Then we moved back and did it again! This was in 2005 with about 100k miles.

I would still never consider selling this truck for under $8,000, because it's just way too reliable. I would do that trip anytime again with this truck if I had to. Today I have 166,000 miles on it, with nothing wrong still! Starting to rust on the bottom, but I paint the bottom 2 inches with black spray paint every year to slow the rust. I live in Northern Michigan. :)

30th Mar 2011, 10:29

I purchased this truck in 2010 with over 140k on it, a 99 S-10 ext cab 2.2 automatic.

The car lot paid for a new A/C system and I had a throttle body replaced under the extended warranty. Since then, a water pump, new front wheel bearings, other minor things.

The truck was purchased to be used around town to and from Lowe's, etc, but it has proved so reliable, we take it everywhere. I live in SC, and we drove it to St. Pete, Fla straight through with no problems. It rides like a truck according to my wife, duh! But I really love it.

Mileage typically 20 - 21 in town and 24 on highway.

I had a Ranger, but like this truck more.