1995 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab pickup 5.7 from North America


Really like the truck!


This is a 5.7 L V8. I have only had it a few months. It has 94000 miles and apparently was well maintained. Nice truck. My problem is my battery is drained down to nothing after a couple of days of non use. Put a new battery in it started fine. First time I tried to start it after it set for a day I could tell it seemed a little sluggish, but still started. This past week it set for three days. Went to start it and didn't even get a click. Battery dead as can be. Did have enough juice to barely turn on the dome light. Any one know of anything I could check before I have the electrical checked out..$$. It has power everything, locks, doors, windows. Someone has provided wiring for trailer light hook up. Nothing special... any help???

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Review Date: 24th November, 2004

15th Mar 2005, 16:18

Make sure, if you have a engine reel light under the hood, that it is turned off.

24th May 2005, 12:38

Check the alternator, this is one of the trucks weak points.

9th Aug 2005, 14:42


19th Oct 2005, 14:41

Does it have keyless entry? My keyless entry module went out which caused a large draw... something like 30 amps... which was enough to drain the battery overnight and prevent subsequent charging. Have that checked out.

10th Feb 2006, 13:47

Check the reel light and also check and see if the light, that turns on and off when the hood is opened and closed, turns off. I have a suburban that did that.

28th Aug 2008, 23:46

I suggest checking the ground wire; make sure it is well grounded.

1995 Chevrolet Silverado 454 from North America


I love my truck!



4x4 actuator.

Very, very few things over the years.

I am writing to praise this truck!

General Comments:

This truck has been a great vehicle!

Overall very high quality.

It does only get about 12 miles per gal. but with the 454, it's what I expected. And the big motor has come in very handy!

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Review Date: 5th December, 2003

1995 Chevrolet Silverado Z 71 5.7 liter from North America


Great reliable power


I had to replace the slave cylinder and master cylinder at around 116k.

Replaced alternator at 120k.

4x4 actuator recently went out at 122k leaving me stuck in the dirt, should have been a recall part.

Most recently my a/c compressor froze up and that now needs a replacement.

General Comments:

All and all most of the problems are to be expected at this many miles.

It's a good, reliable truck, I really enjoy the ride, and fun to off road in.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2003

1995 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 5.7L 350 from North America


The most reliable truck ever made


My alternator went at 160000 kilometers .

General Comments:

This truck is very reliable.

I took out catalytic converter and it made a huge difference. I now get better gas mileage and it sound much better.

Also put tint and fake dual exhaust on.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2003

27th Mar 2005, 20:50

How loud is it?

1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 6.5 turbo diesel from North America


Good Truck!


Replaced the throttle contol unit at 125000.

Replaced drivers door handle.

Front end alignment at 115000 miles, from what I understand, this vehicle should never have to go "under the knife" for an alignment.

A pitmant arm was replaced in conjunction with the alignment.

Starter was replaced around 158000 miles (original starter)

General Comments:

Excellent truck for large hauls.

Average preventive maintenance.

The locking radio is an added security for those who would be thieves.

The third door was a great idea, wished it had been built into this model.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2003

27th Apr 2004, 10:28

I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate all the reviews of vehicles. They're an honest and reliable source of information.

I am especially interested in the 1995 Silverado reviews, as I have just purchased, by private sale, a used 1995 Silverado 2500 with a 6.5 L turbo diesel. It's an extended cab and 8 foot box. The GVWR is 8600 lbs, FGAWR is 4250 and the RGAWR is 6000 lbs. I believe there were two versions of the 2500 Silverado made in 1995, one with a GVWR 7200 (slightly upscale half ton) and the GVWR of 8600 being described as a slightly downscale one ton. With this description it appears to me to that mine is the HD model?

I am having a very difficult time finding reliable numbers for the GVWR, payload capability or trailer pulling capability! I'm operating my Silverado in 5th wheel mode pulling a 1999 24 RLS Salem (Forest River) with a GVWR of 8250 lbs. I believe the pin weight to be in the 1250 lb region, but again I cannot find reliable data on this.

As the Salem was also bought as a unit with the Silverado, and convinced from my own experience that the Silverado as GCWR quite a bit above that required to pull my Salem, but I can't find reliable data to confirm this.

Can anyone help me out and shed some light on these issues with reliable data?


12th Oct 2009, 12:53


I am looking to buy a 1995 Silverado and wonder which would be better the 5.7l gas engine or the 6.5l diesel turbo? I would be doing mostly highway driving, but not excessive and may be pulling a small camper once or twice a year for short hauls. Thanks.

11th Jan 2013, 05:26

I found these links that will take you to a brochure of the 95 C/K pickup truck, and on the brochure you will find all of the towing information on your vehicle. I tried to copy and paste the specs, but this page would not allow me to do so. There are two links here, one I believe would be the entire brochure, and one would be just the towing of the 6.5L. Hope this helps.